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I Cannot Function With Microsoft: Someone Get Me A Typewriter

I have a stunning new computer that is fast, quiet and hard working. The only thing my computer needs is an operating system.

Oh, and some software.

You see, every time I copy and paste into Microsoft Word (my OS is Vista) it crashes and gives me a DEP message. DEP is Data Execution Protection, execution is right, it kills my work.

I follow the advice (given by Microsoft while using their operating system and their software) and manually whitelist Word so DEP won’t make it crash.

It crashes.

I cry.

I call HP, it’s got to be a computer problem. HP checks the Microsoft fourms, it is a known problem with no workaround.

In order to use Word, I must first copy onto notepad?

Here’s the link to Open Office. It’s free, and it hasn’t crashed yet.

In the interim a typewriter would be handier than a computer loaded up with Microsoft.

14 thoughts on “I Cannot Function With Microsoft: Someone Get Me A Typewriter”

  1. Open Office is a great suite of programs. One thing to be wary of is sending .docs made in Open Office to people that are going to be opening that file in Word. Sometimes the formatting can look off. Best bet is to use the File–> Export to PDF function. That way what you see on the screen will be conveyed correctly when viewed outside of Open Office.

  2. One of my friends was raving about Windows 7 last week. He kept saying over and over, “It’s STABLE!” Yes, that’s what it has come to – a WIndows that doesn’t crash every hour is viewed as a smashing success.

  3. Macs do crash, from time to time. They are also fantastic! That said, Windows 7 is fantastic too. I honestly prefer it to the Mac OS now. I’ve never had a crash and I’ve been using since the RC launched. Just sayin. 80% of users use Windows, now they can breathe a sigh of relief. At least we got that goin for us!

  4. I hate Vista, but I still prefer my PC to the Mac. The software is wonky. P.S. I still own a Smith Corona typewriter. It works well, aside from an occasional problem with the ‘e’ sticking. But it is not like you need to use that letter all that often.

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