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Husband Tennis

Today I got to play the best of all possible games. Husband tennis.

Husband Tennis is when I get to play tennis against my husband. He is stronger, faster, and taller than I. In a real match I’d never stand a chance.

When one plays Husband Tennis you get to hit the ball as hard as you possibly can, and it is always returned, mostly to the middle of the court. When one plays Husband Tennis you get to serve with every bit of might in your body, and the ball is always returned. In Husband Tennis, the Husband always serves his second serve and you get his alleys too.

When you’re really tired during Husband Tennis you can take a water break and get a kiss too.

We also had the kids playing pool, football and charades. Unfortunately when the word “old” arose they just pointed at Doc and everyone burst into gales of laughter, which runs the clock out pretty quickly.

Best part of the day? Husband Tennis without a doubt.

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