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If You Love ’em Put A Sling On ’em

I am absolutely in love with this video. Watch all the way through, the ending is terrific.

Also, Motrin, if you’re looking for a new creative director you might want to see if Leigh is available, you know, freelance and all.

9 thoughts on “If You Love ’em Put A Sling On ’em”

  1. Those are some talented baby mamas! I love, love, love that video. Great lyrics, great choreography, great music and sound – all of it was so well done! I agree with you. These ladies could do well to share their talent with some of the bigger companies out there who clearly have a lot to learn about what speaks to moms these days.

  2. I am totally loving this. And I am also highly impressed by the way they’re dancing with the babes in slings. These are clearly some experienced babywearing mamas! :)

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