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AIDS Made Me a Blogger

It was a few years ago that my dear sweet Steven died of AIDS.

The death was hideous, but his life was not. The reason that My Steven had some measure of comfort lies squarely at the feet of APLA. They made miracles happen. APLA helped me and My Steven’s friends nagivate the world AIDS and HIV care for twenty years. They had workshops for patients, their families and friends, APLA answered my sobbing phone calls and literally held my hands as I filled out forms that seasoned attorneys would struggle through.

This Sunday my friend William Vega will be walking in the 25th Annual AIDS Walk LA.

I humbly ask you to support William with a donation. Any amount is appreciated.

This is the day when APLA helped me. Please help them.


5 thoughts on “AIDS Made Me a Blogger”

  1. I just went and read the post about the day you became a blogger. If only we all had such determined and compassionate advocates like you, this world would be a million times better than the place it is now.

    My family and I honor your Steven and my former Program Director , and will support William this year in his walk!

  2. That brought back memories. Not happy ones. My late husband had dementia too. For the first months he probably asked me once a day if he was going to die and then he would the news as though I’d never confirmed it for him before, but I had to tell him. Despite his mental status, he was a grown man and my husband and he deserved my honesty.

    I rarely went toe to toe. When I did, I got my way, but it cost too much to do it every time.

  3. I was 17 when I found out that my uncle was gay. I was 20 when I found out that he was HIV+. I was a hair short of 25 when he died from “complications” brought about by his disease. Fortunately the family loved him unconditionally, no one cared about who he dated.

    But I remember some of his friends. I remember stories. Most of the time I don’t remember how ugly the end was, but then again I won’t ever forget. He lived in the Castro district so APLA wasn’t involved in his care, but I like helping them and Project Angelfood.

    People deserve it.

  4. I was a teenager when I found out that my Uncle had HIV…he passed away from AIDS when I was in high school. His partner passed away from AIDS shortly thereafter.

    I am supporting William in his walk in memory of my Uncle Chuck and his partner who I also considered an uncle, Eric.

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