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I’m Horrified


11 thoughts on “I’m Horrified”

  1. Ew, who are these disgusting people? While I don’t think they are wrong to be skeptical of their government, I find it disgusting that they would base such passionate beliefs on what(irresponsible) right-wing leaders are feeding them. And that’s not to say that right-wing folks are all out their spreading lies (especially because there are plenty of left-wing folks to it, too); it’s simply to say that in a time when we could use a unified government and country (Oh shit, I must be a fucking communist for saying that. Bring out the torch-wielding villagers!), so many people are pandering to this fear that threatens to break up our country more than any power-hungry administration ever could do on its own.

    And for people who live and die by the constitution, these folks sure don’t seem to understand the difference between state/church, morality/the law.

  2. wow. I’m speechless. Clearly it’s been edited to put the really stupid people in the forefront. However…. the fact that there are SO MANY of them is truly disturbing.

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