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When Perez Sued Demi

I don’t know that he’ll sue, her. I imagine two attorneys are about to make a lot of money, and the tabloids may have a good story or two, but Demi Moore is about to find out why celebrities hire publicists.

Good publicists.

I saw this on Twitter This morning.

Demi Moore calls Perez Hilton a child pornographer

Well, that’s suspcious, so I clicked over to Perez Hilton’s twitter stream to try and figure out what was happening and I saw this

Perez Links to skanky pictures of Talulah

Here’s a link to the party picture.

And there were links to this picture too:

Talulah with her butt hanging out

Perez is absolutely correct when he states that Talulah is a public figure, she got that way when Demi Moore and Bruce Willis put her in movies. It’s a lot for a 15 year old, but the parents created it and they know that business. They cannot plead ignorance.

Kirsty Alley loses her mind in public:
Kirsty Alley loses her mind in public

And then the unthinkable happens.

Spencer Pratt says something smart.

Spencer Pratt says something smart

Social Media is nothing new. Twitter is like the phone company and the advertising section of the newspaper all rolled up into one. News travels fast, and if you can’t stand behind what you say, perhaps it’s best to say nothing at all.

In my mind Demi Moore makes herself look like a terrible absentee parent who will not set limits on her teenage children. I don’t know that this is true, and I’m certainly not saying it is. I am not criticizing her parenting skills, though I’m sure the world is.

I guess this is why movie stars have publicists.

She did wrap up the evening with this:

Demi Moore heads out for the night

Gosh, I wonder who is watching the kids.

31 thoughts on “When Perez Sued Demi”

  1. Wait a minute Jessica – you want parents to take responsibility for their kids? What a novel and unique (to the current generation of parents – and unfortunately I don’t just mean celebrity parents)idea! There was a time when parents letting their kids dress and behave however, etc. was the exception and not the rule. Guess it just ties into the new way of thinking that no one has responsibility for anything anymore. Well – it’s your blog so let me get off my soapbox. G’night.

  2. WOW!!!!
    Gotta love the Twitter fights! Seriously, it’s the new ‘meet me by the bikeracks’…LOL
    :) Thanks for the read

    My opinion – she’s 15!!! Put some god-dammned clothes on!! Demi, share the weath and get you kid some pants, or at least some underwear!!

  3. If I’m a celeb publicist (am not but have been around many), having a client running wild on twitter is my worst nightmare. We can carry on as communication pros about how terrific it is watching celebs “interact” directly with their adoring publics, but any of that potential good is tarnished when a spectacle like Demi-Perez Gate unfolds. They’re all a bunch of tedious banshees, and the fact that Spencer Pratt emerges as the voice of reason tells you End Times have arrived for real.

  4. Here’s what I dont get – who cares if Demi is a bad mom? Who cares if Tellulah should not have been dressed that way?

    The issues is that even an out of control child of a public figure bad parent has the right to not be exploited. EVEN if she moons the photographers why must anyone then spread that further on the net?

    She asked for it? Isnt that what people say of hot looking rape victims?

    For me this isnt about Kirstie, Demi, Tellulah etc – it is about T & A shots of a teen who unfortunately got caught on film – why compound that by spreading it on the net – the SPREADER is wrong in a separate way (and worse when they benefit from it) than the child or parent

  5. Here’s the thing: does Perez blog about whether Bruce & Demi are setting limits for their kids? Or does he cross the line writing and focusing this way about someone who is legally still a child? I think the answer is obvious.

    Perez constntly wants to use the actions of others to justify his own pathological behavior. It’s revolting.

  6. 1st – anyone who follows Kirsty Alley on twitter knows that she is insane, like super loony, she has no sense of reality. I follow her just for the freak side show that her tweets usually are.

    2nd – That girl knew exactly what she was doing wearing that outfit to a party – she knows people are there with camera phones etc. Demi should sit down with her daughter and have a conversation, why is she wasting her time with Perez

    I hope Perez follows through with his threat to sue.

  7. Can anyone really call Tellulah an actress/celebrity on her own. She’s done a few cameos, I wouldn’t say she’s a actress pounding on casting doors as a career yet. She is the child of a celeb who was caught at bad angles.

    The party shot — she was probably there w/ friends and as any teen does, she undid a few buttons to flirt w/ boys. That isn’t all that shocking to teens these days. As for the shorts, when you see her walking around, they didn’t look that bad, were they flattering, not so much, but hugging her dad and the shorts riding up… oh good grief, no one’s perfect about their appearance at every moment in life.

    Bottom line, she’s still a minor and trying to make her way in the world w/ 2 celeb parents and an older sister, whom I’m sure she wants to emulate, influencing her. I’m sure she’s a typical teen whom has to deal w/ the fact that paparazzi feel that they have the right to invade every private moment. After seeing how paparazzi treated Will Smith and other celebs in Los Angeles, I will never take my privacy for granted. The mean and disgusting things said to their children is beyond believability. Not shocked Demi responded the way she did, it’s a mom protecting her child.

  8. I despise Perez, but a 15 year old dressing like that is bringing the pornography image upon herself. Demi should spend a bit more time dressing her daughter and a bit less tweeting.

  9. Those photos aren’t pornographic at all–Tallulah looks great.

    And I’m laughing at the idea that parents can tell a 15 year old how to dress.

    Looking at it from the outside, and judging from their kids lack of DUIs and general arrests (which I believe is the Dr. Spock parenting standard for celebrity) Bruce and Demi seem like fantastic parents.

    I’d bet that Demi’s tweet is the best thing that happened to Perez in a while.

  10. I cannot believe the day has come when I actually agree with something that Spencer Pratt said.

    (Btw-that cracking sound you hear is hell freezing over. Just so you know.)

  11. Demi should thank Perez for posting those photos. We non-celebrity families have to lecture until we’re blue in the face to try to get our daughters to dress appropriately. Now, Talulah knows the potential for embarrassment – bet she’ll check her backside in the mirror the next time she wears something really really short.

  12. Wow. I can’t believe so many women have been lulled into believing the “she asked for it” POV about a 15-year old girl.

    I hope it’s just the celebrity factor distorting things for you all. If you have young women in your lives, if they’re ever in a similar situation, I hope your reactions are a little different.

  13. Sorry, but I HATE it when I read that a child (and yes, she is a child regardless of her celebrity status), is “bringing it on herself.” I agree with Nadia above that the next step to that is to say she was asking for it or deserved it.

    While yes, she is a public figure, no one should be taking sexualized pictures of a minor. She probably had a growth spurt and the short got shorter than intended. She probably didn’t realize her butt cheeks were hanging out. Can you imagine how embarrassed this child would be?

    I am a bit shocked at the lack of compassion for the victim of Perez Hilton. Perhaps when one starts agreeing with Perez and Spencer that is a flashing warning sign that one’s own values might be a mite out of whack.

    Perez is exploiting a child’s wardrobe malfunction for his own gain. Classic lewd and lascivious conduct. As for all the parents here, teenagers are a difficult sort to contain. Add the craziness of celebrity, no privacy, and paparazzi waiting for the wind to whip up your teens skirt, and see how you’d do.

    I find the comments her to be a tad intolerant and judgmental. Pretty sad.

  14. Perez only linked to the sites that posted the pictures and I think it was quite a while ago. I don’t think he personally posted the pics at all. Demi only just heard about it now? She should attack the source if she really cares. Sounds like a publicity stunt because it was already old and forgotten news.

    Perez is popular because he is crude and vicious. I was actually starting to thing the scuffle in Toronto made him soften up lately.

    The pictures are trashy but I have a hard time calling it pornography. It is typical tabloid trash and Perez is only guilty for pointing out another page. If the pictures revealed any more of her then it might be a story. The only story is why Demi and Kristy decided to loose it months after the fact.

  15. I am the proud owner of teenagers and believe it or not I actually pay for the clothes that my teens wear therefore I CAN control what they wear out of the house and a pair of shorts that butt cheeks are hanging out of is not an option! No one is saying that the child brought it on herself, we are saying that her parents are at fault for not taking more parental control in how she appears in public. The real issue here is at the time that Perez linked these photos to twitter no one paid that much attention to the child and instead even his focus was on the lack of parental guidance. Since then the whole subject was dropped and most had forgotten it completely until Demi decided to bring it all back up and go to war on Twitter. In my opinion the real purpose in Demi bringing it back up in this format was to give her daughter even more publicity…maybe she has something new coming out and needed some press?

  16. Bruce and Demi are not the only parents of teen daughters facing the clothing dilemma, but as public figures you would think they’d be more aware of the unique problems this is going to present. Fame is a double-edged sword. No sense whining about it after the fact.

    I was just reading an article on celeb feuds that discussed the danger social media posed to “stars” because of its unfiltered nature. Welcome to the lives of the rest of us, I guess.

    Perez H? I feel no sympathy for him since he seems to seek out these types of drama-rama situations to pump what passes for his own fame.

  17. When I looked at the pics, and imagined seeing them of my own daughter, I saw red. My guess is that Demi responded as a mother lion would, without thinking it through.
    Having said that, it backfired. I never would’ve seen the pics had you not posted about her response.

  18. Heaven help me when the day comes that I have no say in what my 15yr old wears out of the house. I have a good 10yrs before that, but until then… I’m instilling the proper values that help one decide what’s appropriate to wear.
    I do agree with Nadia and a couple other posters that say the media shouldn’t be able to post pictures of the naughty sort of children… BUT and this is a big BUT… That is not the news media society we live in. Being in the public eye makes her a target. Right or wrong… everything from picking her nose to picking her butt will be caught on camera. So put some clothes on and deal with it. Hard lesson learned.

  19. All I am saying is that I think everyone involved, Demi, Tallulah…hell even Ashton Bruce and Perez, need to chill out in some Francie Pants. Not only do they eliminate underwear (and ass cheek) exposure, they also foil the paps and give you something to talk about. As in “which goes better with my daisy dukes, the skull print or the tattoo one?”.

    Honestly I think I need to drive around LA with a slingshot so I can fling my shorts at underaged celeb kids.

    As for the boobs – I’m still working on it. Stay tuned. Hopefully the new product will be out long before my own girls turn 15 and learn to think twice about cleavage cam!

  20. I read the fight when it was going down yesterday. I can’t believe Demi lets her kid dress inappropriately. And I can’t believe Spencer Pratt called it.

  21. i was going to make a comment about bruce letting his daughter walk out of the house like that. but apparently, i’m not the only one thinking that! give me a break. the thing about ph is, he calls it like he sees it. and he saw a lot here.
    my daughter has these little shorts that she loves. you’re supposed to roll them at the waist to make them shorter. and i won’t let her out of the house if she tries to make them too short. it’s gross looking!
    parents need to step up and take responsibility for their children…even the “stars”.

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