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Me Time: Yahoo Motherboard

Yahoo MotherboardHeh, I opened up my email and the topic for September is “Me Time”. I thought, “ooh I’d love to write about that, me time is so important.”

Then I got busy with my me time, so I never got around to a proper post. I exercise, it’s a non negotiable part of my day. If I don’t exercise, I don’t sleep well, if I don’t sleep I cry. I don’t cry like whimper either, I cry in great big sobbing gusts of snottiness peppered with I hate my lifestyle.

So me time matters.

Now if September would just slow down, stop playing cruel tricks on me and allow me more than 42 minutes a day I’d be very appreciative. Right now, me time has turned into we time, and I’m chasing kids.

I could resent it, but I’m opting to embrace it, because any minute they might not want to be with me.

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