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Free Press And I’m Still A Bitch

Uh, yeah, I guess so.

Babble made a list of the Top 50 Mom Bloggers. I suspect that I’m included because of Momversation, and although I’m really very grateful, you will see that I left a DMCA takedown notice in the comments.

Even though it’s Babble, and even though it’s flattering, it was a picture that belonged to me. The list is good, like any list, it includes a few headscratchers and a misses a few that are amazing, but it’s good if you like lists.

Folks, use copyright free photos, even when you’re giving kudos. Because really, stealing content is just plain scummy.

*The current photo is copyright free

17 thoughts on “Free Press And I’m Still A Bitch”

  1. Why call yourself a bitch. They found the time to read your blog and determine that you should be included in their list. Takes all of two minutes to ask for permission.

    Although if I had been the one doing things I would have been lazy and drawn a nice stick figure picture of you.

    1. someone called me a bitch for posting the takedown notice.

      I decided to embrace it today. But really, it’s what we should all be doing, I own that picture, along with the photographer, they need to ask permission, every time.

      1. That is not bitchy, that is being a careful business person. It ties into the issue of deep linking and how much content people can copy and paste.

        Thus far a lot of the blogosphere is run a bit like the Wild West. But as bloggers try to monetize their work and media companies try to monetize their online content we’ll see more issues crop up.

  2. You are a “hot mess” (said affectionately). For some reason, it’s charming on you. Congrats on your inclusion & for speaking up for your rights. At the very least, you are consistent…that comment should have moved you up at least 1 notch on Babble’s “MOST CONTROVERSIAL” list.

  3. Gotta be you, right?

    Funny, aside from you and sometimes SVM, I don’t read a single one of the blogs they mentioned. I am a mom, but I don’t really care to read about it. I like to know about lives beyond reproduction and politics and dreams (that don’t center on my kids) and hopes/fears (again, not kid-related). I like meeting people I wouldn’t normally have a chance to know and know what they know. People who I could have been friends with if I’d met them in college or when I first went out into the grown up world.

    But, it’s a big deal to be #1 in the blogosphere regardless of the topic of conversation. Reaching as many people as you do is not something to take lightly.

  4. If you steal a picture…and then remove the heads of the people in the picture…and then put new heads on the now headless bodies….and then maybe add some farm animals to said picture….is it still stealing?

    And am I less of a blogger for not knowing what a copyright free picture is or how to tell if I’m looking at one? Or does that just make me stupid?

  5. From the cease and desist letter/comment at Babble, which I almost didn’t check but am now glad I did, I copied the following, “cease and desist from infringing the copyrighted material of Salsberry and Gottlieb. and confirm in writhing that it will do so.”

    So, how does one confirm in writhing? Is this a suggestion of the anguish you’d have caused had they dared to defy you?

  6. I saw that.. I can’t believe they didn’t use that picture with permission! It would irritate me beyond belief. Especially if it is a picture of my kids… it’s different when it’s yours. I would definitely be offended/irritated upset. Write them and let ’em know gf!

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