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Fathers Day Internet Buying Guide

Hey Y’all!

Can we not forget Dad? Fathers Day is June 21 so I assembled a guide to gifts you can buy Dad online.

This is not a review, merely a compilation. Much like my Mother’s Day post this is not sponsored and I have received nothing by way of compensation for this (though there were offers). If you end up trying anything here, or if you have experience with any of these products do let us all know in the comments. Mommy Bloggers love our husbands and fathers, so finding them a great gift is really important.

Three gifts stand out for me, as they embody everything I hold near and dear.

Citizen Bean has a coffee of the month club, they are sustainable and lively. I haven’t tried Citizen Bean, nor do I know anyone who has, so I can’t endorse it, but I can tell you that it’s a luxury I’d sure like to try.

New Amsterdam Gin, I have tried this, and I like it. A lot. Too much. Okay I lied, I accepted a bottle of gin for this post, but to be fair it was only $13 and my limes cost at least that much.

Anything from the Green Leaf Wood Gallery with prices from $20 to OhMyGawd there’s no recession in tech, I absolutely love to see an artisan succeed.

Gadget and Toys Dad:

USB Airplane Fan $18

Personalized Playing Cards $18

Leather Kindle 2 Case $40

All in one Lexmark Printer (home offices keep Dad home more) $149

Blackberry Music Gateway $90

Learner Dad:

Rosetta Stone Software to learn a language $259

Behind the Boys of Summer (book) $17

Wingnuts Complete Guide to Surfing (book) $18

To the End of the Earth: Our Epic Journey to the North Pole and the Legend of Peary and Henson (Hardcover)$18

Crosswords, Snacks and Books in a gift Basket $150

Food and Drink Dad:

Design your own cereal from just $5

Corzo Tequila with a Personalized label around $50

Fretzels (chocolate covered pretzels) from $15

Sports Health and Fitness Dad:

Facial Splash/toner $16

Yoga Sandals @$30

Probiotic Shave Cream $20

Birth Golf and Death Tees (warning, weird racial humor) $20

Ooh a hammock! $140

The Perfect Shave Kit $80

Calorie Counting Jump Rope $20

Fathead (these things stick sports stuff on the wall – totally mysterious to me, endorsed by my husband… whatever?) $90 ish and more

Fashion Dad:

Chrome Ambigram Money Clip $19 (looks like fun!)

Needlepoint Belts (oh so preppy!) $80

Easy Care Shirts $35 (the pictures look teriffic)

Black Rhino computer bag $60

Phenominos Key Ring $25

7 thoughts on “Fathers Day Internet Buying Guide”

  1. the calorie counting jumping rope fits wonderfully in the asshole german dad category. or just broad asshole category, period.

  2. while those are all terrific ideas…i think my husband is getting the same thing i got for mothers day…oh yeah, i forgot ;) and maybe…sex. if I’M lucky :)

  3. All great ideas, except for my DH who is the world’s most impossible to buy gifts for dad/husband ever in history. Ugh. I hate holidays where I have to buy him a gift, but I’m trying to teach the kidlings that it’s better to give than receive.

    365 days of sex? In a row? Do these people have children?

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