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Lisa Ashley Eyecream and LA Girlfriend Tween Skincare Review

Lisa Ashley Hope KitRecently I was with my friend Joanne and we were watching The Househusbands of Hollywood. Joanne’s friend Lisa is one of the moms on the show and Lisa has a skincare line that Joanne has been raving about.

I called Lisa and asked her if she had samples I could try, she was super sweet and sent some for Jane to try, and then she sent The Eyecream That Changed My Life. Not kidding.

The LA Girlfriend skincare line is brilliant. It’s a two step process, and for an 11 year old girl that’s just perfect. It’s enough to teach my daughter to wash and moisturize each day without being overwhelming. Jane was starting to get a few whiteheads around her nose and they were gone within a few days of starting with the Hope Kit. It works, it’s pretty (do not underestimate this for a tween), and it smells delicious. I think one of the things that makes it so effective is that the wash is a foam. Since little girls get breakouts right next to their noses the foam delivery is great and Jane didn’t miss those tiny corners.

Everything about the skincare system for tweens and teens is good. We love it, and I’ve just bought Jane a full sized set. If you’re lucky enough to get Lisa on the phone you’ll realize that this is more than just a business. Lisa understands that the ability to put your best face forward is critical in adolescence and the awkward years that surround it. Lisa is letting girls be pretty again. It’s nice to feel confident.

Here’s what I didn’t expect. Lisa Ashley sent me an eye cream that will put plastic surgeons out of business. It took me a few minutes to figure it out, but this eye cream is in a tube with a metal roller ball. You twist the bottom and then push up a teeny tiny bit of the cream. It’s going to look weird, do not worry, weird is good. Now you take the whole thing and just start rubbing it around your eyes. It’s going to look bad, keep rolling, the metal ball is cold around your eyes, rub lightly and the puffiness starts to go away. After a few more seconds you’ll see a bright glow around your eyes, it’s because this eye cream is a brightener too. Lisa is a makeup artist and apparently she thinks of everything.

I was feeling pretty bad about the look of my eyes, and after a few days of the Ultimate Eyecream, I’m really happy with how I’m looking. I love that a local mom is creating great products.Lisa Ashley Eye Cream

To Purchase:

Lisa Ashely Beauty
LA Girlfriend

Disclosure: Lisa is a friend of a friend, I received small samples from her, and bought the rest.


2 thoughts on “Lisa Ashley Eyecream and LA Girlfriend Tween Skincare Review”

  1. Lisa is so intense on the Househusbands show, but her husband is a riot. He is the long-suffering spouse who must sit through his wife’s presentation on zits and puberty. His uncomfortableness was palpable. However, you can tell they are good people/parents/businesspersons.

    Glad you shared this product, since on the show it is never shown as a closeup.

    Disclaimer: I don’t spend my days tweeting and my nights watching reality TV…just so you know.

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