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I Knew It

Two weeks ago I said, “hey, there’s that cough

I asked his wife if he was sick again, but she sorta smiled and said, “it’s got to be hard living with a chronic illness.” and we went back to talking about lollipops and unicorns.

It’s treatable.


But it’s still cancer and it reaches out with ugly tentacles to touch more people than it should.

I hate that the cough has told me twice.

I resent every part of it, and it feels like something that everyone has to fight when in reality it’s a couple of scientists and a bundle of lab rats that will save us all.

Well, there’s cancer, but it’s the good one, and everyone will be fine.

Just today kinda sucks.


4 thoughts on “I Knew It”

  1. If I could do one thing, absolutely anything but only ONE thing, I would cure cancer. Since I am not scientifically minded, I will have to keep rubbing lamps and hoping for magic wishes.

  2. It’s so awkward that we can find comfort in… “it’s cancer, but it’s the good one…”

    The kind that’s treatable… the kind that was caught early enough… I suppose it’s nice to be able to take comfort in something when you’re faced with illness…

    But it’s cancer and I agree with you 100% that it sucks… Now back to my own lollipops and unicorns…

  3. Cancer does suck. Luckily it doesn’t run in my family but two of my aunts still got it (lung – smoked for decades & skin – too much time in the sun). I hate cancer so much because of what it does to families. It does bring folks together though which is kinda nice. And I like all of that pink breast cancer stuff.

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