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Hilary Swank Nude In Front Of Someone Else’s Six Year Old Son

I’m all Jaw Droppy today.

Hilary Swank tells Marie Claire:

Well, my boyfriend’s son is 6 years old, and you wonder at what age you should stop walking around nude. Every morning he comes into the bedroom, and you’re just nude. But he doesn’t look twice; he doesn’t think about it yet. I just toss and turn too much when I sleep, and if I’m in clothes, I get all twisted up.

Uh, I know my answer and the words “someone else’s child” are involved… What do you say?

The woman is stunning, and an amazing actress, but if I were the mother of the six year old boy you gets to see “Daddy’s Special Friend” naked in the morning, I’d be having an apoplectic fit.

21 thoughts on “Hilary Swank Nude In Front Of Someone Else’s Six Year Old Son”

  1. NO SHIT! I know everyone thinks differently and parents differently, but I’ll be damned that I’d let my child witness something like that first-hand. Just because he’s 6 doesn’t me he’s incapable of processing things; it just means he has his own way of processing things.

  2. I don’t think she should have to sleep in pajamas because the little boy might see a hot piece of actress at six years of age.

    Obviously, the kid isn’t complaining or traumatized. Her boyfriend is allowing his son to come into their bedroom.

    Really, I don’t think this is a question of “why is Bobby seeing the same koochie his Dad is?” but a question of, “when should kids learn to knock before entering a room and when should kids learn bedrooms are private and not where you go to say hello every morning?”

    If the kid’s Mom doesn’t like the idea of her son seeing something kinda Swanky in the morning, she should train him not to rush into her own bedroom.

    Of course, maybe the kid isn’t living with his Mom at all and maybe she isn’t alive, either.

  3. I share your fit… its one thing for the child’s own parents to be naked… but anything beyond that is inappropriate! And shame on Daddy for allowing this to happen. That’s what bedroom locks are for!

  4. I don’t think it’s that big a deal. I saw my parents naked all the time, and my share of R rated movies when I was young. I think we get way to caught up in nudity vs sex…I woudn’t care if my kid saw other moms changing just like I change in front of them. Is topless on a beach okay, a naked man in a changing room ?

  5. okay, but this isn’t Mom… anyone’s mom, not even stepmom, this is dad’s girlfriend. Who, in a perfect world, wouldn’t be spending the night with dad when the boy is in the house.

    Does that change things?

    1. I guess it depends on the relationship. If my ex and I had kids and he was bringing new woman home all the time and they paraded around nude, not good. If it’s a serious long-term relationship and he sees her as a “mom” figure, I’m still okay with it. In a perfect world, the marriage would have worked out and there would be no exes, but we don’t live in that world. My view is we should not be so worried about nudity, which is not working as my 5 year who manages spend half the day nude in our house sometimes refuses to change his shirt in public. The only reason my mom covered up when she was sunbathing topless and we had friends over is to keep the neighbors from talking about her even more (she also chose to work.)

  6. Ok, as a mom of one 10 year old and twin 6 yr old boys – I have already implemented the “no coming in while mommy is getting dressed or in shower rule”. She is stunning, I would say it is time for her to talk to her boyfriend about boundries.. Maybe just a simple “knock first” and have a bathrobe ready to throw on..

  7. My husband to be slept with me under the same roof as my daughter – then four – but the bedroom door was closed.

    Six is a bit past the age of introducing the concepts of “privacy” and the idea that the parental bedroom is off limits. My own parents never allowed us in their room. It was their room. There should be boundaries. And really, does it hurt a child to have to knock or the girlfriend to keep a robe handy – common sense is clearly not in play here.

  8. Just that fact that he comes into their room each morning and the girlfriend is THERE would get me in a fit. The nude part would take me over the edge. Where is the mother? Sounds as if he comes in every morning… so he must live with the boyfriend. If you’re gonna shack up where there are small children… at least wear some jammies people!

  9. Personally, I have no problem being fully clothed in front of any and all children at all times. Maybe she can put some of those Oscar winning skills and act like a responsible adult.

  10. In my dream world, where parents stay married, boundaries are taught. Dad’s don’t teach their boys that women are disposable and have every girlfriend moaning at night while the kids are over for their “weekend”. Neither do Mom’s teach their daughter’s that Dad’s are disposable. Parent’s who fail to set healthy boundaries for their own conduct would not begin to understand how to teach them to their children. I wish we were just discussing how horrible actors are, that it only happens in their world, and the rest of the country is sane.
    I think it’s healthy and normal for little kids to sneak into their parent’s room on a weekend morning and crawl under the covers for an extra hour of sleep, or if they had a bad dream. It gets complex when the adults are nude and also one of them is not a parent. Would it be ok if the situation were a little girl and the nude person a male? Wouldn’t that make you think the guy might have some underlying creepy motive? I know if I was this little boy’s mom, I would be calling my attorney and we’d be headed to court for some boundary lessons by the judge. Please tell me judges still use common sense, and would tell this “Dad” that famous or not, girlfriend needs to keep her clothes on or he can’t have a slumber party? I personally would hope the judge would say that during visitation, neither party should have overnight guests, and the kid is already a ping pong ball, so the child needs their attention more than the adult needs a love life. But I guess that’s an old fashioned outdated concept. My grandparents are deceased, so too I think the morals they worked so hard to instill in their children and grandchildren.

  11. Maybe it’s just my strict Protestant upbringing, but I think 6 is way too old to be seeing an adult of the opposite sex naked. Frankly, I’m surprised Swank let that piece of information drop in an interview. Doesn’t she realize how inappropriate that will sound to a lot of people?

  12. She likes 6 year old boys to look at her naked…so she felt comfortable telling the public for more free publicity…This is about the business of advertising for shock value…Actors and actresses do it all the time…hopefully she gets in trouble with the child protective services agency…hopefully they are looking into this issue since it has become public…Maybe she forgot about the laws protecting millions of children who suffer abuse in this country and around the world because of this behaviour.If she was in touch with these issues concerning these things she would change her behaviour around this 6 year old child.I have counseled hundreds of children who have been abused.It is the worse thing that you can do to a child.There should be a boycott of all her movies and an outrage by all parents concerning this issue.Maybe she will think twice about flashing a 6 year old innocent child daily…I am sure if she had a 6 year old daughter and a man was flashing her daily…her attitude would probally be different.

  13. It is disturbing how prudish and afraid of nudity Americans have become over the last 2o years. This is just nudity, not abuse, and it does not traumatize children unless parents teach them it is dirty, sexual and something to fear. I agree that she should stop if the boy becomes uncomfortable or she is doing it for the thrill of him seeing her nude, but if she’s sleeping nude then what’s the big deal? Six is too old to see a woman naked? Why? Don’t people realize the more taboo parents make nudity the more kids want to see it? It is a natural part of life to be nude sometimes and see others nude. Will you prevent your son from showering at school because he might see nudity? Making nudity “dirty” is what enables Hustler and pornography to thrive. Will your teenage son tell his girlfriend he’s not “allowed” to see her naked if they go to a nude beach? I Think not. So what are you “saving” him from? Perhaps all you previous posters think we should require women to swim in dresses and go back to the 1920’s. Not all nudity is sexual. Please grow up.

  14. The “Adult Entertainment”industry has rules as well and is regulated.If she was caught showing him “Adult Material”she would be in trouble.You must keep things balanced and in perspective.For example in this industry that is how they make billions of dollars worldwide…nudity and sex.Unfortunately when illegal porn is found and children that are involved in this issue that are younger than the six year old…one child was two years old that was used to make tapes.Sex is how the human race is populated and how we all got here on this planet and it is a natural part of us as humans.Teenagers are older than six year olds and high school is different than elementary school.Nude beaches have requirements as well and I am sure that it is not on the field trip list for elementary school children from ages 1-6.Also I do not think that women should swim in dresses that would look funny…that is what bathing suits are for lol!Speaking of the 20’ that when candy bars were 5 cents and bottled water was free?I don’t think they had T.V.’s…back then…

  15. I agree with s.k. (December 10, 2009 at 12:27 pm) 100%! As long as our culture continues to make nudity taboo, pornography and heaven-only-knows what else will continue to thrive. Then, parents complain when underage kids are having sex at much earlier ages than they did. If you don’t teach them the natural way about nudity, they’re going to discover “unnatural” ways…and you all know how they do that! As a nudist, I have no problem with non-sexual nudity at any ages. Most kids are natural nudists themselves at early ages…until prude parents teach them that it’s “wrong” to be naked and will use any means necessary to scare them or shock them into wearing clothes. I don’t have any kids, but if I did, I would teach them that nudity is no big deal and that being non-sexually nude is not lewd at any age. I’ve seen reliable nudist websites that do have photos of partially or fully nude people of all ages…and no one makes any big deal about it because they’re used to seeing nudity and kids know what to expect as they get older. Hiding nudity from them will give them the impression that there’s something wrong or “unnatural” about it. Nude is not lewd!

  16. Oh, one other thing…bathing suits are actually far more sexual than total natural nudity is for the very reasons that they cover up and, often “show off” certain body parts. Why be born nude if you have to keep it covered up like some kind of rare fiddle or something? Also…is it any coincidence that places where nudity is so taboo have a higher unwanted teen pregnancy rate than those in nudity-acceptable places? In addition to that, sex crimes are also considerably higher in nudity-taboo places than in nudity-acceptable places. Anyone know why that is?

  17. The whole reason we liken nudity to sexuality is because we are taught that way. The simple FACT of the matter is that in countries where nudity is excepted, the children (especially older) do NOT think that way. They do NOT see a naked woman, or man, and think how nice it would be to do this that or the other…. Instead they see a naked person and they simply walk on by as if nothing is out of the ordinary, because nothing is out of the ordinary. As a result, these countries also have a lower rate of adultery as well, because they are not looking for sex around every corner, they are not tempted by the nudity of the opposite sex. They look for “real” relationships. Also less teen pregnancies. If in doubt, do the research… I did! (Psychology Major)

    We think of nudity as bad or sexual for only a few simple reasons…

    #1, as a child someone, at some point, yelled at us or scolded us for looking at, trying to look at, touching ourself or being naked. When you yell at a child it imprints a very strong memory and impression in their minds and they do not forget.

    #2 Media tells us stories of sexual predators, and we tend to think it’s extremely abundant. While it is abundant, if you do the research, again, i have, you will find that the number of cases has dropped considerably since the 40’s and 50’s. We have more access to media now-a-days, so we simply hear about it more.

    The harder we try to prevent something, the more likely it is to happen. Case in point, Prohibition in the U.S. from the 20’s to the early 30’s. Alcohol was made illegal, yet you could get an illegal drink pretty much everywhere you looked. The only ones not drinking were the conservatives. Even some of them were known to have a private stash hidden away for “special” occasions. Marijuana is illegal, yet if you want it I can guarantee you wouldn’t have any trouble getting it. Since marijuana became a schedule 1 drug, the amount of marijuana on the streets has multiplied considerably.

    My point is, that if we as Americans would take a backseat for a generation or two and laxed our attitudes on nudity, sexual crimes and thought of sexuality would change drastically, for the better…

    As well as being a Student, I am also a very well paid nude photographer. And I can tell you that when I first started shooting nudes, I thought it was the greatest thing in the world.I couldn’t wait to see who I was shooting next.These days, I could care less. When I see a naked female, it doesn’t do anything for me. It’s no different for me than seeing a fully clothed person. Why you may ask? Well this will bring me to my final reason….

    In America it’s becoming more and more accepted that “we”, especially our children, are becoming more and more “Desensitized” towards violence. There are so many movies, t.v. shows and video games that contain bloody violent acts that the things that would once shock us or leave us cowering in under the covers from fear are less affective to us. Fewer and fewer people disagree with this.

    It stands to reason, that the same thing would happen with nudity. If we saw it every day in our homes and on the street, we would get less and less affected by seeing it. Fewer and fewer people would stop to gawk and less and less would have these deviant thoughts of sex if the general public didn’t see nudity as a sexual thing and it was simply a normal everyday thing. (Nudity not sex!) We can see this in other more nakedness liberal countries. Take native African (and other) tribes. The ones that go around letting it all hang out. Do you ever hear of reports about rape or pedophilia among these people? No you do not! Again, I have done the research.

  18. I wasn’t raised as a nudist my whole life because my family is NOT a nudist one. Originally, I was taught that the naked human body must always be kept hidden, except in private or in the company of a spouse only. That eventually lead to a bad pornography addiction with me…too long of a story and I don’t want to go into detail about it. I had to “break away” from the way I was originally brought up to become the nudist I am today. If I hadn’t, there’s no telling where I’d be today. Yeah, it got THAT bad. Although I’ve said on other websites that I’ve discovered nudism, I actually believe it found me and broke the addiction spell porn had on me. That’s not to say I never go on porn anymore, but at least, it’s no longer an addiction for me. 90% of the time I do go into that is the result of being stressed out and in need to ease it off. The other 10% is more out of curiosity. But, I’m not addicted to it like I was before I became a nudist. I strongly believe if I HAD been raised as a nudist from the beginning and learned about non-sexual nudity at a young age, I doubt I even would have been curious about porn, much less become addicted to it for years. My life could have been so much better if only nudity had not become so taboo, thus bringing pornography into my life. I nearly had sex with one of my girl cousins when I was about 9 or 10 for God’s sakes! Why? Because nudity was taboo and that made me want it MORE! Thank God we didn’t go all the way because we got caught red-handed and scolded. I had not learned about nudism back then that I wish I had. So, the moral of this is the more taboo something is, the more we want it. Remember that for those of you who still believe nudity is a bad thing for kids of any age.

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