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Laundry is the Indicator

Jane returned from her sleep away camp a little aloof, but basically the same kid. She was tired and slept for about a day and a half. She made friends, and had a great time in spite of having neither hot water nor mirrors.

Doing the laundry made me understand Jane’s week away from us. As I opened the bag, I was instantly transported back in time by the heavy scent of campfire. Glitter, horsehair and dirt fell out of the corners of her bag. It was camp, as camping should be.

5 thoughts on “Laundry is the Indicator”

  1. The cool thing is that you also get to become a CSI Maverick mom in real life! {I obvioulsy watch too many CSI shows}. So similar with when they come home from a beach vacation : Sand and seashells in their take over their bags. I don’t like doing the Laundry though. Do you?


  2. Thanks for the lesson. We were WAY to poor for camp.Camp will be one of the many experiences my girls will get to have that I missed out on.

  3. mmmmmm

    campfire, glitter, dirt…

    gawd i miss summer camp!

    very happy that both you and jane survived and that she’s home safe

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