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Friday Confession: Hunting The Free Range Hamster

I have an ongoing hamster issue. This time last year our son, Alexander, was given a hamster for his seventh birthday. Said hamster escaped again several months ago, and after many weeks of hamster stalking we threw in the towel and got a new hamster for Alexander.

If you are a friend of mine on facebook you may have seen some of my recent updates, they look like this:

Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting hamsters.

I found a little stash of dog food in the kitchen last week, so I’m pretty sure that our free range hamster is hanging out there. I dutifully stay up late at night, and search for her. Though I’m not sure what to do with her if I did catch her.

Which brings me to my confession.

The dog started barking at 3.30 this morning and I was up from then until 4.30. I realize now that it’s because he was after the hamster. When my alarm clock woke me up at seven, the only thing I could think of was setting up rat traps to catch and kill the hamster.

I’m pretty sure I won’t do it; but I wouldn’t exactly promise.

7 thoughts on “Friday Confession: Hunting The Free Range Hamster”

  1. Seems like the real problem here is the dog. You could get rid of them both with a bit of snail bait. It’s cheap and it’s not too painful of a death. Just sprinkle it around the house. VOILA!

  2. I can relate to your dilemma. We spent ages trying to find out how a mouse was crawling into our roof.

    I wonder if you’d be able to trap it in a live animal trap? Lock the doggy up for the night, bait the trap in the kitchen, and voila! New pet!

  3. Wait, wot, you lost the SECOND hamster also? When my son was in 2nd grade, he loved it when the class gerbil got lost, becuz classwork was basically suspended while they all played Elmer Fudd till it was found.

    Happy hunting!

  4. Is this not a good time to tell you about how my parents found a full intact hampster skeleton under the cabinetry when they redid their kitchen? No? Ok then.

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