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Friday Confession: Grooming

Have you ever gone outside in shorts and felt the breeze in your leg hairs? For a moment it’s lovely (much like I remember wetting the bed would be warm) and then you think Good Gawd I’ve turned into an ape!

So you run inside and shave your legs?

Yeah, me neither.

4 thoughts on “Friday Confession: Grooming”

  1. that is why I love jeans so much. And thankfully have a husband who doesnt cause about my body hair. I lucked out and have really light hair, so for the most part you cant tell.

    And yeah, its mostly a lazy thing, theres so many other things I could be doing, like sleeping.

  2. I have an overwhelming need to shave. Maybe in the dead of winter, while faced with a bad cold, I’ll let it slide a week, but overall, I’m a shaver most of the time. I am afraid my pores on my legs will become large and noticeable like my sister’s. She rarely shaves. She doesn’t care, and only wears pants. I don’t think I need to point out the obvious here, but will anyway. Yep. She is single and she may stay that way if she doesn’t kick it up a few notches. So, I shave. I also moisturize, as dry scaly white legs look just as unbecoming. I wonder how many happily married husband’s would answer if polled, does your wife shave her legs regularly? hmm. I can tell you that it’s more difficult to find a quality date, just ask my sister. When ya let your legs go, other things start to “go”.

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