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Check it out at licensed music, free, online.

I’m not sure that it’s a business model that’s good for musicians, but business and art aren’t often a marriage.

It’s an incredible start up, you can play music straight from your browser, so it doesn’t take up precious space on your hard drive. With over 6 million songs (as of today) and no intrusive advertising, I’m betting on LaLa.

Somewhere an executive at Apple is weeping. My kids don’t have to buy their music any longer.

3 thoughts on “ The Game Changer”

  1. There is a catch with, you can listen to anything for free ONCE. After that, there is a fee. The goal of is to allow anyone to listen to a song or album before paying for it. This is a much better model than the usual 30 second snippet available on iTunes and Amazon.

    When you first join Lala, a user is ‘awarded’ 25 credits. These credits allow you to add songs to a playlist. After that, the fee is 10 cents per song for adding to a playlist, and an additional 79 cents to download the MP3.

    Facts here:

    My biggest complaint of the recording industry has always been the limitations for listening to an album prior to purchase. How many times have you bought a CD to discover the majority of the album is mediocre?

    I am more inclined to purchase music if I am able to hear it first because I know what I am getting. I also makes it easier for unknown artists to actually have chance considering radio is so biased and leaves so much great music. My hope is that independent artists will have equal representation and be regularly included in the recommendation engine, but I haven’t tested that quite yet, so it is too early to tell.

    For now, my preference is still Grooveshark and Pandora. Cheers!

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