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The Case For Marrying Well

If we’ve spoken in person and asked me about my husband, you’ve heard my standard rap. I married the kindest man I’ve ever met. It’s simple and it’s true. I love that he’s handsome and smart, those are really great qualities, and especially useful when making babies, but the kindness is what makes our lives together so wonderful.

Last night at dinner my daughter,  Jane,  pulled out a table topic. It said, “Would you rather have 10 siblings or be an only child?”

Jane immediately opted for ten siblings. “More kids to play with”, she explained.

Alexander (who just turned eight) would remain an only child. We asked him why he didn’t want someone to play with, “I have a Dad, right?” he asked. “Yes,” we replied.

“Then that’s all I need.” He stood firm, no argument could dissuade him.

While he’s wrong, very wrong, he’s also absolutely correct.

Because sometimes a really great Dad is all a little boy needs.

12 thoughts on “The Case For Marrying Well”

  1. What a perfect sentiment. After living apart for 8 months for job reasons, I am so glad to be under the same roof with my husband again. And the effect it has had on my son has been amazing. Truly, a father is so important in a boys life, and a kind loving father is the best type to have.

  2. I agree, kindness is such an endearing quality in a mate.

    I met my husband during an extremely tumultuous period in my life. Divorced, with three small children, I often tell people he was the best thing that ever happened to me during the worst time in my life.

    And, he still is!

  3. Aw, so cute.
    Kindness is huge, isn’t it?
    You’re lucky.
    My 2 older kids are going off to college this month, and my youngest is psyched to be an “only.”
    I think she may be surprised it’s not all she thinks it will be.

  4. That is so sweet. It’s funny how your children answered the question so differently and I wonder if age and gender had a big impact on how they responded. Regardless, it’s wonderful to see your son feel so good about his dad. :)

  5. My daughter is an only and never asked for siblings. She once told me that the reason why was, because she was used to me having other kids in my life (I worked as a Child Development Specialist), but she never wanted her dad to be anyone else’s dad. I understood. I don’t like sharing him, either.

  6. I myself love this post, I did a post about A Father’s Influence last week on the place a father has in his child’s life and choices they make. I love my two sons, and though I don’t have as much “one on one” time as I did with my first son now that I have two boys, I wouldn’t change a thing. They have each other and will cherish that.

    I do believe that having siblings is more beneficial overall for the child and the family as a whole. Even though single children have more personal parental time, often grow up faster and relate better with adults even when they are younger, they miss the rivalry and negotiating that siblings instill.

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