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Shopping and Gifting

I’m the gift giver in the house, not because I’m the generous one, but because I’m the one who has time to go shopping. Since it’s now October I’ll be buying most of our Holiday gifts now.

Yes, that’s right. I’m buying my husband’s office gifts and a closet full of Hostess Gifts now. Why now? I’m unwilling to fight for a parking spot, wait in long lines or deal with harried cashiers starting in November. Unlike my children, adults don’t have rapidly changing tastes so I can buy now.

Some time ago I asked you for the best Hostess Gifts, hundreds of you replied, but these are what caught my eye*:

$1 to $49

Tea Time VivaBox: VivaBox has great gifts for everyone, and they are stackable and beautiful, I like the tea time in particular because it’s priced right and tea is soothing any time of day, any time of year.

Los Angeles City Baseball: Yes, I realize they have baseballs for every city… but my city is best. These are fantastic gifts for anyone who loves baseball.

Gratitude Games: This download always delights.

Wyndham Estate Sparkling Shiraz: I’ve never had a sparkling red wine, but I think I’d like to try it.

Shopping Bags & Coin Purses: From Blue Q made from recycled plastic bottles (like motor oil and detergent bottles).  As a hostess gift I think it’s fun to fill one with a bottle of wine, a yummy dessert, and perhaps some flirty flowers and present it to your hostess.

Reel Delights Movie Card Game Deck: Reel Delights brings the fun and familiarity of traditional playing cards to movie lovers of all ages.   Games can be learned in minutes and played from a friendly pastime to a tournament-level competition, while the adjustable degree of difficulty honors all experience levels.  Casual moviegoers and hard core film buffs can play together on an even playing field, so everyone has fun!

Vinturi Wine Aerator: Apparently some people wait for their wine to breathe… yeah.. me neither. This solves that problem.

Epicurean Cutting Boards: Stunning, recycled, and sturdy. The chef will appreciate these for years to come.

Chalkboard Wall Panel: I’m getting one of these for Jane for Hanukkah, I think it’s perfect for your tween or an adult friend.

Bon Bons: Show up with dessert and they’ll like you, show up with a pretty and delicious dessert and they will love you.

Grill Charms: If you’re invited to a BBQ they will love these, grill charms are a pretty way to keep everyone’s food labeled.

Journaling Starter Kit: really, that’s what it is. A lovely idea

Hand Soap Trio: Already nestled in a bamboo box. Organic, sustainable and pre wrapped. Yippee!

Olive Branch Wreaths: These wouldn’t store well, but what great office gifts!

$50 to $99

Leaf Me Alone Coaster Set: Coasters hand crafted from high quality polar fleece. Individual leaf patterns are cut, sewn and machine quilted.

72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit: Do you have 72 hours worth of emergency supplies? Didn’t think so, if you love someone this might be the perfect gift.

The Glenlivet’s new limited-edition single malt: Nàdurra Triumph 1991, an exquisite testament to the innovation and craftsmanship that are the distillery’s hallmarks. Created using a single-source grain—Triumph barley—the whisky was distilled and casked in Speyside in 1991. Nàdurra Triumph 1991 has been aged 18 years, and is non-chill-filtered so the final product retains all of its natural flavors. With a suggested retail price of $85, it will stand out as a singular whisky amidst any fine collection, and a reflection of a discerning gift giver.

Goat Milk Soaps: Not just any soaps, but a dozen of the most beautiful soaps anyone could hope to own and share.

Heavenly Bliss Cookies: This tower will make you the favorite guest

$100 to $249

Wine Club: Heritage has two wine club options, you don’t have to leave your house to give this gift, and I promise you, it will be appreciated.

Green Nest: This I want to own. I’m including a picture. It is the most beautiful object I’ve come across in a long time. The large one is

green nest art glass

$250 and up

Jo Malone luxury candles: I have these, trust me when I tell you they are worth every penny.

Rebecca and Drew: Since shipping and returns are always free the shirt trio is a splendid gift. Rebecca and Drew make the best shirts in New York.

*as always there is no pay for play this is just what caught my eye. Not a single sample was requested nor sent.

8 thoughts on “Shopping and Gifting”

  1. I just hopped on Harry and David to preorder staff gifts for my hubs….$200 fruit baskets for 12 employees….consider it revisited. Your list ought to work for some of them!!

  2. That green bowl is beautiful! Would love that! Great post… I can’t wait to start holiday shopping myself! I actually cannot believe I haven’t started already! My mom, on the other hand, has already gone overboard, as usual. What’s on your ‘want’ list this year? For me, it’s another Louis Vuitton, my true love. After my kids, of course. And husband. ;)

  3. love your list. Please check out my handmade matchboxes from Shandell’s of Millerton, NY, will make gift giving personal and fun: a beautiful gift, but also useful—who doesn’t need matches, whether in the kitchen or for lighting candles or a fire?

    Shandell’s, by Susan Schneider
    Things That Make You Smile

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