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Friday Confession

Sometimes I say that just so you’ll get angry.

It makes me giggle when it’s so easy.

2 thoughts on “Friday Confession”

  1. It makes my husband giggle just as much to watch me get my panties all bunched into a wad over some silly comment. I know it’s fun. I do the same thing to my daughter. She caught on, and now due to her being taught by example to be a rebel in certain situations, has defied me, no longer reacting. She now dishes it right back at me. I LOVE IT! Our family has had some hilarious and outrageous conversations. I miss her being here. She’s only been in college a few weeks and already she’s made tons of friends, joined her campus community service group and working with GIESORC. I believe tomorrow she’s making buttons with them to sell as a fundraiser. She must be listening to my nagging voice in her head, as she has completed her homework way before it’s due. I think she may be in the honeymoon phase. To her, the only thing crappy at school is the food. Today she said she’s getting her science nerd on at the science club’s free food event. I had to laugh. She isn’t the image of a science geek with her blond hair like pink and the crazy nose ring she got the first week as an adult. She was drunk with power. We all were that first week. She is an adult, she will tell her Dad herself. I am staying WAY clear of the nose ring issue, Dad will be pissed. I figure it’s better than her calling and asking me what the symptoms of some std are and finding out she lost her virginity. I can handle a freakin nose ring. STD’s, and lost virginity, no. Dad’s not so cup half full as I am. He’s still not let go of his little girl.

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