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Apple Announces The iPad: Not To Be Confused With Your iPeriod

Mashable (as ususal) has the best coverage of the new iPad.

It seems as though there’s something in between a laptop and an iPhone. Since I got my Nexus 1 Google Phone just yesterday, I already know that there’s something in between. It’s wonderful to be off of iTunes.

I’ll buy the iPad, even though the name is simply hideous. Apple has such beautiful products, it’s a shame they named their new device after a pantyliner.

I just went to the apple site to get an iPad image, and I got this:


9 thoughts on “Apple Announces The iPad: Not To Be Confused With Your iPeriod”

  1. Hi Jessica – Chuckling at your post title – awesomely funny. I won’t get to review the Apple announcements until I get some down-time this evening but it doesn’t sound like the ipad offers anything compelling. I agree that Apple brings the magic when it comes to product elegance and they are bound to sell a ton because they are…. well….Apple.

  2. Yup — that’s the first thing my husband said when we heard the new name. “I’ll bet it was just a bunch of guys sitting around when they came up with that name,” he said. “No woman would have signed off on that.” But that wasn’t my first thought. I was thinking, “Ipod, ipad — cool.” So go figure.

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