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My Kids Are So Smart We’re Not Sending Them To School

Not really, but it seems that way. Alexander and my husband are having a boys night tonight at the Dodger game (is that Dodger or Dodgers?). Alexander is thrilled, he gets to see Pujols play. Simply discussing Pujols (pronounced Poo-Holes) at the dinner table brings about giggles. Yes, poo holes are funny. The playoff game should be terrific, more so because I get to stay home spend special time with Jane.

Tomorrow the kids will leave school a little early so we can check out Tony Hawk’s new video game thingie. Shaddup, it’s totally a thingie. We’ll leave LA at noon (school is out at 12.45 so I’m not the worst parent in the world) get to San Diego by three and then trek back to LA after dinner so that we can get up bright and early for two soccer games and a baseball practice on Saturday.

I am absolutely mortified thrilled with my life as a mother.

4 thoughts on “My Kids Are So Smart We’re Not Sending Them To School”

  1. Ouch. Is that the sort of schedule I have to look forward to? I swear I have fantasies about sleeping in sometimes. Just being able to do that one day a week would bliss me out for the rest of the bleary-eyed early mornings and waking-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-because-of-teething nights.

  2. I cant attest that I have seen them burst out Pujols with bouts of laughter. I have witnessed it.

    You are lucky I didn’t bring up that player from the cubs. fukudome :)

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