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Friday Confession: More Lawlessness

I drive in the carpool lane with great regularity.

Most often it is because I am so unaccustomed to being alone in the car that I forget and slip into the diamond lane. At other times it’s simply a calculated risk.

I got caught once, but the car seats in the back convinced the CHP that it was the former and not the latter. He too, had wee ones, and let me go with a warning.

I am thinking of putting a booster seat in the back, so I can drive with relative impunity.

I’m not proud of my behavior, but it’s who I am.

7 thoughts on “Friday Confession: More Lawlessness”

  1. You rebel. I sometimes drive without my seatbelt when I am not going very far. Like I won’t have a catastrophic accident if I am in close proximity to my house. I am not sure why I do that, when I have read that most accidents do occur in close proximity to home.

    Answer: I might be an idiot.

  2. If I end up in the wrong lane in the city, it’s b/c I am a hick rather than a calculated risk taker. I can follow the x’s and o’s well enough but the turning circles boggle me so I stay to the right regardless.

  3. Oh my gosh I totally do this.. wait I USED to do this (no such thing as carpool lanes in the HICKS)..

    But when I USED To do this, I would get all the way to my destination before I realized.. oops!

    The thing is there was a much better carpool exit that I needed to use… and always did while kids were in the car.. so.. I’m hoping the copper would understand.

    Oh wait, another story… sorry..

    We lived back East, you know, the longest parking lot in America known as the LIE, Long Island Expressway? Anyway.
    I was in the carpool lane, and a cop sidles up next to me while we are both driving a comfortable 60MPH, and he casually looks in the backseat of my trendy Saturn.. Sees my kid in the carseat, and seriously, WAVEs to me, with a smile…

    Course my heart was in my arse none-the-less…

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