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Kim Jong Il Just Needs A Dress and a Bottle of Chardonnay

My mother was kind enough to cook dinner for my family, a few extra kids and my cousin. Since my cousin works for some arm of the Department of Defense, I asked him if we were going to invade Korea. He glanced at my husband, and then they looked at the ceiling in unison.

“Which Korea? North or South?” He asked.

“I dunno, either one, are we going to bomb them.” I asked while slurping sipping my wine.

“I work with the Department of Defense, we don’t bomb people.” and then he exhaled… like really loud.

“I could totally fix this whole North Korea issue.” And then I went on to explain to my Dear Cousin that it’s obvious from Kim Jong Il’s affinity for Realtor Hair and women’s sunglasses that the answer is to let the man wear a tutu and sip chardonnay like the rest of the ladies.

I’m not kidding, the guy just needs a little action. Our neighbor was a complete douche, and once he started wearing dresses and big fake titties he got a lot nicer. If it works for Suburban Los Angeles, I’m pretty sure it’ll work for North Korea.

Oh, and then there’s the moon issue.

4 thoughts on “Kim Jong Il Just Needs A Dress and a Bottle of Chardonnay”

  1. see, i wrote a post awhile back. my theory is, we should just bomb them to oblivion, contrary to what your relative says. and once the dust settles, build a nice theme park. i like you’re idea though. somehow, maybe we can incorporate the two. a la cage aux folles type scenario perhaps?

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