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Last Night’s Festivities

As soon as I find out more about Rick Going’s shoes, I’ll give you the full scoop on this party.

The two second version: I got to hang out with incredible people, at an incredible house and develop an unhealthy girl crush on Rick Goings’ wife Susan. I’m dazzled and pleased to report that Tupperware has donated $1.5 million to the Boys and Girls Club.

More later, I promise, I’m still just standing around with stars in my eyes.

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5 thoughts on “Last Night’s Festivities”

  1. Susan Porcaro Goings

    Hi Jessica! So wonderful to spend some time with you at the Tupperware party in Malibu. You are not only a sweetheart, but beautiful, smart, and funny, too! And, as I can see from the photos, thanks to the hidden tape, all things important were tucked away nicely! The morning after the party my phone was stolen, so I lost all of the photos I took during the party. I was happy to see all the ones you and the other girls took. Again, a real pleasure chatting with you!

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