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That Was Exhausting

I’ve just spent the morning with Jane’s fifth grade class. We saw an amazing presentation at The House Of Blues. If you’re in Los Angeles I highly recommend having your school contact them, they teach African American History from the 1500’s to the 1980’s with art, music and dance. It was incredibly moving, academic and fun.

Oh, it also terrified me.

Ten year old boys do not stop moving. They have shpilkes. After three hours of boys bouncing in their seats, wiggling and jiggling on the bus and generally being boys, I am absolutely exhausted.

Alexander has been an easy child, very low maintenance and able to entertain himself. The last year has brought about increased energy levels and volume too. I’m thinking in two years I will no longer go to bed at night. I will simply collapse.

I just can’t remember being this tired.

3 thoughts on “That Was Exhausting”

  1. First of all, my son is in the 1st grade and I can’t imagine the boys in the class will get worse, but it sounds like it’s inevitable. *sigh*
    Secondly, I can’t believe there was a field trip to the House of Blues. I would dearly LOVE to plan something similar for our school. Granted we don’t have a House of Blues in the Bay Area, we have places nearby (Oakland & San Francisco) with long & rich musical histories… hmmm

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