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AT&T Uverse Review

I have been an AT&T Uverse subscriber for about two months now. As Uverse becomes available in your neighborhood, you may be looking to add it in your home.

Let me tell you about my experience with AT&T Uverse.

I was very unhappy with Time Warner Cable, as it was unreliable at best. I spoke with the folks at the AT&T home office in Texas and I was assured that I would have a pleasant installation. I explained to them that I needed their installer to be respectful of my home and of my time.

Apparently we had a miscommunication.

I had an appointment with them for a Wednesday between 1 and 3. On Wednesday night at 7.30 I got a phone call from an installer’s cell phone saying he was really sorry that they hadn’t shown up, could they come at my convenience any day? He was nice and apologetic, and I asked them to send someone between 8 and 9 the next morning. He was incredibly enthusiastic and said, “We will be there at 8 sharp!”

At 11 o’clock the next day an installer showed up. He was a know it all. I asked for the the modem to be installed in my family room so that my wireless would work in the entire house and back yard. He installed it in my office, in the front of my house. That means that there is no wireless Internet in children’s rooms or in the back yard. He also used my bathroom twice. In fact the second time he used it he said to me, “I’m just going to drop a load and then I’ll be on my way.”

This is all happening while I’m alone in my house with him.

So, I deal with the improperly placed modem, the holes unnecessarily drilled in my walls and cleaning a toilet after the AT&T repairman. I call the offices and they send someone out to reinstall. It’s done properly, he’s clearly senior and declines even a glass of water. It is perfect.

It is perfect for about 5 weeks. Now it is slow. I’m paying for an 18 megabit download speed and I’m getting an average of 8 to 11. It’s not okay. I spent 2 hours on the phone with their technical support a few days ago and once he got me up to 13 he was ready to hang up the phone. Again, not acceptable. If I wanted a 13 megabit download speed that’s exactly what I’d be paying for, right?

Then there was a whole song and dance about how the wireless wouldn’t deliver exactly 18 megabits all the time. I realize that, when it was installed, and for a full month thereafter I was getting about 17.5 to 18 Mbps in exactly the same location.

Today our internet is still very slow, but the bill arrives right on time. I’m getting about 11 mbps for download speed

and the queue for technical support is 51 people long

Of course there is always e-repair, right?

Although I can offer no alternative (I’m seeking one myself) I would not recommend AT&T Uverse. I had a few good weeks, but mostly it’s been a dismal experience.

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  1. We’ve had U-verse for about two weeks and we love it. The alternative in our rural town is Suddenlink and the installation service was just awful. He didn’t drop a deuce in our toilet but it was still bad. Sorry you are having no luck with finding a good internet provider. That would be frustrating.

  2. Something else upon which we absolutely agree. Uverse made my life miserable, as the techs omitted to tell me that my alarm system was incompatible with the Uverse lines and my phone lines kept getting knocked out of service (as you can guess, that meant that my home was insecure for weeks at a time, because each time I called about it, I was told to make an appointment. Once, I made an appointment with one of their offices, and when I called when no one showed up, I was informed that they had no record of a service call. Ultimately, I had to have my entire home installation redone, with analog telephone lines for my security system. No problems since then, but it was a nightmare that I would not wish on my worst enemy. Uverse is still in my home for the time being, but I think the service sucks, even if my speeds are great. When it works, that is fine, but sometimes the service doesn’t work, and at one point, I told my husband that I simply could NOT speak to AT&T again anytime in the future. Fortunately, I have not had to since then. Thank god.

    I thought it was just me.

    Sorry it’s not.

  3. I think there is a lot to be said for cornered a market in one said practice. If AT&T claim to have started up the fiber optics that’s where you’d go, right? The best service I’ve had, 3 states, 5 homes, has still been Verizon. Bar none, hands down.

  4. I keep hearing great things about FIOS and am consistently told that thanks to AT&T you can’t get it in my neighborhood. Of course I am just waiting for a water main to explode as that might provide an opportunity for Verizon to come in.

    You just know that if they slip Mayor Climber $50 he’ll make it happen. Actually that gives me an idea. Call Mayor Climber’s office and announce that you are holding a press conference and that he should be there. Doesn’t matter what the topic is, Mayor Climber loves cameras. He’d be happy to agree with you that Uverse is useless and that might spur action on the part of AT&T.

  5. We’ve had U-verse for over a year. The installation was fine, but since then, I think my husband’s happier with them than I am. The TV interface and DVR are better than what we had with TWC, but I’m not as thrilled with the internet connection – I think it’s slow, too (and like you, we’re paying for a fast connection).

  6. Long time reader, first time commenter! I am sorry you had such terrible service! I have AT&T U-verse for over a year – the only glitch was when I first got it, the service would kick out randomly. The actual reason was that someone was trying to steal my service!!! The telephone operators and the servicemen have been nothing but polite to me, and the internet and television speed and reception I have gotten is excellent!! I am sorry again that you have not had such a positive experience. I recommend calling them again – perhaps a different operator will be more receptive.

  7. I had ATT Uverse for 2.5 months. I moved to an apartment and changed the service from regular ATT to Uverse. My experience has been very poor with ATT. First the VOIP telephone service is orders of magnitude more expensive than other VOIP providers. Poor connection with background noise. The internet connection speed is supposed to be 6 MbPS, but tested less than 2 MbPS on CNET testing. I am not clear about the technicalities of this, but I will accept that because the internet connection is fast enough for my use (albeit not as fast as it is supposed to be). TV clarity is better than Dish, which is what I had previously, but nearly twice as expensive for similar service. Managing your DVR online is a plus and very easy. They are supposed to give me a discount, but keep making mistakes in billing – both in closing my previous account and in my new bill in terms of giving the discounts. All the mistakes are in ATT favor. I tried to port my number to another VOIP, which was way less expensive and had better quality (VOIPO), but ATT refused to port number twice stating frivolous reasons. On the positive side they did give the equipment free of cost (will have to return on termination) and gave me some discounts on calling about the mistakes in billing. But still I was billed $374.68 for the service for 2 months and 5 days. I received a $100 visa card while signing up for the service and an $80 discount for the mistakes. I was also credited an additional $30, which was the amount overcharged while closing my previous account during the transfer to Uverse. I am moving away from ATT. I will just keep the internet connection.

  8. I am really sad to hear about your initial install tech acting that way, but not everyone is like that obviously. Unfortunately you sometimes find crazies everywhere. If you are close enough to be offered 18 meg svc, it should be reliable and around 18 meg. Just a tip, ATT has 2 tiers of tech support, and if you have had many unsuccessful attempts with T1, try speaking with T2, also you can also try to get a technician dispatched, there maybe an issue with the wiring in your house if you are having issues. Hope any of this helps.

    1. I’m familiar with level 2 tech support. I spent 90 minutes on the phone with them before writing the review. I have an update, but it’s not pretty, and unless you have a blog where you’re easily found it won’t be good for you either.

      1. I called AT&T on December 29 to order the U-verse package of TV, Phone and Internet. I was not happy with TW’s constant bickering with program suppliers, and their stubborn refusal to carry the NFL network. I also thought the multiple room DVR capability, and the higher broadband speeds would be nice.
        After verifying service in my area, an install date was set up for Jan. 11. On the 11th, a tech showed up, and after an hour of putzing, informed me that there was no signal, and another contractor would need to come out and fix the problem. It would probably be only a couple of hours, after which he would return and finish installing, or set up a new appointment.
        He left.
        After a week, I had heard nothing, so I called AT&T to get an update. The phone person informed me that the date had been changed on my order to a date in 2032. I told them that wouldn’t do, and they changed it to Feb.11, 2010, between 8 and 10 AM.
        That was today—-nothing.
        Of course, should they ever call me back, I will tell them to where to stick their install, but Good Lord, don’t these people have any concept of customer service? Do you think they could pick up the phone and let me know if there is a problem, so perhaps I could salvage a little of my day? After all, the are the figging PHONE COMPANY!!!
        Anyway, sorry for your problem with them, but you are not alone.

  9. I have one major complaint about AT&T Uverse. The bait and switch price plan. We ordered the service on Jan 30, 2010 for one price plan, then AT&T switched it! That’s an example of Bait and switch!

    They raised the internet and phone by $5 bucks, and the TV package by $3. It’s only $13 more per month, but we ordered it at one price and they switched it two days later!

    History on this: In January 2010, AT&T had ads on TV and the Internet about this great price plan but you had to order by Feb 1, 2010, and you save more if you ordered online.

    I’ve contacted AT&T customer service and at this time, they are unable to change the price to the price ordered, but they are looking into it…. I will post if the price gets changed…

    I wouldn’t of switched to AT&T Uverse if I knew this was going to happen!

  10. I am glad I found this website.
    We currently have AT&T Yahoo/Internet, Regular phone line and Comcast cable.
    We recently bought an iPhone and added the mobile service..
    The pitch on U-Verse sounded very good and I am glad I found these reviews..
    I am going to stick with what we have.
    I have noticed that both Comcast and AT&T have tried to sell “all in one” deals and unfortunately these just dont work.
    Comcast’s triple play had the same bad reviews as AT&T U-verse.
    With automated bill payments today, and these combined “discounts” that dont last for too long.. I dont see much benefit in buying these bundled services..

  11. We switched from Bright House on November 24, 2009. The installation took 12 hours on the 24th and 6 hours on the 25th of November. The services fails off and on all day with freezing of the TV screen for 1 to 3 minutes and total loss of the computer/phone service. There have been over 25 service calls since the installation. It is tedious to have to repeat the same concerns each time to the phone jockeys that have a hard time with the kings english. Visits by their techs seems to have had little effect on our service. Recently, I was talking to my daughter long distance, my son was doing homework on the computer and my wife was watching the end of a TV show and we were all wiped out by one of their system failures. Their long distance approach to local technical services creates terrible communication problems. Today I was supposed to get a service call between noon and 4pm and they were a no show/no call. Their service is terrible and the TV breaks up constantly.

  12. Well, after years of being an AT&T customer they’ve finally convinced me to find other providers for phone, internet and television. However, less than 60 days prior they had convinced me to try them for all three.

    I should have known better because of my prior dealings with AT&T. During the time I had DSL service with them I knew my internet service was running slower than it should have. However, due to ignorance and complacency I attributed it to my old computer. After purchasing a new computer, and seeing no change in speed of web browsing, I contacted AT&T. They told me that the speed I was receiving was the maximum speed they could deliver to my location. The fact that I was paying for speeds 3 times as fast did not phase them in the least. That begged the logical question of why they would have sold me something they couldn’t deliver!! After speaking to a supervisor, who apologized, they credited $150.00 to my account.

    Time Warner Cable kept dropping channels and raising prices. So, I thought it was time to shop for new services. Time Warner was confusing and generally rude. (It seems I had called a “national” number for a “local” offer). I found other services either confusing or overpriced. So, I decided to take the risk with AT&T one last time.

    While shopping I asked whether the existing infrastructure was sufficient to deliver everything they promised. I was assured it was. On their assurances I signed up for U200 Television (plus HD service, one DVR and one standard box), Internet at 18Mps download speed, and Telephone Service. That was January 10, 2010. So, here’s how it went:

    Speed were faster than the old DSL but I decided to keep track of what I actually received. Using the site AT&T suggests I tested the speed at various times over a two week period. The rate was between 6.2 and 6.8 in every test. Once, while up very late, and no T.V. on I got 7.1. Again, while paying for 18.

    Everything seemed wonderful until about 2 weeks after installation. I was watching an HD program and attempted to record another HD program. The system stated that the HD was unavailable. It would only allow the use of one HD program at a time.

    I called into AT&T and received an apology for the inconvenience and was assured it could be corrected. The technician told me it was a two step process, step one was “ordered” with me on the line. She asked that I wait two to three days to allow that order to be processed, and for me to then call in and request “additional HD feeds.” Well, over a three to four week period I called back several time. Each time I was told I would need to call back. No one would explain why.

    I was finally told that their system could not deliver what I’ve paid for. It seems they cannot deliver the necessary bandwidth to allow for what they sold me.

    My suggestion with AT&T U-Verse is to be afraid, be very afraid. You cannot believe what they advertise, say or promise.

  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE AT&T U-Verse, have had it for over 2 yrs, never had a single problem with the service other than a few hours with out internet once during a bad snow storm. The install went smooth and the tech was very nice. Meet all my expectations, and was FAR better than comcast which i had before.

  14. Wow thanks for the heads up. I was considering getting uverse till I read the reviews. I should have known better than to even consider it. I tried AT&T’s DSL service and it was a nightmare. Very slow to nonexsistent connections for months till they finaly admited i was too far from the hub to recieve the fast connection.

  15. I have had AT& T U-verse for 2 months. The price and programming is very good. But their customer service SUCKS! They were a no show for my installation date. Had the same problem 5x with the TV picture “freezing” and I have had 5 different tech’s come out to my house. So far it has been corrected. I had to file a complaint with both the Better Business Bureau and NC Attorney’s Generals Office to get someone to be held accountable. When you call ATT, always as for the persons name, city location and employee ID # for reference.

  16. the first 90 days have been absolutely horrible. The product is inconsisent and Customer Service at U-Curse [ not the phone or cell people] has been unbelieveable poor. These people are just nasty. They told us we would eventually have 1 bill for everthing. A customer service rep said, “You don’t have to pay anything until you get the combined bill but you might want to pay some because by the time you get it, it will be pretty big.” I paid $200 the day we left for vacation. Came back from vacation and they had disconnected our service and deleted a week’s worth of emails. ” Customer Retention” keeps promising to waive our bill but the U-verse people keep sending nasty collection/ cut-off notices.

  17. I have had the WORST EVER experience with AT&T U-Verse. Today is day 3 now with no TV, internet, or house phone. The installation tech started the job actually 3 hrs into when he “lost SYNC” packed up and just left. Wires everywhere, modem, even equipment. Until today nothing has changed no nothing. Asked a CSR what i’m suppose to do with nothing he replied there’s a library for internet, and there’s DVD’s. Now, i have to have DISH come out (charge me) to reconnect service,*which i paid them to disconnect*, and DSL come out and reconnect the service. NO ONE at AT&T knows anything.

  18. Just an update—Today is March 22nd, almost 3 months since my original contact with AT&T. Still, no human has contacted me wanting to know why they have an order for service, but no install! Incredible!

  19. I have had U verse TV and internet for about 2 months now. In that two months the tv service in the living room was good, but the TV in the kids room upstairs constantly froze and broke up. U verse sent a technician 3 times to fix the problem but it is still freezing. Now I have to cancel my account because their service doesn’t work, and they disconnected my satellite and refuse to put it back. I am being told by my satellite TV provider that it will cost $100 for a technician to come out and reconnect. U verse says they want to provide you the best service but it’s just another saying and not a true company fact. Att all over has been terrible. The Att dsl service I had before was the worst internet I have ever dealt with and now this U verse is a worthless new product that if you look for other reviews, obviously wasn’t ready for the market yet! Stay away at all costs. Maybe your provider isn’t the nicest but at least it works…

  20. I attempted to get U-verse service at my new apartment until they advised me that I would have to pay a $450 non-refundable “deposit”. They are criminals. Time Warner may not be the best but I haven’t had very many issues with them.

  21. ATT UVERSE SERVICE SUCKS! I’ve had had this for about a month and its horrible. the service freezes at all the times of day. it freezes during my recorded shows, during live Pay Per View events, i mean, common, why would someone shell out 40-50 bucks for a PPV event if the signal will freeze over and over right!? well i found out the hard-way (UFC112 27Mar10)…sure if you call Tech Supp they can refund you for the event, but will they refund you for your monthly recurring charge? HELL NO! stay away from this service, don’t subscribe to something that freezes over and over. tech support is not equipped to resolve issues and their overall solution for everything is to reset the home modem (which doesn’t resolve anything!).
    I’ve had technicians come over to my house and shown them the problem and they don’t know what the problem is or how to fix it. also if you have or get a bundle and ATT UVERSE TV services freeze, all your services will be disrupted. meaning if the TV connection freezes, your internet and phone connections will go down as well. Freezing times last anywhere from 5-15 minutes and NO just cause you have a DVR it doesn’t mean that once the freeze is over you can rewind and catch up on what you just missed!

  22. We have a tech trying to figuer out what’s wrong with our installation as I write, for the 3rd time in 5 weeks!!! I have lost faith, this is not going to work !!!! picture goes out, or freezes, or worse freezes off and on, and records that way too, dial up is super slow, only the WIFI works well. I hate it!!!

  23. It would be helpful if you people mentioned what area you have the AT&T service installed. I am sure it’s different for every area.

    I’ve been a comcast customer for many years and generally happy with the service. However, I was impressed with u-verse DVR and think of switching. Have a concern about the quality of their internet speed though. Too bad comcast is so behind times with their hardware and DVR UI.

    SF Bay Area.

  24. Bless those fortunate few that don’t have issues with Uverse. This is my 6 month with uverse. In the beginning, it was very good. Actually got spoiled on the convenience of having everything together, good price/value, etc.

    Once the honeymoon was over, it was like night and day. Lost sync issues lasted only a few seconds initially, but now I lose everything for hours (6-9) at a time and all they do is send over another tech to fiddle-faddle and waste another 5 hours out of my day. Customer service and the techs have been very nice and “sympathetic” (maybe they feel sorry for me). I have had 10 service calls over the past 2 months and 7 over the last 2 weeks!
    Over the last 4 month its like nightmare on elm st! You cant wake up from this bad dream,
    (and your 2wire box won’t wake up either)
    I am in the Atlanta area (avondale estates) in a condo unit.

    Issues I have been told:
    1. Broadband 2wire box has alot of noise in the line that throws it out of sync.
    2. Noise come from telephone wiring, they bypassed it, using one line from the main feed into my unit.
    3. There are (3) “shorts” from outside lines-need another tech to trouble shoot that.
    4. My (2) 32” sony crt televisions are causing the line noise-disconnect them while using the internet (wtf)
    5. My outside signal is too high (32)- need to lower it to “25” or “18”, what ever that means.

    Nothing works and now I must grovel back to comcast or directv and dsl.

    The last straw was when I get a “courtesy” reminder about my past due bill on my FREAKING CELL PHONE, because my uverse home phone has been down for so long. My comcast friends are having a good ole laugh during my Uverse saga ( or should I say ATT UCURSE)! Unless you have massive amounts of time, patience, and hair to kill, after 2-3 service calls DUMP them. I should have.

    They definitely know about this issue and KNOW there is nothing they can do short of replacing your phone wire with fiber optic cable from the street line up to your 2wire box. That ain’t happening!
    Hope this helps.

  25. Oh boy! I just ordered this TODAY to replace my current Charter cable. Charter keeps increasing their fees and our cable is no different then it was when we got it in, gosh, 1997? That’s when we moved into our house. Most of our friends have Dish or Direct TV but I had heard woes about those. I did want to be able to “TIVO” and remember many Christmas’s where that was the gift to get, but I was told I couldn’t have one with cable. I called my cable company to see if they had anything similar, and they said yes, but they were out and they would get back to me. Never heard a word. So we just kept watching what was on when we had time to sit and watch something, which is very rare. So poor me living in squaller since I couldn’t record my shows, just waiting and hoping one day I could be like the rest of the world and have a contraption in my house that would allow me to record movies and shows so that I may, at my convienience, record them and watch them with my family. Well, ATT UVerse had me with the free DVR and I signed on the dotted line very excited that MY DAY HAD FINALLY CAME! And now I read this and think…well crap… what have I done??

    My installation date is this Friday. If my installer asks me if he can drop a load, I may hit him with a frying pan.

    1. Michelle: You and I could be twins. I was talked into U-Verse yesterday, mainly because of the DVRs and about $60 less than the phone, internet and cable TV I have now. I have ATT for land line, and Charter for internet and cable. I’ll be interested in your experience with U-verse because my installation date is in 2 weeks and I’m also switching from Charter. Please post your comments. Thanks

      1. Mary I hope I can save u some grief. 2 comments to be aware of. When u watch the same channel in different rooms the sound has a delay in each TV so u hear the same dialog twice and also u have bulky boxes to put near the TVs. I agree with the comments of all these other people as far as freezing. To make a long story short, this has been a nightmare for me.

  26. Well, I signed up for U-Verse Full package (NO VOIP, keeping my ATT analog but it is included in the package). First off, I have Comcast Cable and Internet. It’s freakin expensive! And I don’t have premium channels. I was thinking of looking at Direct or Dish but I wanted to give this thing a try. I live in the Bay Area, CA. Comcast is great for cable and Internet is good but not really reliable. I actually have DSL for work and Comcast Internet for the family. I also have ATT Analog Phone for work. With CC%I plus ATT Analog, I’m forking 2 bills a month. So I’m saving 50 bucks. Well, so what right?

    I’ll give it a try. There is no term commitment so I can cancel I guess. Comcast gave me headaches but all vendors do. I don’t monitor my download speeds so as long as everyone is on the net, then we’re good. My wife has Verizon, I have ATT for cellular and they have their advantages and disadvantages. We’ll see. They will be installing it next week.

    1. Correction on my phone line. It did not stay analog but got converted to VOIP. Oh well. The technician was here for 90 minutes and never really needed help other than me showing him where the crawl space is at. My first hour experience is…. so far so good. Since I am very close to the Fiber box, I’m getting maximum speed in Internet which I’m not too concerned about since we don’t do any heavy surfingin the Internet. The DVRs are great! much better than Comcast and I like the PnP browsing beucase you can actually see it live and how much longer until it ends. I’m pretty much getting all the premium channels which I didn’t have in Comcast. I’ll send out a 30 day review. Like I said, so far so good.

  27. We are finally going back to DirecTV! After a number of attempts to fix our AT&T UVerse nightmares we are canceling our service!

    Reasons: Slow internet, TV locks up, phone calls drop and the number one reason, we missed half of the season finale of Grey’s Anatomym which was due to the DVR locking up… again.

    AT&T has along road ahead of them… Every AT & T Service Tech guy that came out to our home gave us different reasons why our system wasn’t working correctly, from to close to some AT&T main bang thing.. (I’m not sure what the hell it was), to it must be your treadmill and the latest was its your wires in your home (Wired in 2002 + we have Cat5)… Hmm…

    DirecTV we are coming back…..

  28. OH OH….my installation gay is this coming Monday….
    Will keep you’all posted….but I am getting cold feet….

  29. Ok. I’ve had Uverse for a little over 2 weeks now, and I must say, we are loving all the channels. I’m catching up on my Law & Order SVU, but now I’m convinced that every time my child goes out of the house, someone is going to try and kidnap her.

    My top 3 favorite things about Uverse: Caller ID on the TV screen; many more channels (we had basic cable); and OF COURSE THE DVR.

    My 3 least favorite things: the sound delay from room to room; the bulky boxes (which I would eventually need with cable anyway); and I get knocked off my internet periodically.

    One more thing: I did pay the extra $10 a month for HD and the picture quality is outstanding.

    All in all, I’m glad we moved from cable.

  30. I have ATT-Uverse since May 31, 2010. Here is my story:

    I did a research online about ATT Uverse reviews for almost two months. Even known 8O% of the reviews I decided to give it a try. I called May 21 to order the service and they said the next available appoinment was May 31, between 9 and 11 am. I told them ok let’s do it. Technician was home at 9:45am , he called at 9:15 to say he was on his way. He was very professional, it took him 2.5 hours to install tv and internet. Today is June 5 and I am very happy with the service, tv picture is excellent and internet is very fast, I asked for 12mgbs speed and that is exactly what I have been getting. I have not had one issue with the service, I have called customer service to ask questions about 3 times and I get to speak with a live person right away. I am glad I made the switch from Directv. I know 5 days is not enough time to post a positive review but I will be back every 2 weeks to give you updates guys. I have to tell you though that the main uverse box is right across the street from where I live, (some people say it has to do a lot with getting excellent service since you are just 500 ft. from the box, other say it has nothing to do with it because the lines don’t run across the street, they run around the neighborhood and your house may be the last where fiber optic ends even known the box is right in front of your house). I give them the benefit of doubt. I LOVE ATT UVERSE……….I’ll be back soon.

    1. I have had u-verse for 1 week now. I had directv too did you get a lot of offers from them when you canceled to keep them??They begged me to stay 150 bucks free hd for life the movie channels and free dvr service for 24 months. I almost went back….

      1. Terri,

        Yes, I did. Actually right now I have all channels for free for 3 months, no HD fees, no receivers fees. I told them no thank you, I have U-verse now. They said dont worry we will add all I just mentioned to you right now free for 3 months and I will waive your recent bill. In 3 months we will call you and make you an offer you wont believe for all our services. I am calling them Monday June 14 to close the account. I AM VERY SATISFIED WITH U-VERSE, not one single issue so far, I have the U300 package and the internet speed is GREAT, I ordered 12 Mgbs and I am getting 11.73Mgbs. I LOVE IT.

  31. Here is my story about ATT-Uverse . I would not give 2 cents for the system. The remotes
    do not work well for each TV. And the cost is about $25 more a month than I was quoted.
    When you call ATT-Uverse make sure it is NOT on the week end. And you better have
    a pass code. I will say that the internet is best. I have had my cell phone 10 years now.
    I understand the thoery behinde ATT-Uverse but not for use yet, 2 many buggs.
    If any one reads this living in Melbourne Florida DO NOT go 2 the ATT store at
    Melbourne Square Mall. The place is run by teenagers.


    Hello all. I must say that the Uverse service techs and even a manager came to my condo. They determined that in addition to all the possibilities that were addressed before, they believe that somewhere along the line (no pun intended), the “someone” cut and then spliced the line leading into my condo. “Spliced wire can cause major interference, especially as the wires heat up and cool down”. Of course, they couldn’t pull the wire through from the ground floor and replace it because it was stapled it the conduits. I live on the 3rd floor.

    So we “illegally” (according to our association rules), but discreetly ran cat5 cable up to my unit with only about 4 inches of wire actually exposed from about 40 feet of cable.

    The signal dropped that same hour again. I said “oh _____”, we did all that for nothing, but after a few hours it synced back up and it has be a solid week with no problems at all. If its worth anything, they really tried to get me up and even credited me 3 months for the lost time and inconvenience.
    Even though it was a long and frustrating road, I never lost my cool when talking to them either on the phone or when they came out. Patience and a smile (an a forum to vent) won the day.

    I am very happy I held on and let them fix my uverse.
    Yahooeee!…Another year without Comcast!

    If my association finds that cable (behind the vinyl), I guess I’ll nave to face the music. But until then, I am really enjoying my uverse.

  33. I might be late to this “party”, but it seems like the majority of consumers are having problems with their providers; be it DirecTV, Dish, TWC, ATTUverse, et al.

    This is evidenced by the number of Class Action Lawsuits (over 30 each for Dish & DTV; plus thousands of complaints to the BBB [totally useless in my book] and Consumer Affairs) for deceptive and unfair business practices. And yet, they are still doing the same things that brought the suit in the first place! They are scofflaws in every sense of the word.
    What’s worse is that “they” couldn’t care less. They have a team of high-priced lawyers to delay any judgment and file counter suits to stall even further.

    Unfortunately we have no recourse and are left twisting in the wind. What we need are Attorney Generals with cajones. Simply fining these companies has little to no effect as we’re talking about multi-billion dollar entities. So what’s a few hundred million dollar fine mean to a company that will just re-coup the loss from the next sucker?

    Just as California has a “three strikes and you’re out” law, so too is this needed for these scofflaw companies. For example, if there’s three complaints and the situation hasn’t been rectified, the customer should receive 6 months of free service, or a total refund of all monies paid and compensation for time lost from having to go through all the brain damage trying to deal with them.

    Once they see their bottom line in jeopardy, only then will they live up to the promises they made to get you as a customer.

    I mean seriously, how long do you think a national chain of auto repair shops would stay in business if they did the same thing?

    We need laws with teeth and prosecutors with the power to enforce them.

  34. My mother-in-law had u-verse installed this week and has had nothing but problems! It is making her SICK! She had at&t internet before and it was already slow (we think this was actually due to her crappy wireless router rather than the service provider). We live in an area wher up until a few months ago, the market was cornered by Cox Communications. I haven’t had much problems with Cox (and neither had she) but they are EXPENSIVE!! Since we all already have phone and internet through at&t, it seemed to make sense to save $50 a month by switching our cable as well. She is having a TERRIBLE time! She can’t even acess her email now! The caller ID on her phone doesn’t work. Her internet is slower than before (which I wouldn’t think would be possible). She can’t seem to get any help from the u-verse people. They say that have the problem fixed and only end up creating more problems. She TOO was told that the service installers would be at her house at around 1 and they didn’t show up until 5!!!! Then when he came in he apoligized and said that he wasn’t told until 11 that he would be making this call. She had set the appointment up 2 weeks prior to this! He also said that her install was considered a “large” install due to there being three tv’s and that they usually do those in the morning. He didn’t leave until 8 and even then, my husband had to go over and show his mom how to use the equipment!

    On another note, we were approached by the door-to-door at&t guys saying the service was available to us. We had the paperwork all filled out only to find out the we and the neighbor next to us are the ONLY ones in our cul-de-sac that DON’T have the service available. Perhaps that is a good thing since it has caused nothing but problems for my m-i-l! My sister is set to get it next week. We will see how her experience is with it!!

  35. All the poblems Lacie is having with ATT , I had the same problems, only double.
    It took me 4 days before I found a person to shut it OFF. I will say they have given me
    very good cell phone service over the years.
    To ATT ……call all your guys back that are selling door to door. They are not telling
    the truth about the system.

  36. I have had Uverse for 4 months…. awful experience. They lied to us about the packages; big initial sale, telling us we could get a premium package for a low price, then charging us 50 dollars more each month when we actually signed up. We also had non stop problems with it for the first 2 months ( it would shut off for hours at a time), until they finally came out and told us they had given us a faulty box. Any refunds for the hours of TV we lost? No, in fact they insisted we should be happy we didn’t have to pay a trip charge!
    They also have some weird rule about having to call you with a code to sign up for internet bill pay. Well, turns out that unless it is an “at and t” phone number, it isn’t recognized… so they say they will mail you this code. Guess what? No code…. and, not being able to pay online, we travel so much that we ended up missing a payment, which resulted in them turning off our service. With Direct TV, we missed the payment one time ( in 8 years) and they had no charges to turn it back on – and did it right away. At and t told us it would cost us our full payment and 65 dollars in addition to turn it back on ( which they could not waive unless we set up automatic bill pay). Our internet came back on within 3 hours, but after 24 hours we still had no TV. We called them back and after 48 hours it came back on. Any compensation…. any fee waiver… of course not!!! Oh, and try and make a payment arrangement…. they will charge you outrageous late fees no matter when you make it. And did I mention trying to get a hold of them on weekends? At any time during the week customer service are either not available or incredibly rude!!!!
    One last thing…. their internet sux. I have no idea why it is so slow – maybe because it is not on a land line? For 40 bucks a month, I would expect more.

    1. This is how Comcast acts in Indianapolis, but worse. I have uverse and been on it for 2 years. I have had some problems, but they were quick to correct problems. I like that you can watch the DVR from any room, set recordings from any room in the house. In our area it is Comcast or AT&T as far as services without a monthly contract. Comcast is horrible in our area so AT&T is better. I heard Direct TV is the best, but they require a 2 year contract plus I have been told satillite goes out a lot when there are storms or in the winter with ice and snow.

  37. I’m not a lawyer, but, it seems that all these complains relate to breach of contract.

    I’d really like to know if anyone who’s reading this could confirm or deny that these “providers” could be taken to small claims court and sued by us as individuals (*not* a class action lawsuit)?

    I have a feeling that if all the sudden “they” were inundated with individual lawsuits, something would be done. I also wonder if any of the gutless Attorney Generals (or *anybody* in the government) would notice?

    Anyway, here’s a link for each State’s limit on the amount of money you can sue for in Small Claims Court:

  38. UVerse has been a DISAPPOINTMENT all the way around. We’ve had it for less than 2 months and the internet, TV and phone have each gone out multiple times. Reporting repairs is difficult as it is hard to reach a person to discuss the issue with. I tried to report online through the portal but the portal was not working. I was told by an AT&T UVerse person that the portal was down for 24 hours. Don’t try the service until AT&T works out the kinks. It’s not worth the trouble!

  39. I’ve been a long time Comcast customer in Silion Valley and have had no issues. When the service goes out they reconnect right over the phone within minutes for no extra charges. This rarely happens, but love that they have that feature (for free) Their customer service has always been excellent and I’m happy with our picture quality. We only have 1 TV. We are moving in the next couple of weeks in the same city and I can’t decide between an all-in-one Comcast service or ATT U-verse. Currently we use 3 vendors for services. The reviews above are extremely helpful. ATT just notified that they are availalbe in our new area. I’m tempted to sign up, but worried I will regret it. Friends in our new area love the ATT, again tempted. We rely on the On-Demand service quite a bit, especially with toddlers. I think I’m going to stick with Comcast for now.

    1. AT&T has less on demand programs, but more channels than Comcast. You can record the programs on the DVR and watch them later. Comcast will not allow you to watch the DVR from another room, but AT&T will. In Indianapolis, Comcast service it terrible. You were lucky where you live that you had good service with them. Moving to a different area might be different. I would try Comcast on a month to month basis. If bad, you can them try uverse because they have no contracts, it is month to month.

  40. For those who DO NOT document the problems. For those who keep paying full price for under achieving technology. You need to quit bitching and get off your backside and do something about it. It has become a game of tedium, constantly hearing this stuff and yet so many simply have no intestinal fortitude for a fight. The Corporate mantra is….give less quality for more money. If you continue to complain and never really attempt to fight, then we all pay. And will continue to do so until we die! DO YOU WANT THAT?

  41. U-verse Update:
    My first post was on June 4, 2010.

    As of today I have not had one single issue wit the service.(22 days of service as of today) I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!……….OK OK………WE LOVE IT…(wife and kids). I dont know why I waited so long to order the service. Well….after reading so many many negative reviews about u-verse I did not want to go thru all the hassle. Finally I decided to give it a try, no contracts to sign, nothing to loose. I live in Katy Texas and no one in the neighborhood that I had talked to has had any issues with the service. So this means I believe that the service of ATT U-verse has improved within the last year. So if you still not sure about ordering the service I would suggest go ahead and do it.

  42. Update. The installer came last Friday to hook up our TV, Internet, and phone. I was super impressed from the start. He called me at 8:40 AM (20 minutes BEFORE the start of his appointment) and he showed up at 8:55 AM (5 minutes early to our 9 – 11 AM window). Off to a great start. Since we are moving into a rental in Silicon Valley I had no idea what the previous cable situation was like. He ran into a few issues, needed to call in another service guy, but was definately on top of the installation situation. By 1:00 PM everything was completely set up. I didn’t have time until yesterday to play around with much of the equipment. When I ran into issues yestereday setting up my work laptop with the new at home wireless I ran into issues. I called our tech guy and he showed up at my house within 10 minutes. Again, extremely impressed. We worked together to realize I can’t be on wireless due to the way my work laptop is set up. No problem for me to be hard wired – rarely take my laptop home. In the evening I was able to turn on the TV and navigate a bit. The channel line up is completely different than Comcast – will take some getting use to, and the On Demand set up is different. I was able to quickly find what I was looking for. No frustration. Last, I was able to get a killer deal (IMHO) – ~$130/month +taxes for one year that includes Internet @ (12 mgbs), phone w/a bunch of features, 400 channels and all of the movie channels. It feels like a screaming deal to me. It hasn’t been a week, but no complaints here so far.

  43. I had U-Verse for over a year and had the best experience I had with any cable or satellite company. I was sad that when I moved my new home did not have Uverse available. The quality was great including my internet speed. My install tech was professional, considerate and actually asked my opinion regarding installation (which is unheard of with cable or satellite.) This was a great experience for me and I sit here and wait until it comes to my new location so I can get it installed again!!

  44. I have had the Att Uverse for about 2 months now and I really love the total package. I have had some probes but nothing serious and the good outweighs the problems I’ve had. I pay for my iPhones and all of uverse with one bill which I like. I have 18mb Internet and I get between 16.5 and 17.5. I am very happy with that speed. The TV service has been excellent and the HD is as good as any other service I’ve had, and I have had them all. The voice service is also good as I only use the 250 package. I use my iPhone for 90% of my calls. All in all with my personal experience, I would recommend the service to anyone. Keep up the good work ATT.

  45. Well my appointment with the U-verse tech is this Friday (7/2/10). Will update you on my experience. The reason we decided to switch is because Time Warner cable service is bad at best. We didn’t experience any problems with the telephone or internet but the TV service is terrible. TW just changed their menu and it seems like ever since then the picture freezes, audio is lost and a bunch of other things are happening with the picture quality. For just over $170/mo. I expect more from them. I live in an apartment (Austin, TX) and the manager stated that all the units are wired with cat5 fiber optic cable so there shouldn’t be any problems. We’ll see. I will update you on how the install goes.

    1. There’s no such thing as cat5 fiber optic cable. There is multimode and singlemode fiber, neither of which will be running to peoples home computers. The building is probably wired up with Cat 5 twisted pair cable, which is copper.

      1. AT&T does have a High Speed Internet service called IFITL in the Southern States which is Fiber Optic cable, and inside of the home, the customer simply connects a Cat 5 cable to a wall jack on one end and their DSL modem on the end. I worked for them in their DSL department for 2 years.

    2. Well I’ve had my U verse service since last July and I have to say that it is great!! I have no problems whatsoever. Internet is fine and the TV service is great as well. Guess it’s just luck of the draw. I live in the Austin, TX area and switched from that evil corp called Time Warner. Best decision I’ve made regarding my TV/Internet/Phone service!

  46. I can’t even begin to convey how bad our AT&T UVerse service is. The picture freezes very often – we cannot get through one TV show without at least 5 minutes of picture freeze which means you don’t see that part of the show. The internet service is just as bad – it too freezes. Of course our home phone is also tied in to the service and we have the same problem there – we never know when we are going to be without phone service. I would say that it’s “ok” because we can rely on our mobile phones but those are on AT&T too (iPhones) and that service is just as sketchy. Needless to say we will be going back to Comcast and are looking at options for cell phones. How do they stay in business?!

  47. U-verse UPDATE # 2
    Post 1: June 4, 2010
    Update 1: June 21, 2010
    Update 2: July 2, 2010

    Still not one single complaint. ATT U-verse has been a great experience. I have it since March 31, 2010 and today I received my $100.00 Visa card, According to their website it was supposed to be mailed on July 20 but I got it today. There is one more on the way, I will see when it gets here. I live in Katy TX and for the last 3 days we have had thunderstorms and heavy rain non-stop. I have not lost the signal at all, all services are working fine. We had a power outage for about 3 or 5 minutes and I thought….ok let’s see if the service continues when we get power again. Five minutes later power was back and the service was working fine, no problems at all. I really dont know why mos people here are having negative experiences with ATT U-verse. I am very happy that I made the switch to U-verse even known I had read all so many negative reviews.

  48. I’ve been an ATT customer for four or five months. The tv service is awful. For the same as I was paying Comcast I get less choice, and I have had the system require a tedious and full reset three times. Getting thru their tech support system is slow at best and it’s just not a good service. I’m thinking of trying satellite next.

  49. We have had U-verse since 2007, but it took 18 months to have a good picture. We had technicians numerous times; finally an tech over 50 years of age discovered our problem – the wiring was “thrown into our attic” and our feed was being interrupted.

    Last week my husbands tv was unwatchable. The other three tvs in our home worked fine. Would you believe it took nine telephone calls for a simple repair ? We were promised service three different days – no technician showed up; no one called to say there was a delay. But on each day when repair was scheduled, a recorded voice confirmed the appointment. So, AT&T Corporate must think that all their customers have to do is sit at home and wait for them.

    All in all, AT&T tied up my time for over 15 hours over five days. Every time I had to tread through the recordings and I was bombarded with advertisements. You AT&T customers know of what I’m speaking When I reached the agents they were very efficient on the phone but not in results. One at an off-shore site with her fake name actually lied, saying the tech would arrive in 10 minutes. Forty-eight hours later, nothing. Until I reached a wonderful agent named Shawn, to whom I had spoken two days before, nothing happened. He actually gave me a “back door” number so I wouldn’t have to listen to those disgusting recordings. He talked to Dispatch; he finally got us a good tech who fixed our problems in 15 minutes.

    Before that, it took nearly 18 months to have a senior tech discover our problem with our TV’s. AT&T were good to send out techs to try to fix our problem; however, the ones who came were very bad with their service and apparently their knowledge. Each would come into our home, look at the four tv’s, say they were going to the souce and never return. The same problems remained. But, as many of you state, the bills are never late.

    AT&T is as bad as big government. There seems to be no way to force the corporation to give truly professional service. And we are stuck. In our neighborhood they are the best we can get. But hope springs eternal.

    1. make sure to ask for a Bisci certification from the techs, it makes sure the techs have the proper knowledge to do the job correctly, its a industry standards orgranization, and they should have little cards showing the certification on them. Most of the phone techs are hillybilly trained backyard possums from arkansas who just sling wire on the outside of the house and staple it down, nothing more irks me than shoddy wiring jobs.

  50. Hi all,

    I just had the u-verse system set up in my apartment. I haven’t tried it yet because I am not done moving in, but I can say that installation was seemingly seemless. A day after I called, ATT sent a tech out to install the system; it took him about an hour and he was courteous.

    I can relate to your complaints, however, because Ive had issues with their wireless service being extremely expensive. Although I do not use them as my wireless carrier, I thought this system was a nice alternative to satellite. My comples requires a 200 dollar deposit for installing a satellite! Comcast and all the other “known” cable providers are not available in my area. Who knows maybe the service will work and I am hopeful, but If it doesnt maybe I can use the 300 dollar visa card to pay for the down payment on my satellite.

  51. I am a current AT&T customer. Up until recently I was feeling pretty loyal to them, but not now. I have DSL (in Decatur, IL), and am getting less than 1/4 of the speed that I have been paying for. I think the speed has deteriorated since I’ve had it, but didn’t always notice. But I can hardly even watch a YouTube video without it freezing up. The most recent tech said I *can’t* get the 1.5 Mbps I’ve been paying for since I live too far from the hub or what have you. Then there is the class action suit. If that ever pans out, the most a person could get is $2.90 for each month of service, which does not amount to the difference in price between the tiers of (advertised) speed. They should be so ashamed… I have a bundled bill with the internet, home phone, cell and Dish. Dish goes out EVERY TIME it rains, and if *they* have to come out, they want to charge you $100 or so. But it is the cheapest alternative for TV here. AT&T’s only competition here is Comcast, and I have not heard anything good about them, plus it’s more expensive, so I hesitate to make that switch. I agree with the previous poster who said there should be some ‘teeth’ in the laws governing false advertising, bait-and-switch, or breach of contract. I’m glad I found this blog!

  52. UPDATE # 3

    I received my second $100.00 visa card Thursday July 15. They said they would send 2 $100.00 visa cards the day I subscribed to U-verse and they did. Nothing to complain about the service after 54 days of service. No internet issues I am getting 11.55 Mgbs (I ordered 12Mgbs), TV is just EXCELLENT, nice picture, dvr works fine, U-verse on-demand is great and customer service A++. Everytime I call I get to speak to a live person and all my questions are answered to my satisfaction. If I ever get any problems with service from this day on I will come back and post it here. For now this is my last Update and like I said, I am glad I made the switch from Directv to AT-T U-verse. Thanks AT-T for such a great service. Hector. Katy, Texas.

    1. I’m debating whether or not to switch to U-verse.
      My main concern is hidden fees. They quoted a price that would save me 40-45 per month..Having been lied to in the past, (AT&T) I’m afraid of getting ripped off.
      I talked to two Reps..neither ever mentioned installation fees. I asked, at least three times per Rep, if after ‘X’ amount of tiimes if cost would increase..the first said no, the second said, in 6 months it’d go up 25.00. Then remain that price indefinately. ‘This I highly doubt.’

      Can anyone offer an estimate for U-verse..this includes phone service, internet, and cable..3 Receivers. Thanks, Toni

      1. i am a at&t rep a few things depends if available in your area and what you are looking for in your package. if you email me and tell me what your wanting i will be glad to give you a quote and set up installation for you or forward someone who can get you set up.

  53. Hey Tony,

    I pay $160.17 for TV and Internet. TV is U-verse 450 and internet is the 12Mgbs. This price includes taxes already.

    $92.00 TV 450 package
    $40.00 Internet 12Mgbs
    $17.00 Equipment fees (3 receivers; 1 DVR and 2 receivers and the wireless modem)
    $11.17 Taxes

    Do expect your first bill to be higher for 3 reasons:
    1. If service is installed in the middle of billing cycle, they will charge for the remaining days of that month plus the following month. They charge you in advance for the service.
    2. If they have to run an extra line for one of your tvs that will be another $55.00.
    3. Installation service is $29.00.

    My first bill was $279.00 for the 3 reasons mentioned above, but my other bills have been the same amount $160.17. They did tell me also that bill will go up $25.00 starting Jan. 1, 2011. Right now I am getting a promotional offer. I just have to wait and see if it is worth to pay that extra $25.00. If not, I will downgrade to Uverse 300. I am very satisfied with the service, I have not had any reason to complain at all.

    Hope this help you a little Toni, I decided to keep my landline because it is connected with home alarm system. So, you will be paying a little be more since you are planning on adding phone service.

    1. Thanks so much.
      The reason I called AT&T in the first place was to see if there was a way to lower my bill. lol. The next thing I know, the rep was explaining U-verse.
      We already have AT&T for phone, Dish and internet. We were informed Dish is longer affiliated with AT&T. Or bill is sent once a month for Dish, phone and net.
      Phone has all features, 3 way calling, Caller ID, etc, and long distance. Dish, 200+ channels..we’re one step up from basic. 3 receivers, and internet.
      Our monthly bill is 167.00.

      I talked to two reps..One Fri, one yesterday, Sat..the second rep explained hidden fees the first rep didn’ instalation..And after ‘x’ amount of time, cost increases 25.00. Since there’s no contract, they can increase anytime they feel like it.

      To be honest, this whole thing sounds fishy..the first rep gave me her private, home or cell number..She wants me to phone tomorrow morning..I don’t think employees should give customers there private phone numbers..Do you? I wouldn’t..

      They gave me a price for U-200— 138.00, this includes tax.

      The first rep didn’t reveal any reason the first bill will be higher. I didn’t think to ask..but I did ask the second rep, so she had no choice but to tell me there was an installation fee of 29.00.

      I’ve decided not to get it..I don’t care about the feature, I do care about what we pay.
      Thanks again,, and hope you enjoy this new service..Toni

      1. AT&T gives there employees cell phones for the purpose of communicating with their customers. It makes things more personal and it gives the customer a direct line to a rep if they have any problems, questions, any other help.

  54. From what I can tell if you have no issues with U-Verse when it is first installed you have a good chance at satisfactory service. If you have problems initially you may never see resolution until you cancel and switch to another company.

    The picture while things were still was very good but any time their was side to side movement the blur was blocky to the point of distraction and I am not referring to pixelation from a signal breaking up. This is just the blurred area and edges of focused image. The color also remains intact as in no defined blocks dropping to black. I was ready to live with that but they could not fix the sound randomly dropping out and that is too much to justify paying for.

    In my opinion their single biggest issue as a company is poor customer service. You must explain and answer the same questions for the same problem even the 5th time in 2 weeks you have had someone sent out. The people that show up are well versed in ways to blame your set up as the problem in hopes that you are less intelligent than they are. They will stick to it even if the problem exists with a single TV connected and playing. They rely heavily on the tests they can run. It will show everything as working perfectly while they themselves witness the problem and in my case they were never able to fix them.

    1. 5th service call today in last 10 days! Spent around three hours with tech line last night, after two other nights doing same. Repaired??? during day, then that evening same problem “FREEZING UP”. Last two techs told me it’s not within my home but outside?? Last one replaced everything from my Gateway (router), cabling, DVR everything, worked when he left but last night same old stuff. I must have spoke to six different people, asking for a different supervisor each step of the way. Looking at local cable supplier “Wave Broadband” today to return to.

  55. I have 5 tv sets (none are HD) in my home, all 5 of which I paid to have a set top box for. Now I find out that there are only 4 tv “feeds” coming into the U-verse system. Therefore, even if not recording anything on the DVR I cannot watch all 5 tv’s if I want them tuned to different channels.

    AT&T is very clear about being able to record 4 shows at once on their DVR, however, I have not seen anything in the literature or in any conversations or “chats” that I have had with sales people about being limited to only 4 different programs being viewed.

    Has anyone else had this problem? If more than 4 “streams” are used the fifth tv gets a message saying in effect “Sorry Charlie”. I consider this shoddy marketing and verging on false advertising. I never had a systemic problem like this with ComCast. Other problems, yes, but being able to watch less channels than the number of set top boxes for which I have paid, no!

    1. Record 4 channels at once! Wrong! what they don’t tell you is that you are only able to record 2 “HD” channels at a time, not 4!!!! And if you try to record another channel it wont work, you can try to record it straight (Not HD) but we always get locked out, even trying to watch something on regular TV when DVR is recording 2 programs, it won’t let us, we have to watch one of the programs that is being recorded.

  56. Hi FYI for everybody. to have a successful experience with uverse. make sure all the coax wall plates are changed, change all coax end connectors, and the main feed to the Gateway is a cat5 cable. I am a U-verse tech and I make sure I do these to critical steps. If these are not done you will have issues

  57. I have had U-Verse for about 7 months now and I have no problems at all with the TV, channels come in good and HD/DVR works great. The internet does go in and out from time to time with my wireless but its not a big deal. The technician that installed was from SD and I live in Anaheim and he was amazing. I see lots of complaints here, but then again people rarely voice their opinion when they are satisfied or happy. I am here to make sure people get a view from both sides. U-Verse is great and not to expensive. I would and do recomend it all the time.

  58. Even after reading reviews on the Internet about the problems people have had with AT&T U-verse bundle of telephone, television, and DSL Internet, we went ahead and ordered it hoping we would be one of the luck ones. We weren’t.

    We current have cable for television, and 2 phone lines with AT&T. Phone line #2 has DSL. When placing the order, we asked to keep the DSL on phone line #2, and put Direct TV on phone line #1. When offered the movie channels and something called Sunday Football Ticket, we said we did not wish to have either.

    Then the problems started. Two days later we received a call on phone line #2 to let us know that we now had Direct TV. The next day we received a phone call on phone line #1 to let us know we now had DSL. I called AT&T. Their customer service rep said that is how the order read. She did help us get it switch around. But that was not the end of the problems.

    On Saturday, the Direct TV installation person showed up on time. After looking things over, he said we would have to have the dish installed on the garage because a neighbors tree was blocking the signal. Also, a wire would need to be run from the garage across the backyard to the house. For an additional fee they would bury the cable in the ground if we didn’t want 60′ of cable laying on the ground across the backyard. Unfortunately, he did not have the right cable with him, so he would need to go back to the shop to see if he had any. A few hours later, he called to tell us he found the cable, but would not be able to do the install until the next day, Sunday.

    We sat home all day Sunday waiting for him. He never showed. Sat home Monday waiting for him. He never showed. In the mail on Monday, we received a letter from direct TV confirming our order. It included $63 a month for Sunday Football Ticket, and $44 for the movie channel. I called Direct TV.

    First, I ask why no one had shown up on Sunday to do the install, or Monday. I was told that Direct TV was waiting the hear from us. Supposedly, we were suppose to call them once we had the pole erected. POLE? She, the customer not-service person, said the order was on hold until we hired someone to erect a pole in the yard. She wanted to know if we would like to schedule an installation. Eventually, I got her to send an e-mail to the installation supervisor, and she said, you will get a phone call from the supervisor in 15 to 20 minutes. She asked what number the supervisor should call. I gave her phone line #2. That was hours ago.

    Second, I told her we did not order the football or movie channel options, and I wanted them cancelled. She said they can not be cancelled until the end of the season.

    Just got a call from Direct TV on phone line #1. They were calling to schedule the install. No, it was not the supervisor, just a scheduling person. She said they would be coming on Thursday. I told her the whole story, but she didn’t care. I asked when I was going to hear from the supervisor? She didn’t know anything about that. I asked why should I stay home on Thursday when they didn’t come on Sunday as they said. She didn’t have an answer for that. I asked why we cannot cancel services AT&T signed us up for. She doesn’t work in that department. I asked if she could put me in contact with her supervisor. “Sure!”, she said. I few moments later I am listening to the recorded message “Thank you for call DirectTV. Your call is important to us…..” Eventually, I got another customer service person. Again, I had to start all over with the story, and asked all the same questions.

    Lesson learned. When you read reviews on the Internet, and 1 in 4 is ranting away about screw-ups and not getting what they ordered, LISTEN TO THEM!

    To be continued Thursday.

  59. @Robin. I can totally relate to your frustration. I also was one of the “unlucky ones”. And one of the most frustrating aspects of my ordeal was: (1) having to stay on top of the install/repair scheduling and visits, and (2) having to explain my situation over, and over, and over… After a while I would ALWAYS request that the install or tech to call me on my cell when they are 1 hour from my job & when they are on their way. None of them had a problem with it. Secondly, when calling for service/troubleshooting, I would give a one sentence explanation of my call and ask them to review the “service notes” or whatever they call them and tell them that I would wait. Once I started doing that, things got alot better.
    I was really stuck, because I was NEVER going back to Comcast, so they had to get it right.
    Oh, before I forget. Uverse & DSL are two DIFFERENT COMPANIES according to their Accounting & billing dept. So make sure you use your Uverse Acct. number when paying anything on your service.

    Finally, like HarryD the technician says,
    “…make sure all the coax wall plates are changed, change all coax end connectors, and the main feed to the Gateway is a cat5 cable…”
    If you are having issues, this is Step #1.

    As I said when sharing my experience in metro Atlanta, everyone appeared to really try to get my service right and they did compensate me for my inconvenience. I am glad I hung in there and let them fix my line correctly. NO PROBLEMS AT ALL, since they got it right. About 3 months now. I am very satisfied with Uverse. Best of luck to you.

  60. Just found your website interesting and wanted to add my two cents. I have been with AT&T long enough to get a feel of what they are all about. They play their cards well, if they sense the competition is gaining traction, they start wild promotions which are hard to pass. I believe their focus is mainly signing up people, they will offer you anything to sign up and once you are a member……..forget about it…..there is no way you can reason with them. I recently wanted to change my U-Verse subscription (upgrade) and guess what they wanted me to pay $15 as DVR rent. Every time i tried to talk to someone at AT&T, they had a quick fix for my problem………Upgrade to a more expensive package and get the DVR free…… they put it , it is just a $13 difference. What they fail to understand is what would i pay for something that i do no want. Unfortunately FIOS does not serve our neighborhood. So i guess i am a hostage to AT& T till something better comes up.

  61. This is my review # 4

    Since I ordered att u-verse on May 31, 2010 I have not had any issues at all with services. NOT ONE. I always get to talk to a live person if I have any questions. If I call them is not because I have service problems, is because I want to know what deal they have that day, like someone mentioned here they always have deals so people sign up for the service. Anyway, I just wante dto give my input here since this website has been open only to post negative reviews aboit ATT U-Verse. So far I had read 2 or 3 positive reviews here mine included. I am sorry you guys are having bad experiences wit this service I can imagine your frustrations. This has been a great choice for me over Directv and I was their customer for almost 7 years. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!!.

  62. We have had u-verse since January and if it is not one thing it is another. First thing is that it took 4 days to install. Day one two men were in my home for more than 12 hours. They were here at 12am when my hisband returned home from work and he made them leave. Three extra days to follow with various people including supervisors. I have numorous techs out to fix various problems on you name it. Now my on-demand is not working. I know that sounds silly but in this house it is a big deal. I have talked to two people at their tech support tonight and they tell me that is will be 48-72 hours until I will be contacted about the problem. Now I hve to biggest tv package they have plus phone and internet. My interent is ok sometimes and other times it is horrible. My phone is so so. I am looking at getting out of this mess and going back to time warner. It is sad that att has let this become such an issue. Oh and btw…. My mother spent 30 years with the company and trust me if you feel like they are pushing you off they do it to the people that work or them too. Att should be ashamed of them selves.

  63. @Tim
    @Stephanie W.
    @Leslie A. B.
    I feel your pain. This is my 3rd post with Jessica ( I think), and trust me my first post for Uverse was really bad. My 2wire box keep freezing not matter what they did. And they did a lot of stuff inside and outside. I think at least 12 service calls.

    One of the more knowledgeable supervisors figured out that my phone line was “partially cut or smashed”, but not severe enough to limit my phone or dsl, but when trying to run broadband tv/net/voice, the signal dropped just enough to send the 2wire go into a search mode to find the signal. Therefore, the resulting freezing was without rhyme nor reason, and it was full of hair pulling stress! Sometimes it would work sometimes not.

    He eventually had to re-wire from the big outside box to the inside box (coming into the wall), then to the 2wire, bypassing that line. I had a 2nd phone line put in and discontinued years ago.

    *Clearly this was not a “uverse” problem, but uverse was getting the blame.
    All I can say is be patient, and respectful though your frustrations. They have compensated me fairly for my inconvenience. The only way my happy ending worked out is that I had the time to be available for those service calls, otherwise I probably would have given up long ago.
    I was never going back to comcast and version fios was not available in my area. The only choices were back to dsl and directv or try clear. I’m glad I stuck it out.
    That’s my story. Good luck to you all.

  64. I think the technology is good. I get good service but they left the cable lying across my front lawn and never came back to bury it. I have chatted and called four times. On the last two occassions I was given a date and time the crew would come to bury the cable. They did not show up. Each time they told me that there was no job listed in the system to bury the cable.
    In NY they have a law that states if a utility company does not show up for a scheduled service you get that months bill free. I live in Georgia and I wish we had such a law. It has been 7 weeks since the cable was to be buried.

  65. Worst product ever. Always freezes up. loses recordings. Don’t try calling customer service. I will get out of this contract someday. Until then… cancel all possible services one at a time. There are alternatives. Please do not make my mistake. You’ve been warned.

  66. Hello. Two or three months ago, I wrote here asking opinions from those who had ATT-U-verse.
    After much thought, I decided not to get it.

    When I first phoned AT&T with an issue that had nothing to do with U-verse, ‘trying to save money,’ all she wanted to discuss was selling the U-verse package. It’s gotten to a point I fear calling AT&T when there’s a problem. If they’re not trying to sell one thing, it’s something else. Like cell phones…I don’t go out, so the last thing I need is a cell. Cust Ser Reps are too darned pushy.

    I told the Customer Service Rep I’d think about U-verse and call back the following Monday..’if I decided I wanted it.’
    That weekend, after much thought, I made up my mind to stick with the package I have, therefore there was no reason to call her.

    Since that call, I have received daily emails and snail mail, trying to sell me this product. I have written AT&T, told them I didn’t want it, and to please take me off their mailing list.

    They screwed me twice before with their so-called new packages, don’t want it to happen a third time. One thing that irks me is, they don’t reveal the fine print..’via a phone call.’
    They make it sound like we’re saving money, but don’t mention, after ‘x’ time, the price increases.

    Ushistorygeek, you aren’t the first person who complained about this product..I know what you mean about trying to change.
    Once you agree to order U-verse, do you sign a contract? If not written, orally?

    I went through a similar issue w/the package I have now..Think it’s called See All, or something similar. I switched, ‘she said it’d save me bundles.’ After figuring out what the cost would be, I called AT&T back. 20 mins after the agreement..They wouldn’t hear of it. Said, they cannot give me that package..I said, I just talked to Customer Service, mins ago..they wouldn’t do it.
    That was a wk of hell..not only did they deny my wish, but somehow screwed up everything. I lost Caller Id, etc..the only thing I was able to do was make and receive calls..I had the whole package, Caller Id, 3 way Calling, etc..All were lost.
    I spent, 16 hours, calling AT&T..getting different answers. One woman said I didn’t pay my bill..Duh..They take money from our bank. Direct pay or whatever it’s called.
    16 hours wasted. Finally, I talked to one man, explained the story, once again..he was wonderful. Within 15 mins my service was on, including options. But I vowed, never again would I agree to a new package.
    I’m at the point of changing everything all right..Receive and make calls..Toni

  67. I currently have the uverse internet service. I pay for the 24 meg and usually get about 14. I don’t really have any problem with that. The 14 I get is the best availabe at my house that I know of.
    I had the TV for about 4 months. It had a lot of freezing up and going into jaggies problems that required resetting the uverse modem and the tv box. I had the technicians out to the house a few times. They switched out boxes and said things seemed to be fine and it did not get better. I talked to technical support on the phone about it and there appeared to me to be no upside potential for the TV so I dropped it. The ATT folks were very nice about discontinuing the service and did not try to talk me into keeping it. They did mention the possibility of switching to DirecTV.
    I think the TV service is not quite ready yet for consumer use. Unless you talk to several people in your area who have the TV and like it, I strongly recommend against the TV service.
    I had no problems with the installers or technicians. They were just guys doing their job.

  68. @ uversereviewer,

    “They did mention the possibility of switching to DirecTV.”

    You do realize that AT&T and DirecTV are in bed together, don’t you? Your phone bill will have DirecTV on it, but if there’s an error in DTV’s bill, good luck trying to get it straightened out! It’s not handled by AT&T, but DTV. AND, if you “sign up” and you have problems, or even if they can’t install because of no line-of-sight, or trees, or ____, YOU WILL STILL BE BILLED! And, they *will* ding your bank account for the DVR plus the remaining time on your “contract” — even if it was never installed! They *will* take up to $420 + immediately and it can take up to 3 to 6 months before you get your money back! What would happen to *you* if when you wrote checks and they bounced because of the above? What kind of fix would you be in???

    It’s no wonder over half the country (35 States) have filed Class Action Lawsuits against DTV for their immoral business practices. I’m just waiting for the same thing with AT&T.

  69. So… our internet speed dropped from 12mbs to 2.4mbs this week. We called the support line and they said that there was an outside issue with our service and scheduled a technician to come out today to fix it.

    The guy who showed up acted like he did not care about us nor his job and told us that we are too far away from the main line to get consistent service. He sat in his truck for 1hr and 20min before coming in and saying that he downgraded us to 6mbs and that there is simply nothing he can do about it because back in Texas that is the way they do things. I told him that we were getting 25mbs with Charter and that we downgraded to 12 so that we could have the U-Verse service but 6mbs is just not going to cut it. I told him that if they can’t fix the problem then we will have to cancel the service and he told be that would be fine, that it has happened before, and that it would not hurt the company any. He also said that the new CEO is all about the bottom line and making a sale and does not care about customer service – so they will say anything to get more money out of you. He also said that you “can’t put IP over coax”…. but Charter does…

    I called customer service again and they told me that there is an outside issue and the guy who came out today would not be able to do anything about it and they scheduled another technician for tomorrow “who can fix the problem”.

    I sure hope that the 3rd person who comes out knows what he is doing and actually delivers on the promise AT&T gave us.

  70. I need a new phone because my old phone is 2 years old and broken. I went to the AT&T store for the 4th time today for a new phone and apparently I’m not authorized to view my husband’s plan (which my phone is on). I couldn’t even buy the phone at the non-commitment price. I am so angry that this happened. I’m going back AGAIN tomorrow and hopefully the 5th time is the charm.

    1. Log in to your acct online, click “my profile”, at the bottom is a section for “authorized users-retail store” and add your name to the list. Then you wont have any problems at the store. They wont let anyone but authorized users change things because it actually protects you and your account. There are so many crooks out there that the honest people have to jump through hoops to get what they need! Hope this helps.

  71. I’m having U verse 450 installed the 29th of Dec. 2010 but after reading the reviews I’m having second throughts!! Anyone from the Atlanta area have any comments about their U verse service?

    1. Hi Walt,,I definitely would give them a try. I had a very trying experience and several service visits. Older homes, condos, or town homes like 10+years like mine had issues that was outside of Uverse (not AT&T however). The most experienced techs finally figured it out (spliced wire inside the wall- those darn contractors)
      The techs were great and though it to several trips they really wanted to help me. I have been trouble free since. Like I said in my previous posts, be polite, but persistent. Some people told me to let Uverse “work out the kinks”. Its up to you, but I’m glad I put up with the inconvenience to stay away from Comcast.

  72. Sorry y’all are having such a rough time with UVerse. We had ours installed a few months ago. Switched from Time Warner because their service was expensive and less than reliable. I love UVerse. Haven’t had a single problem yet. The TV service did freeze up once but all I did was re-boot the box and everything is fine since. Personally, I will never go back to TW and am very happy with UVerse.

  73. One word of advice – DON’T. The AT&T Uverse service for tv reception is great. I love the iPhone, and we have had excellent AT&T service in the past until we took AT&T Uverse. About Uverse, the menu is very, very difficult to maneuver, and is slow in responding. The wireless internet service is terrible; it is slow and drops connection almost every time we are on it. The technical support is not good. Although, the technicians are agreeable, the service has not improved, at all, in over two months now. Finally, I was told for $49.00 a technician could access my computer and with changes made, my service would improve. I declined. Why would I believe that promise when the initial promise of excellent service with no additional charges were not kept? We will suffer through the year’s contract, but after that, AT&T has lost a 40 year long relationship with us. We will be changing all of our technical needs to another service. We will simply have to endure for the rest of the contract period.

  74. same deal DO NOT use ATT. THE WORST. We had problems with picture freeze…they came out on several occasions to resolve the issue, replacint the box, replacing the splitter etc. Nothing worked. The part that is really upsetting is we requested an adjustment to our bill and they said they couldn’t until they fixed the problem. LOL So not only could they not fix the problem, they wouldn’t issue and adjustment. Talk about a circle jerk. To make matters worse, every time we called in, we weretalking to somebody who clearly was outside the U.S.
    Our next step was we called our local store and requested a manager. This is the only way to get issues resolved. You need to get face to face with somebody. We basically told them we’d come down there and make their lives miserable if they didn’t get the issue permantely resolved or start issuing adjustments. Stay tuned for the results…..

    There’s 2 of em:

    1) Call 877-377-0415….I actually got an english speaking person on the phone-very nice and she happily adjusted our bill and provided a credit for the TV portion. We’ll wait and see if it actually appears on the bill, but she gave her name and ID #.

    2)When you get tired of speaking with the Phillipines, the next step is to find your local ATT store and ask for the manager…..this will definitely get their attention. The last thing they want is somebody complaining loudly in their store. I suddenly had managers and techs etc. calling to come out and try to permanately resolve the issue.

    We’ll see if we do get our Credit on our Statement.

  76. Chapter 3:
    After calling our local store manager and I received calls from 2 managers later that same day. A demanded a technician arrive the following day to reolve the issue. The technician did show up and resolve the issue. I then received follow up calls from 2 managers as well as a phone call from George “from the office of the ATT President” to follow up to make sure the problem was resolved. I have his # if it is ever needed by anyone. DO NOT EVER deal with the front lines of AT&T…you’re just outsourced to India or the Phillipines….they have such little regard for you as a Customer they think they can pawn you off to some foreign coutry where they people aren’t held responsible or accountable for their tone, attitude or inability to resolve an issue.
    If I have further issues with AT&T the phone numbers and names of managers and the office of the president will be plastered all over this blog and other reviews Sites. Stuff goes wrong all the time, I understand that and quite frankly expect it. A good Company will respond to an issue and make it go away THE FIRST TIME-immediately-that’s the sign of a good company. Unfortunately AT& T does not follow this model.
    We are still due an “adjustment” on our account for the TV portion of our Bill, I will report back when our next Bill arrives.

  77. U-verse and AT&T are the worst in customer care. They are so disorganized for a communications giant. I have to call them EVERY month for one reason or another. The service is not much better with tiling, freezing, shutting off by itself and more. The internet is slow for what I pay. I DO NOT SUGGEST AT&T. BAD BAD BAD!!!

  78. We have had ATT internet and phone service for 2 + years and one day recently we received a letter from them. The letter stated that upon looking at our usage of the internet they were downgrading our speed to a lower speed to save us $10 a month and that we would not notice any difference-BS! The download speed was cut in half so I called and no one there had ever heard of such a thing. They promised to put it back to what it was immediatley, again BS! After 3 days of calls that lasted minimum of 2 hours a piece I was told my line could no longer handle that speed and to get back to 6mbs I would have to go to a U-verse package, again BS (I think).
    This experience is self explanatory, but to work at home the currrent speed is unacceptable.

    Is there anyone in Atlanta GA or more specific Cobb County maybe near Doglasville that can share their experience with U-verse? unfortunatley we tried Clear and is not any better and satelite isn’t availabe, I won’t even go into what I think about Comcast. Although my Direct TV experience has been wonderful. Any comments would be very appreciated.

  79. I’m scheduled for a UVerse installation on February 22, 2011. I live in Hamden Conn. What concerns me is, most of the reviews that I’ve read have been horrorible! I currently have Direct T.V., ATT land line telephone service, and ATT 3Mps internet. No problems at all; just looking to save a little money off of my monthly bill. REALLY having second thoughts now about switching to UVerse.
    Please offer your comments

  80. @Jim
    Hi. this is my 4th post on this website. I’m in Avondale Estates area (Dekalb county).I try to let people know that a lot (not all) of my problems were from bellsouth/other technicians, that over the years patch on top of patch for various services/lines etc. I had freeze ups, lost internet, and lost service with several technician/supervisor visits, before there finally figured out that someone in my condo building partial cut the phone wiring between the building terminal and my unit. This caused certain levels of intermittent line “noise” that was very difficult to reproduce and diagnose.
    Although I was thoroughly frustrated with the inconvenience, CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS EXCELLENT! They called and followed up, as well as professional and sympathetic to my situation. It took several weeks for them to find the cause, but in all honesty, Uverse was not the problem. My advice, is (1) that you consider how old your lines are, (2) can you make the time for the service calls if there is a problem. For me, I didn’t have a choice. I WAS NEVER GOING BACK TO COMCAST! I haven’t looked back. 7+ months with NO PROBLEMS since they fixed my line. They definitely compensated my for my inconvenience and lost service. If the posts go back to Jan-March 2010, you can read them.

    I would definitely give them a try. I have tv/net/phone. Be sure to get the $400 in rebates like I did. Just get it in as soon as possible. Again look at how many others in your neighborhood have it, and how old your lines are, and the mostly, if you have a reasonable amount of time & patience if there are problems. With me I really had no choice, Comcast was dead to me, but the Uverse c/s & techs really worked their butts off to get me up and running, so I am thankful to Uverse. Just be patience and nice when dealing with Uverse. They came through for me.

    I feel your pain. Their “system” has a lot to be desired. I hated to have to EXPLAIN my problem to at least 2 c/s reps over and over before the check their notes. Sounds like my experience to the tee. All I can say is that if you don’t have the time for the techs to get to the bottom your problem, go some with another company.
    (although you may have problems with others as well)

    I vaguely remember though my ordeal that one c/s rep warned me get compensated more or less when the problem is resolved completely, because its more difficult if you get it back to back. They did do thing like reduce a portion of bill and a very generous extras for my inconvenience.

    TO ALL:
    Good luck. Trust me AT&T is not the worse. I think they probably lost money on my problem because it took a lot of resource to fix. I am glad I hung in there.

    1. Lynn B,

      I’m glad to hear that a DeKalb county resident has had a decent experience with AT&T U-verse. We live off of Frazier Road and we are in the process of dropping Clear because streaming Netflix has become a chore with frequent reloading issues. So… looking at signing up for the 12 Mbps internet U-verse plan only. (I’ve had Directv for 13 years and they treat me well so TV is okay) I’ve been assured that the Max plan will run about $45 plus tax. They want to charge $100 for the gateway (I wish they would waive that fee) and then I will probably opt for the self installation kit to save $150. I have researched U-Verse and I gather that they have the fiber optic line buried along the sides of certain roads and then they use the cable lines to get to your house? Or do they bury the line to your house? A concern I have is that our house is about 200-300 feet from the road. I’ve spoke to several of their Customer Service and they say we can get U-Verse. No one around us has U-Verse. Comcast seems to rule around here but I don’t see paying $70 plus just for internet. Any more pointers to offer? I have time during the day to make sure they do the job right …if I know what right is! :)

  81. Thinking of switching from terrible Time Warner service to U-verse but having second thoughts. Has anyone had expereience with them in the austin/san antonio area?

    1. Yes, I have. I live in South Austin. I made the switch from TWC back in July of last year. Best decision I’ve made. I haven’t had any problems so far. Internet speed is fast. My TV service does not freeze or go out and our phone/land line is clear. We did have an issue a couple of weeks after the service was installed. TV just went dead. I called customer service (very polite and in the US). They had a repair man come out a couple of hours later. He was very knowledgeable and determined that we had a faulty gateway (modem). Honesty, I think that may have been my fault since the day we had the service installed I accidentally dropped the modem and it sounded like something came loose inside. Anyway, he replaced the modem with a new one and we had TV service back in minutes. Very nice guy by the way. I’d go for it. TWC is a nightmare when compared to U verse. The only thing I would complain about is that when you record two shows in HD you either have to watch a non-HD channel or whatever is recording/recorded. We have one DVR and two receivers. I love the fact that you can watch a recorded show in one room, then move to another and continue watching the show where you left off. I hope this helps you. Cheers!

  82. @Mark
    lol. Yeah I sometimes wonder what “right” is myself. You got to give it a try. You really don’t have a lot to lose. None of these companies (Uverse, Comcast, etc.) are totally hassle free.

    I don’t recall paying anything for the “gateway”? I have a 2wire box that feeds to (2)tv boxes/dvrs, telephone & 2 desktop/2laptop computers. I don’t believe I paid anything for it. I got service when they had really good rebates ($400 in total). I did neflix streaming for a while w/o any problems if I gave it a minute to buffer. (i do miss directv with its better remote/dvr) 12mbps is okay for me 98% of the time although that cable speed is the one thing about cable that I miss. I have been hearing horror stories about comcast throttling down high bandwidth users however.

    As with any of these companies (Uverse included), keep an eagle eye on your bill. They most likely will have you on 2-3 different discounts to suck you in, and as they expire in 3-6-12 months, they are very nonchalant about the increase in your bill until you will have to threaten to leave them ( and mean it!).

    I am sorry to hear about Clear. I was really looking hard at Clear and going back to Directv. I REALLY didn’t want to go down to 3-6mbps. Retentions worked it out.

    Also, I don’t know about the fiber optic marketing. When I was having a lot of trouble, some posts questioned the fiber optics in the street back to the cooper wiring (in your house) logic.

    My advise is to go for it. It may be a good thing that not many have it in your area. Just mentally prepare yourself for a few service calls if they need to do some minor (or major) tweets, so try to getting EVERYTHING working right the first time in terms of phone/net/tv. All in all, I think I am paying maybe $10 more than I want, but I can live with that (and I’m really cheap).

    1. Lynn B,

      Yeah, no rebates for me if I sign up for internet only. Believe me, I tried. The AT&T store rep is emailing his manager to see if they can take the gateway/install fee off my bill, if I decide to go for it.

      I think Clear is okay if you want to surf the web and check email. We love to stream movies and it is really not built well for that purpose. I do not recommend the Clear Volp phone service, however, so just throwing that out there. Directv has always been fair and has given me incentives to stay with them over the years.

      AT&T U-verse- I don’t feel like the company explains their services very well. They need to tell how it works and the exact cost per month (tax and fees included). I’ve spent alot of time looking at their website, reading reviews and going to to two of their stores in search of a brochure (did not locate one) They do send out fliers but that is about it. I think their marketing department could use some help.

      Decisions, decisions…

      Thanks for your suggestions.

    2. Lynn B,

      I went to the AT&T store today and ordered the internet package. I’ll give those guys credit- they tried several different ways to get me as many discounts as possible, but since I was getting only one service, all they could offer was a $50 gift card. (If I had ordered online, I don’t think that $50 card was an option) So next Tuesday the tech will come and set up all of the outside connections. As for the inside work-I picked the self -install option to save $149. Hopefully I won’t regret that decision.

      It looks to me like the tech guy will have to run a dsl line into the house but that part is unclear. I had dsl with a company in NC and regular phone line would not work. I hope I get new line so that there won’t be a decrease in signal strength.

      I had ALL of the charges explained and printed out for me. Once the residential gateway and install fee are paid, then my monthly bill should stay about the same. If I have any problems, I’ll be heading back to the store. And since there is no contract and no termination fees- seems worth a shot.

      I’ll let you (and others) know how it all pans out!

      1. Well it has been about a month and the internet service has been fantastic. The first tech ran new cat-5 cable and even came into the house to make sure all was setup right. (Generally the outside line guys do not come in the house.) He was a great technician- very professional. After my self-install kit arrived in the mail, I set everything up as instructed -but no go. I called customer service the next day and they promised to send someone out asap. Well, after waiting four hours, I called back and they told me that my service order had been cancelled for some strange reason. So they sent a guy out for the afternoon. He arrived right on time and he replaced the internet gateway and then he had to call back to the office to up the speed because it wasn’t getting enough bandwidth. Once they did that- it worked. The tech said they would charge me $75 for the service call but they might take it off my account if I called. I called customer service and explained that it wasn’t my fault that the internet wasn’t working- it was a problem on their end. They took the $75 charge off my account.
        So far, so good…

  83. I can not take the time to go into all the details, but the service from U-verse dept. is deploreable. They do not do what they tell you they will, and tell you what you want to hear instead of what is true.

    After waiting 2 weeks from the inital install date — with NO telephone — I called and canceled the contract. I had to pay $50 to comcast to get my phone number ported back, after at&t ported it over and then was not able to get it to work. I was never connected to TV, internet, or phone — even after allowing them 2 weeks to solve THIER problems.

    I will NEVER deal with at&t again. NEVER !!!!!!

    I would sugest that you use caution if you decide to imstall U-verse, don’t get left hanging in the wind by them.

    1. I moved to a location that didn’t have dsl so I had to switch to u-verse. I ordered it 3 weeks ago and now I still have no phone and no internet. I have been on the phone with them 5 times for at least 2 hours each time. Each time I was transferred 3 times at least. Everyone lied to me. They mis-shipped the modem the first time and they kept claiming they were re-shipping but each new phone call they tell me it was NOT ever re-shipped. Then they simply canceled my order on me without telling me. I am gonna cancel all services I have with them. I LOATHE at&t!!

  84. @Steve
    Sorry to hear about that. After following this tread for a while, I have come to the conclusion that Uverse (like many of these media company experiences) are YMMV. I’ve had serious issues with my connection/line, but not so much from the techs that have come out (other than them having to bump me up to a higher level tech). 2 weeks for installation seems a little long for me as well. It may help if you tell us what area/city you’re from.

    When Uverse works, it WORKS GREAT!… When it doesn’t, IT ABSOLUTELY SUCKS! Its all or none baby…all or none!
    I wish you had the time to work your way up the food chain, but I certainly understand. Like I’ve said before, make sure you have some time and patience (lots of patience) if they can’t get it right first off. My problem was wiring related (not Uverse related) and it took them a while to figure it out.

    Remember, AT&T traditional services and Uverse are literally two different companies. Best of luck to you.

    You know, it seems like the deals/rebate are on some cyclical rotation throughout the year and you have to be lucky enough to catch them at the right time, but I do remember them being real funky if you didn’t get their “package” as far as deals. lol

    I HATE when they can’t quote you how much your bill will be in total with taxes & fees.

    You won’t regret the self install, because its pretty straight forward, as long as the outside is good. If not, they are going to come in your house and check it again. Just call tech support and have them walk you through internet set up with MAC addresses, etc. The simple stuff they do great, but … (you know what i keep saying…)

    I am still interested in Clear because I need a high speed mobile access for my laptop, and AT&T/Verizon/Sprint’s plans cost just as much if not more than Clear. Btw, did you buy or rent your Clear equipment?

    Let us know how it goes. Keeping my fingers crossed.

    1. Lynn,

      We have Clear for our home internet and home phone. I can’t comment on their mobile internet products. I rented the internet modem and I bought the home phone adapter. Wish I knew more about mobile services but I just have a basic Verizon cell phone.


    2. Well, The AT&T service tech came to the house Tuesday and he did a great job of getting everything outside ready for U-verse internet. He rewired one of my two interface boxes, replaced the other one, and then he ran a new cat5 cable into a nonworking phone jack where I wanted to set up the internet gateway. Everything checked out okay- plenty of signal. I was pleased. The self-install kit says to install after 8:00 pm. The wait begins.
      So… at 8:01 pm Tuesday night, I tried to start the service. Redlights flashed- no connection. After several attempts, I finally gave up and decided to try again in the morning.
      Wednesday morning, same thing happens, so I call tech support at 9:00 am. They promise to send a tech out before noon. I’m thinking that is GREAT but feeling a little skeptical. News flash- No tech shows ! So I call again and I find out that for some strange reason my appointment was cancelled four minutes after it had been placed. So I waited around for nothing. Luckily I had been advised by Lynn to expect delays and frustration with this process.
      The new appointment was 4:00 and the guy was prompt. He did say they would have to charge $75 for a repair call but I might be able to have them waive it since they promised a freebie. So he switched out the residential gateway and had at&t remotely crank up some more speed to my location. It works! Movies from Netflix stream well now. I called customer service and they promised to take off the $75 charge.

  85. in the process of waiting for this service Feb 17 I have read alot of stories, most not good. UMMMMMM someone in florida (south) have a opinion?

  86. ATT misquoted prices to me. I signed up for $58/ month internet + phone and so far after 2 months have $100. for a modem + $140 for service + raised service fees of $3.50 / mo on phones. Their scam is to give you the amount of your phone bill without internet then add the internet on top. All the time making it sound lik $58 but in reality with taxes etc: $81. Buyers beware. We had a commercial account with ATT last year and the router had to continuously be put in the freezer to cool it!!!! Customer service would come out but someone had to wait all day without a time. That account was over a hundred dollars a month and never worked correctly. The account automatically renews itself so even after the year committment they want to charge a cancellation fee. Is anyone else out there tired of corporate scamming? I am old enough to remember a time when businesses were honest and provided a fair service for a fair price.

  87. I have been an AT&T customer since 1974, and have used their telephone, cell phone, DSL and U-verse products. Over the years, they have not been perfect, but I have discovered if you ask to speak to customer service IN THE UNITED STATES – NOT an overseas operator, they have the best customer service around. I have had many of the same issues that I have read here and EVERY TIME I have connected with a customer service representative here in the US, the problem has been resolved and they have compensated me for my inconvenience. Every time I have been given incorrect information or had some type of billing, solicitation or technical problem, the customer service people have been concerned and competant in resolving the problem. Now, I just ask, at the beginning of the call, if I am speaking to someone in the USA, and if not, I ask to be transferred. Problem solved!

  88. I am a new U-verse customer. When i put my desktop (wired) computer to sleep I almost always lose my internet connection. I tried to use the on-line chat to get some technical help. The service was terrible. I was dropped twice and, when I was chatting, the person (overseas by the name) was very very slow to reply back each time. I imagine she was consulting a manual or some other online help system. In the end she told me it wasn’t their problem and to consult my computer manufacturer. However, I see that others are having the same problem and I didn’t have this problem with Comcast, so I reject her answer. Other than that problem, which rebooting corrects, I have been happy with U-verse tv, telephone, and internet.

  89. Installed U-verse today. So far so good. Everything works well, telephone is much clearer than Time Warner. Internet is pretty much the same even though it is suppose to be a little faster. But, the big difference is that my TV hasn’t had had any tiling and has very little ghosting. The only issue was that my wireless N router wouldn’t connect, so I am using their router which had been disabled. That will be something I will look into later. All in all it works and works well.

  90. AT&T Uverse is the worst installation scheduling and contracting I have every experienced. My entire condo development ONLY has UVerse. It is a newer one that never had anything else “approved” to be in there. I placed the order 2 weeks ago, only to have my order cancelled because “It isn’t available at your location”. It is in the wall 8 feet from me. So I call the local person. She calls her Analyst and then he calls back, puts an entirely new order in on my behalf, is very apololgetic and asks when he can send a person out. I already took a day off to be there for this. So we say come today. They said will be there at 9am!. It is now 5pm, no call, no show. I have called the Analyst and the Account manager each hour on the hour and have gotten no call back. Thank god my phone is Verizon. I have no choice though, I have to wait for these idiots. Awful. Stay away.

  91. Uverse is a bait and switch operation just like every other At&t service. If you just installed you are in for a huge disappointment. trust me if you signed on because of a so called gift card write it off you will never see it…they will bounce you around from one department to the other saying well I cant help you with that its not my department…..and count on an increase within 2 months with some excuse that they are raising your rates then of course you have all these fees that seem to appear out of no where….seriously air tax??? Uverse sucks!!!! I really regret ever switching and the service is not all its cracked up to be. My review hate it worst buying decision of my life -Tanya

  92. Its download speeds up to 18mbps, not the full 18mbps. I understand your situation because i called customer service and that’s what they told me. i have Uverse 12mbps and i get around 10mbps.

  93. Stay away from AT&T – I switched to ATT U-verse from Comcast and regret it.

    1. Internet connection is slow – they can claim all they want that it’s faster but it’s slower.

    2. Classic ATT bait and switch – there should be a class action lawyer willing to take this up. Sales person claims free installation; bill comes; $60 upcharge. If you call they’ll offer you a promotional discount but won’t take the $60 off your bill.

    And, the monthly service quoted price was $130 the bill comes in at $137. You have to call to argue for them to honor their contract.

    3. The install took 8 hours and I was helping the tech with the wireless connectivity.

  94. If you’re considering U-verse, see your psychiatrist first…because if you don’t, you’ll need him or her after AT&T royally screws up the installation. They turned off my phone service (could never find out why), offered to reinstate it in 5 days but under different phone numbers (after 23 years of the same number, also from AT&T), spent 22 hours at my house so far without having completed the installation. I kept what is now a 6 page diary of their mis-steps and errors, which I’ll be happy to share with anyone contemplating switching to U-verse.

    1. They took 5 full eight hour days to finally get ours installed and we have had nothing but problems,  The only thing I like is showtime is part of my package.  

  95. Uverse has the best product out there by far. Saying that everyhting else about uverse is horrible. They will go above and beyond to piss you off and charge you for every hidden fee there could possibly be. My bill flucuated from the $80 a month I signed up for to $160 a month after they signed me up for free subscriptions I didnt ask for. Then after bitching it came back down to $75 a month or so I thought. Within two months my price jumped up to $104 without warning or any changes in service. The best part of it all is that my average phone wait time is over 45 minutes and it took them 3 weeks, with 3 installs to finally get it working. Again great product horrible service. Not worth it.

  96. I was a comcast/Xfinity forever but got talked into getting Uverse when I was upgrading my Iphone, Uverse worked great for a few days then the problems began and is still ongoing.
    Internet is slower than Molasses, then the internet modem locked me out because I was uploading I guess too many photo’s and it claimed I exceeded the bandwidth, i’m getting UNLIMITED INTERNET right?, they control how much you use at any given time, and if 2 computers are on in the same house at the same time it is even slower.
    My thoughts are, they can keep it, I am going back to comcast/xfinity. Don’t make a costly mistake like I did.

  97. We have had ATT U Verse here in San Diego, CA., for about 2 – 3 years. Nothing but continual problems
    and a continual “song and dance” from all their technicians. Over time, some 15 or so of their field technicians have paraded thorugh our home. All of them told me they tried to fix, repair or replace one thing or another.

    I am thinking about taking legal action. Taking money from consumers and not providing the contracted service is Consumer Fraud in California.

    1. I also just had ATT U Verse in ct. And i am very unhappy with nothing but phone calls technician here all the time and a bill that’s a car payment. Trying to get out of contract with attorney help. L.W. NORTH HAVEN, CT.

  98. I know dealing with you TV provider can be time consuming at times and I’m sorry to hear about the hassle you went through with Time Warner. I wanted to shine some light on DISH Network who I subscribe to. I get the lowest all-digital prices in the industry. Not to mention I get over 200 national HD channels which is the most in the industry. As a DISH employee I can tell you that DISH is rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction among all cable and satellite TV providers. You should check out for more info.

  99. Your data speed could be affected by the inherent design of the whole DSL process. At peak hours, DSL suffers from a choke at the switch. DSL is also affected by the distance from your DSLAM switch. The further your house is, the slower your speed. The main factor is peak time. If everyone in your neighbor hood happens to get on the internet at once using DSL, it will be significantly slower. I too was once a service tech. I hated having to use the customer’s facilities and would make an excuse to leave the property to use a toilet but, once in awhile, when you gotta go – you gotta go.

    1. Two things, I switched to uverse from cable because cable was affected most
      of all by neighbor’s usage.

      More importantly everyone I speak to at AT&T assures me that my experience
      was abberant and their technicians have been instructed to never use a
      customer’s restroom, but instead to drive to a local gas station or other
      place where they have public facilities.




  102. wish we would have read reviews prior to getting the uverse!! We just had installed today! and we HATE it! We come from dish network where we can pause live tv on all of our tv’s and we had 300 recording hours! We found out AFTER the fact we have only about 160 for 4 TV’s yeah not going to happen and also you can’t pause live tv in any other room jus on the main box! where are these people at in the 90’s?? pausing live tv is the thing these days especially with the hectiv live styles people have now a days! needless to say im calling first thing in the morning to cancel and have dish come back out and reinstall their device! We have never had a problem with dish for the last 5 years we thought since we had att internet might as well try the TV well never again will we switch away from dish network!!!

    1. I came from Directv and I really want them back.  My bill has gone up after just 3 months, and the remotes are awful!!!!  You can only have 4 things going at once. If you are watching 4 TV’s at once you can not tape anything.  I still have not received the rebates that were promised for signing up and I get hung up on EVERY time I call to inquire about the rebate or any question.  I HATE UVERSE!!!!!!   

      1. I also came from Directv and also whant them back. The picure on uverse is realy bad comperd to DTV. I whanted to bundle and try to save money BAD mistake neglecting to inform all charges and not sending a bill to my home for two months and all of a sudden get a notice from them…Stick to DTV YOU WILL GET A BETTER PICTURE THAN UVERSE hands down and I am a installation tech and tell let customers kow about uverse DON”T GET UVERSE 

      2. You are watching four TVs at once AND are trying to record MORE TV? Either you need a life or your family needs to stop watching so much damn TV.

  103. Cable is still the best way to go, just don’t let them not get it right.
    I had bad cable, went to ATT, got really aggrivated with them, went back to Cable, abd told them I want it right, or I will not pay. Thet took a few weeks to fix the services in my home, outside, etc., and credited me for the whole time, but now, i have great reliable extremely fast service. Cable smokes phone when you make them get it right.

  104. 4/27/11 TOTALLY AGREE! HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE. I lost my husband in November and wanted to bundle to save $60 month. I scheduled it for 2/7/11 and they messed up the appointment. Rescheduled it the very next morning and messed that one up too. Decided to cancel.
    Two months later now and i stupidly decide to give them another try. Came out installed, fine, 2 days later no TV service. Call for a technician and it takes 3 days wait for the appointment. NO SHOW! NO CALL! Call all night until 10:00 pm and no one will help you at all. Another 3 days technician wait. I am cancelling and going with my Satelite service. Not happy about it because it’s very expensive but i have no choice. Cannot even switch receivers back because there has to be a switch made at the transformer so even though i technically did not cancel my satellite service, i cannot get back to it unless a technician comes out from either AT&T or my satellie service. Just screwed!

  105. I’m in south Austin. My biggest concern is unreliable u-verse home phone service. Is there a chance that I may have to go without phone service for a few days because of connection problems? My traditional at&t phone service has worked beautifully for years although I have spent hours on the phone with customer service on billing problems that they kept promising to but not fixing.

    I’ve spent the last hour reading comments because I had scheduled an appointment to switch from traditional at&t to u-verse. Internet is slow but reliable. After reading just a few of your reviews I canceled because I have had enough bad experiences in the past. The day before one of my appointments I actually watched a tech walk up to a neighbor’s door, without knocking he hanged a tag on the door that said “called while you were out.” The next day I left my front door open to watch and worked in my living-room in case the tech tried that with me. After waiting two hours past my appointment I called and was told that the tech came by at the appointed time but I didn’t answer the door. I never left my front door for so much as a sip of water. This was years ago and I haven’t read anything here that makes me believe things are any better. In the 20 years that I have had services connected or changed I have never had an at&t tech that showed up for the original appointment… not once! The posts on this site say that I must expect difficulties and that the $65./mo that they quoted is not what my bill will actually be. Right now I’m paying about $100. Why should I go through a lot of hassle if the bill will be about the same or possibly more? I was also promised rebate as a $100. gift card. Any chance that would actually come? Is it worth the trouble? If it is I might pay my daughter to hang out here and wait for techs during the summer when school is out.

  106. damn! I’m pretty glad I came across this page…. was a phone call away from ordering UVerse. But Time Warner has been the most awful experience ever….. In the past 12 days I’ve had four technicians at the house, and 7hrs on the phone with customer service and tier 3 techs. But AT&T are the only options in my neighborhood. it’s a total crock. When is verizon fios going to make it’s way to Hollywood. You know Hollywood right? that epicenter on the entertainment business…..? where the highest percentage of actors, managers, agents, musicians, and producers live on the planet….? you would have thought there would be more than just two shitty options of internet in the area…..

  107.  okay, you spoke nothing of the TV or phone they are offering in U-Verse, also. I would like a full review.. not a 1/3 review

  108. I must disagree with all of you, I live in the Bay Area and have had UVerse for over a year.  I have never had any problems with my phone, internet or TV.  We had Xfinity before it and it was horrible.  I can pause live TV, and have more that 160 hours of recording time.  My internet is consistent and have never been disconnected from the internet, nor every had telephone issues.  I guess I am lucky, but I recommend UVerse to everyone and have never heard any bad comments about it till I came upon this site. 

    1. Yes, Cheri.  You’re very lucky.  I have been an AT&T fan for years and I have never been so disappointed with them.  I just called to cancel my service and she transferred me to support without staying on the line to help me or asking.  That’s where I stand right now….


    1. Two months with at&t uverse, FIVE! COUNT THEM, FIVE FALSE ALARMS BETWEEN THE TIMES OF 1AM AND 4AM  and ATT&T and ADT are playing the blame game. I, my child and dog are nervous wrecks! The only thing I know I had no problems with systems failures and having the alarms blaring in the middle of night with comcast!  Yeah, buyer beware and the package deal looks good but the service sucks.

  110. I am currently on the phone with AT&T right now.  I got u-verse the end of March and have had nothing mut problem after problem with my TV and DVR.  It will skip over part of the program.  Then I finally got a person to come out and they “fixed” that issue, telling me they gave me a bad modem.  All worked well until now.  Now, I have no phone service at all.  I have no dial tone, can’t make a call out.  I can’t even get an incoming call.  I never had this problem with COX.  Why did I make the change?  I am done!

    1. I spoke to 4 different representative to try and fix the issues I have been having with u-verse.  After spending about an hour each time with the rep doing everything I was asked, I was asked to hold and then call was disconnected.  Apparently, if they can’t fix it, they hang up on you and you have to call again.  I still have no phone service.  My internet is slowing down so much.  And my DVR issue is back.  It’s so frustrating.  I called COX and they are setting me back up with service tomorrow morning.  And it’s less expensive.  Now that’s service.  Goodbye AT&T!

  111. Att Internet advertising 3mb download. but upload is nearly 200kb. Bandwidth and Quality of Service (QS) for the net connection is very low. Customer service is very bad. I am calling every month to correct billing mistake and they are repeating same mistake next month. If I get Florida Lotto, I will use that money to hire Attorney for Suing ATT for my time, stupid service and bad experience.

  112. I”m sorry I left comcast for ATT.Comcast billing was no bargain but at least I would get cable TV without freeze ups and going out completely. Im sitting here looking at an orange screen with ATT U-Verse on it . How entertaining….I might take up reading…

  113. “” U-Verse
    SUCKS!!!!!!!!!! why put u-verse online if you need a TV card!! that’s
    like having a burger but your mouth can’t open to eat it!! thanks AT&T
    for fucking something else up!! what do you need a dictionary to know
    what online mean!! let me quote a site for you “YouTube, Vevo” need i
    say more or the moron who put that on the website need help explaining
    this concept too??

  114. I agree with all.  I just wish I would have read these reviews before I switched from Charter Cable triple pack to U-Verse Triple Pack.  One more thing that really frustrates me is when your service is out, and you have to listen over and over about reporting your problem on line.  Gee I’d love to except I have no internet service!!!!

    Who ever their director of customer service is needs to go back to school.

  115. Jessica

    Your really coming off as a prima donna here (in a sweet way). Your a defenseless woman with a strong opinion. You rant here but are ranting to the wrong people.

    Practice after me…

    “No you can not put a hole there put i this way..”  Use explicatives as necessary
    “No you can not drop a load you fat pig.”
    “My internet net has slowed down and I suspect a corporate conspiracy you corporate drone!”

    In fact interest at 12 MBPS is push what is possible curbside. I run 2 HD streams and Ipad with no issue as a test.  That is not 12 MBPS so I suspect you should just downgrade. It’s the best out right now in my area as well and I like it.


  117.  I
    wanted to make sure that I could get the best TV and not have to pay way too
    much for it.  I’ll be going back to
    school in Louisiana
    in January and I’ll be living on my own so until I get in the swing of things I
    need to keep my costs low.  I currently
    have DISH Network through my employee account at my mother’s house and I don’t have
    any issues, but research never hurts.  I
    came across this site that outlines the major companies, including AT&T
    U-Verse from the prices to customer service and I’ve decided to keep DISH
    because I’ll keep my costs low and still have all of my premiums and my other

  118. Where have you been for the lat few decades woman?  No cable man shows up on time.  They could care less about your time.  It’s the same for all companies like that.

    And you never get the speed you pay for.  Its just a number they like to advertise.  This has been common knowledge for years.

    I suggest you get off you booty and watch them install the modem properly.  They are not master craftsmen.  You come off as a major victim. 

  119. Just got my bill from AT&T, it was $56 higher than usual.  I called and after waiting the normal long time, got through to a rep.   I was told that I had a serviceman out due to my television screen freezing up(which I did, would freeze for 15 seconds or so) and that the $56 was for the service call.   I was never told of a charge and assumed that when something was wrong they would repair, especially at the $199 a month that I was paying(tv, internet, telephone).  After becoming very angry I was told they would reverse it, but if  a serviceman was needed again, it would be a service charge.   P.S.   I am sick and tired of getting a ten minute “survey” it seems like every week.  Maybe I  should charge them for my time..

    1. I have only had uverse for 1-month and my 2nd month bill is just as incorrect as the 1st one. They charged me $30 more. I hope I don’t have to continue to call every month for a correction!. Also after reading the comments on this site, I’m considering calling DirecTV to “beg” them to take me back. 

  120. Jessica, thanks for this comment site! Unfortunately, I wish I had read it before changing to Uverse. My phone has not worked correctly since uverse was installed. Now when I called to report this problem for the for the 4th time, I was told they are going to charge me to come out and check the wiring they installed. As of today, I plan to convert back to my old plan a landline from ATT and Directv, which worked perfect.

  121. I have had u verse for about 2 years, switched from Comcast. The install took more then 8 hours and they had to finish everything the next day – about another 8 hours. I had many problems but decided that with the low rates and discounts they were offering me to hang in. Long story short – U verse changed all the outside lines from my house all the way to the end of my block but I still had picture problems and very slow remote control issues, internet and phone worked fine. well they changed all my boxes, Gateway and DVR several times over a 8 month period but the same problems kept occurring, then the techs told me my inside lines were bad! it worked fine with Comcast! I decided to check on-line and found that others had the same problem and the SOLUTION is to turn off the power saving setting on my LED TV, I did this and WOW, no more problems, remote works very fast and all the time, picture never freezes and has great HD pic. I love all the features u verse has, I have the 450 package. I guess U Verse dose not know that the RF signal? from the power save setting’s on the LCD or LED TV’s can screw things up!!! But I love my U Verse and will never switch back to Comcast or Direct TV.

  122. I had the same trouble with installation. I set a date, the installer didn’t show up and didn’t even call. I called customer service and the soonest that they could reschedule me fore was 3 weeks away!. For the inconvenience, they gave me waived my first month’s bill. Aside from that, I didn’t have any other problems. My service was very good. The internet speed was constant at about 13Mbps. I was paying for the 18 meg but I know from working in a call center that max speeds kick in when needed for large downloads, so I didn’t have a problem with the constant speed of 13Mbps. The only other thing was that when my promotion ended 6 months after install and I called customer service to get another deal, I had to go to the lengths of almost canceling before they finally gave me another promotion. They could definitely work on the communication between their call centers but the service (and that DVR) I loved.

  123. i would agree. I have had a horrible experience. The biggest difference was the tech guys were very nice. The last one was one of the best. too bad they can’t clone him. I was offered 6mgb upload. seemed kind of unreal to me. and it would be the same price i was paying now in a year and about $10 less for this first year. they disconnected my current dsl from at&t which turns out to be a vastly differnt compay from “Uverse” or so it would seem since it took them almost 24 hours to figure out how to reinstall (flip a switch somewhere i suspect) my old dsl. all in all i was passed off to 14 different people. One person, in San Fransisco (i live in the central valley in CA) had the audacity to ask me to go to the At&T website to give her a very favorable review for doing nothing except passing me off to person #12 i believe it was. I told her absolutely not since she did nothing except pass me off. she replied quite irritated that yes, she had indeed done something: she had identified the problem. I told her the hell she did, i told her what the problem was. after i told her no way in not so nice terms she had the nerve to again instruct me on how to give her a positive eval. they finally got me reconnected while i was at the local pharmacy to pick up my roommates meds and the woman who called and asked me to check if my connection was back was upset because i was not home at that moment.
    then today the bill summary thing arrives in the mail. it says my expected price for all of this will most likely be almost $400. and the regular charge for the dsl “elite” is over $40. not the approx. $30 we pay now. so my bill will not go back to the rate we pay now but will go up more than $10. and no one said there would be a $4 a month rental fee on the crappy router. i already have a router. It is not “n” compatible but it worked just fine. and if i continue to pay the $4 i will have bought more than several of these over the next year. My roommate and i are on social security. We do not need these kind of additional charges that were not disclosed. I called about this bill which turns out to not be a bill but a proposed bill. it is very confusing. the woman i spoke with was nice enough (after the first person, male, supposedly was transferring me to a supervisor and in fact he transferred me to someone who was not available). on my second phone call after the dsl was first shut off in error one person who answered my phone call realized right away this was a big problem call and disconnected me from him and put me back in the waiting line up.
    i am so sick of this company if there were another dsl provider in this area i would jump ship right now. Unfortunately i live in a small town and not close to any major town. so clearwire and all others are not available. it is the same with cell service. Sprint wiped out our entire town’s coverage when they adjusted their towers or something. So at&t is about the only reliable choice of two choices total. The person i spoke with today could find no mention of all of these things except the activation fee being waved and the 19.95 itnroductory price. I told her i would refuse to pay this bill if it turns out to be the real bill. but now i have to wait until mid–august to see if i was lied to yet again. I think AT&T has no idea how to fix what they mess up and some employees actually try to help but a lot of them just lie.

  124. Having a similar experience. Though the techs that came out were nice, the computer is not only slow but freezes or I have a disconnect.  My phone shuts off in the middle of a conversation. Everyday we get our TV to freeze and looses connection…at least several times.  Techs came out changed all the equipment and gave us a booster.  after a few days all three went back to the same problems and worse.  Tech came out again and told us it was the card in their box outside.  A neighbor of ours who had uverse also and on the same box as ours cancelled because of the same problem.  Told us Uvers refused to fix the problem.

  125. I HATE ATT!  My service is actually quite good, but I cannot stand dealing with their company.  I’m preparing to call them now to deal with a billing problem (another huge price hike) and I’m practically seething just thinking about the hours I’ll be on hold waiting to talk to someone who’ll say they can’t help me.  And their motto is “Rethink Possible?”

  126. What is it with AT&T? They were a monopoly and somehow behave As if people still had no choice.
    I bought a new cell phone and the lovely sales girl signed me up for a uverse package, a swap with time Warner cable (Texas). The guy called 15 minutes before he showed, and sounded short, snappy and in a hurry. As he looked around the hose for the router connection and three TV’s he said he did not move furniture. Since the areas he needed to work required it. I told him to forget the install. I don’t necessarily like the cable connection, but I know AT&T will be just as bad if not worse!
    When he called the office to report the cancel, the lady on the phone asked why, when I told her, she picked from a drop down menu, that I did not like the service, not the fact that the installer did not want to complete the job

  127. Switched to AT&T uverse last summer due to promotionals for phone/computer/TV saved me around $25/month.  Christmas all 3 went dead, include electric gates to the house since hooked to the phone. Thanks goodness I don’t have our cell phones tied in.  Took  5 days (due to holiday) , 4 different techs (each one said the issue was not their specialty).  Each tech said they would call for the correct person to come next day.  No one contacted me, spent a few hours on hold several times trying to contact AT&T who would ask me if I tried tech support on line (I had already told them my computer out, duh!).  To be fair,we did have several days of rain, but I heard my whole street was out.   I told them their services cost me $5/day and wanted a $25 refund for days without service, supervisor agreed.  They still charged me and had to spend another hour on the phone getting that charge off. Have had to call several times re: bills going up 5-10$ with no explanation.,  Now my picture blips, freezes and blacks out.  I don’t see any difference with the supposedly faster computer speed either.  jif they try to charge me for a service call, i will argue lost service time.   When it does work, I love it. 

  128. my family and I are temporarily living in an appartment and were told Uverse was our only option.  We HATE it.  We had Time Warner for at least 10 years and had no problems at all but in the past 3 months have had to have ATT come back to replace our box 3 times and have had the system randomly stop working saying tthere is no signal when everything is plugged in and nothing has changed.  Overall i am very disappointed and HATE HATE HATE y. Don’t waste your mone

  129. We switched from Comcast to ATT-Uverse. This is the most horrible service in the world. I cannot express my feelings about Uverse. The service sucks, the technicians will come when ever, spend hours trying to install the service, then if you will have issue after issue. There has been weeks were the receivers will just freeze. Will call customer service and they cannot do anything, because we are in India. Then when the repair technician shows up, they don’t know what is wrong. Finally after 2 days they figure out it was a bad splitter. Now it is 2 weeks later and when you change channels the screen freezes for about a minute, or seems like it hiccups before resuming normal operation. I truly have to say that Satellite has better reception during a hurricane than what ATT Uverse can offer a whole year.

  130. I called to order Uverse on August 8th.  I explained to them that I just got rid of Comcast and switched to Dish Network.  They said that wouldn’t be a problem and they would get me hooked up with uverse right away.  Two days later I get the cables and a disk in the mail but no modem.  I called and they said that someone has to come out there to see if you can get Uverse service and that it might take a little while, something that was NEVER mentioned to me when I placed my order.  Two weeks later, no technician, no modem, no phone call, no email, and no explanation at all of the status of my order.  I called again, same story.  Today, August 26th, almost three weeks later, I get a bill for internet service that I haven’t had.  I just got off the phone with them and they told me that I couldn’t get U-verse where I am at (first time ANYONE from AT&T has mentioned that to me) and they switched me to DSL internet.  Really?  First off, I didn’t order DSL, I ordered Uverse.  How can someone order you something that you did not agree upon???  Then I asked them why I have a bill when I have yet to receive a modem and haven’t had access to the internet this entire time and they told me that they have me down as already owning a modem.  I never once told them that I have my own modem and I have also called 3 times ASKING why I haven’t received a modem sent.  To sum it all up, AT&T lacks communication, you are on THEIR time, and they make changes to your order whenever they feel like it without letting you know (that goes back to the lack of communication part).  Don’t waste your time or your money with AT&T U-verse.

  131. My husband and I had UVerse for about 3 years in our old house and have recently set it up again. We opted for self installation and rarely had troubles with the actual internet service before. This time our wireless cuts out pretty frequently (3 – 5 times a day) and we generally blame it on the cheap modem they sent up. 
    More bothersome though, I’m pretty convinced they have made a regular habit of playing shady on the bills. I’m a little embarrassed to say after the initial set up, we weren’t ever clear on what we were being charged for internet / cable. We’d set it up at about $60 – $70 a month and had it on automatic bill pay. It was a small enough amount that we paid it little mind. When our debit cards got replaced, and we had to re-establish everything, we noticed that we were getting charged about $150 a month. Assuming, we had gotten bumped up after an introductory rate expired, we pulled the automatic payment option while we shopped around (to make ourselves more aware of the cost). Our bills went up again. A couple of times, we got $360 bills. Each of us assumed that we’d missed a bill and were paying for 2 months + late fees. So much for paying more attention. After a couple of months of bs’ing, we canceled with them and moved over to Time Warner. Later we talked about it, compared notes, and saw that we weren’t missing bills, we paid $360 a month for U2 cable and internet for 3 months. Ridiculous!
    Somehow after going through all that I walked into an ATT store and got reeled in with the promise of $20 a month for UVerse. Our needs are pretty simple this time around and we’re not going through ATT for cable, so it seemed like it would work. After the “big bill” the first month, we expected to pay about $25 a month after taxes and fees. The first “regular” bill came in at $43. I called to ask about the discrepancy. After a ridiculous wait on the line, they corrected it and apologized for the inconvenience. Then, last month, the 2nd “regular” bill came in. $43. WTF? So, I called again, explained the issue. That agent was shorter tempered, but the wait was shorter. He fixed it and promised that I would not have the same issue again. Here I am, 3rd bill in and it’s $43 once again. $20 is not worth my hour on the phone with them. I’m already ready to switch services again. I’m starting to believe that this is completely intentional and just the dirty way that they do business. I don’t recommend AT&T to anyone anymore. 

  132. What about the beefed-up, bogus, phantom charges? Over charging?  I signed up for basic land lind and basic internet. The installer had lots of “problems” and did tons of rewiring and “fixing” outlets that I don’t even use. I asked him and he said the previous tennant did a home job he had to correct before he could install AT&T.  My first “basic” bill was over 800.00.  I spend hours getting different answers and solutions. I paid what was reasonable and originally agreed upon.  They insisted I pay the remainder 370.00 with a payment plan even though I cancelled.  I said no. They send a bill montly with “late” charges, and now turned it over to “collections” with 120.00 added early termination fee = 500.00!  HELP?

  133. What about the beefed-up, bogus, phantom charges? Over charging?  I signed up for basic land lind and basic internet. The installer had lots of “problems” and did tons of rewiring and “fixing” outlets that I don’t even use. I asked him and he said the previous tennant did a home job he had to correct before he could install AT&T.  My first “basic” bill was over 800.00.  I spend hours getting different answers and solutions. I paid what was reasonable and originally agreed upon.  They insisted I pay the remainder 370.00 with a payment plan even though I cancelled.  I said no. They send a bill montly with “late” charges, and now turned it over to “collections” with 120.00 added early termination fee = 500.00!  HELP?

  134. Allison, did they have you sign anything at the beginning defining installation costs?  Or say anything verbally on the phone? Most of the time they advertise “free installation”. I paid nothing for start up.   Sounds like a good small claims court case….and judges don’t like it when big business messes with your credit….$800 is insane for start up.  I doubt other providers charge such high fees; you could find out what is standard in the industry and use that in court as to what is fair….or speak with an ATT supervisor re: court intentions…. 

  135. also to me, they keep making mistake in ATT favor, incredible this is 5 times that I have to call back and I still did not have fix the problem yet.
    Do not ever make a U-verse account or you are gonna be crazy and they will charge you a lot.!!!

  136. Nightmare with U-Verse.. Buyer beware big time. Our business was told that by installing U-verse we would save $10 per month and our connection speed would double. Our bill was $243 a month now it is over $1000. A huge error. We had a bundle with our other locations, now that is gone and we get separate bills. 
    Our saga is over 1 month now. The rep who trashed our account replys with emails saying they will get back to us , and she never does. There is really no one to help us. The wait time is over 1 hour and if you request the call back they bever do call back.

  137.  I have been watching your comercial about a Mom & Dad who are discussing which child  they love more. So the child can either get to watch their own show or control the remote . Have you  even looked to see the boy on the comercial responds to that statement?  So just imagine  how many children out there watching that comercial that maybe all parents do that. Shame on you! How can you even air something so hurtful to children who are in that situation at home.  Jo-an

  138. Perhaps the filter of old news will cut down on wasted web space? A common mis-conception is not AT&T itself but the actual power of the finest technology available at prices that can save you hundreds and even thousands a year in bundled home technology and media. $60 less a month is $720 a year. Don’t under estimate the power of a single fiber optic cable it transfers data at the speed of light and in comparison we’ve been running TV at the speed of sound for decades now. How many TV channels can you record? What network? For what price? Unlike Comcast having to share your bandwidth with everyone else who runs them on your block and paying outrageous increasing premiums on a yearly basis. AT&T U-Verse now direct connects every home to a central hub guaranteeing your bandwidth by not sharing it with the neighborhood, for a fraction of competitors prices. If you still experience problems it means your running on DSL through the phone lines or your on a new network with old hardware, which in modern day terms means you’re still living in the stone age and yeah that’s becoming old news. AT&T now utilizes CISCO network technology a state of the art Modem & WIFI Router in one. Most people don’t get what they want cause they aren’t patient enough to search it out. I’m 90% sure if you “politely” call AT&T U-Verse as a current customer for more than a year with crap hardware on a fiber-optic network threatening to drop the service they would upgrade your hardware for free and you might even find yourself obtaining the latest promotions as well. you could even find yourself doing the same thing on a yearly basis,who would have thought? But if you don’t call and talk with them you will end up with crap when all the new gadgets and gizmos come out next year. So no sense in having state of the art technology pulsing through the walls of your house without the latest hardware to properly run it and no sense paying more for it, negotiate the latest promotions once year, if you catch my drift. For U300 with DVRx4 / HD 300 Premium Channels, 18MB Internet, with unlimited nationwide talk  (before state sales tax) $165 A MONTH LOCKED IN FOR LIFE! Try it for 30 days at no cost to you, no contract, lite credit checks, however poor credit holders shouldn’t apply. Every network and service from time to time has horrible customer service, black outs, brown outs, and the like. The difference is how much money you can save at the end of the year, if you know how to save it and while you’re busy hiding in your house from the AT&T reps, they just made me a house payment. 

    1. I have had at@t 5 different times in my life because i move allot and i work out of my home and every time I had horrible product, horrible customer service and horrible billing.    
                                        AT@T Stink, they are rotten

    2. how can you honestly say that at that price you are locked in for life. NEVER.  at&t already has raised their rates, you are correct on some items you talked about but not the price.

  139. I had signed up, made an appointment and waited half of my sat off, they didn’t show, I called two times, and they never showed and never called me back, or appologized.  On another situation, they were trying to fix someone else’s phone line and they dug a 4 x4 x4 foot hole in the ground and realized they dug in the wrong place.  The guys wouldn’t fill it back in they said they can only dig and another crew would be out monday to fill in.  It was 3 – 4 months later before they came and fill it in.  Every time I called I got the run around. 

  140. I signed up with AT&T and still havent had my installation yet, I was told Oct. 5th they would be out from and where between 9am-1pm, and then I checked my confermation email stating my installation date was Oct. 28th, So i quickly contact them, (and when I mean quickly, i mean i was on hold for 45min.) they informed me that the installation date was on Nov. 1st. So i am gettting really upset, and I called back when they opened on 9/29/11, and it took me and hour to get to the right dept so I thought, Where the lady told me she was going to have to transfer me again. This was the fourth time within that hour of trying to get some answers so I was already running late to work so i hung up. I got ahold of a guy named matt, that looked into it for me and I got a call back saying the earliest they can do this is on Oct. 24th… Who wants to wait over a month for tv and internet. I am a student, and have online classes and I am tired of going to places to use wi-fi. I just want to enjoy my new apartment and my new furniture and have ATT&T not lie anymore. I am willing to keep there services if they can come out when they said, but if not the heck with them. I would not get them for service, Just pay a little more and go with comcast or go with Dish Network. I would, but my apartment is facing the wrong side. I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO DISAPPOINTED IN A COMPANY IN MY LIFE, AND THAT IS SAYING ALOT FOR SOMEONE WHO CURRANTLY WORKS IN CUSTOMER SERVICE.

  141. i ordered att because it always has been helpful understanding n ready to credit if mistake has been made but not this x it has been a disaster from day they sent equipment to wrong address turned it on at wrong address said they fixed it didnt sent four techs only one showed up took five weeks to get it fixed right had to wait on phone to talk to someone for more than an hour every x got a different answer every x it was a night mare from hell to say the least n now im havng to call them again man wat happend at this company wow they are the worst in competent unhelpful waste of x i have ever had with any company !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  142. I think a lawsuit is in order. I got lies about them coming out now no one will come. 3 days I’ve waited for a tech to be told they won’t make it out after sitting on the phone for an hour. Can’t get anyone in the presidents office to call back. They r cheap but the hassle sucks. I don’t want to go back to Charter their cable is horrible.

    1. So make your mind up you whiny little bitch, who do you hate, AT&T or Charter Cable? You really think you’d win a lawsuit because a technician didn’t show up in time. If someone lied to me over and over, I would almost certainly call another provider. It’s apparently you don’t hate AT&T too much because you sat around and waited for the installation even though they lied to you. There’s more to life then internet and cable TV, or yet I should say, then more to life then sitting around bitching on the Internet about how your cable company didn’t show up on time. Do you really think if someone had a good experience with a company they would take the time to sit down and write a blog raving about how great their experience was, NO! I own stock in AT&T and. It has done nothing but go up and up because they’ve been offering cable TV service going on 5 yrs now and they already have 4 million customers. Cox Cable has been around for 25-30 years and has 6 million customers. You see the math here. So before you start complaining over spilled milk, be sure your cap is on the milk container before doing so.

      1. it’s funny that you’re using a bunch of different names to comment but that you got to this post by searching google for “how to steal at&t cable”.
        Or maybe funny is the wrong word and it’s just very sad?

  143. U verse is God-Awful… do not buy this crap.
    Lose tv signal and internet everyday around 8pm and does not come back on until 12 pm the next day. This time, it went out saturday night at 8pm and here it is noon on monday ahd it still hasn’t come back. the service techs are jokes. During the past 7 days, we’ve had 6 different techs to the house. one guy says its my glade plug ins causing the problem.The tech yesterday says that he would have an R&r man come out within 2 hours. Its almost 24 hours later and still nobody showed up. The guy on the phone argued with my wife when she started telling him all the problems we are having.
    I suggest everyone get on facebook and other social media and start spreading the news for people to not buy this pos system 

    1. Your such a fucking whiny, irritating little shit. I bet you are still with AT&T because you either have nothing better to do then sit around and blog about everything you hate in life. Did you go on the website of the maker of your car and bitch about how much you hate it, or who made your TV set and tell everybody not to buy it because you hate the color of it. The only way someone like you is ever going to be happy with their communications services is to build and create your own. When you do and it works better then everyone else’s, then you have all the proof needed to bitch about other service providers, until then, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

      1. at&t is terrible,  been there alot of old outside cable out there and it does not work correctly, it needs to be on an all fiber network not on old copper at&t needs to get it together or they will lose many customers, so sad, not, they suck

  144. Everybody seems to have turned into such crybabies. Seriously, it seems like society has become so dependent on Internet and TV that they become zombies if they are loosing 4 to 5 Mbps but still are able to have Internet access, or while watching their favorite TV show the pic froze up for 3 seconds and was fine for the remainder. There are wars going on, children dying of starvation, families loosing their houses to foreclosure and you all want to cry over spilled milk. I’m hearing one person complaining they hate Charter Cable so they switched and now hate AT&T because the technician used her bathroom. Maybe the poor gentlemen had a medical condition, have you ever thought about that? I’m seriously doubting a professional technician from a company as large as AT&T said “he was going to leave as soon as dropping a load”. Sounds like you’re stretching the truth some what to gain sorrow because you didn’t get what you wanted. I can almost gaurentee had you gotten your install done on the day you were told none of these other fictitious stories would have been told. Studies have shown when someone doesn’t get their way 100% of the issue, they tend to exaggerate that issue until they get what they want not realizing they could potentially cause someone to loose their job thus at a time when unemployment is at an all time high. PEOPLE there is so much more to life then worrying about such petty, minor issues. You’re never going to get exactly what you want from any company no matter where you are. If that was the case, then there would be no competition in this world. I can understand if you’re completely out of service. Crazdalton44, why sit around and mop about missed appointments. If you’re so discusted with AT&T, then call another provider. I’m sure they aren’t the only ones offering Internet service in your area. I can almost bet you’ll be back on here at a later date complaining about them even after you get your month free and install done because you have nothing better to do then sit around complaining about how bad different companies in your life are. Everybody get a fucking life, quit fucking complaining about petty shit. Go outside, fly a fucking kite, or something different other inside your house/apartment bitching, or better yet, tie yourself a fucking noose, and do the world a favor and hang yourself……………………God Bless!!!

    1. My opinion: if a company sells you 18MB service and delivers 11MB, they owe you at least a partial refund.  If they schedule an appointment and don’t show, they should pay for your time.  I am about to drop u-verse after 3 years because although the speed is okay, my son cannot use it to play games because of the over half second lag.  Unfortunately, this is not a part of anyone’s service agreement so if I switch providers, it may not be any better and there is no way to tell in advance.  Sure there are lots of other problems in this world, but I also don;t have to buy uverse, my choice, but if I do, I can’t negotiate the contract at all, kinda lopsided.  If they don’t provide what I expect, I can leave (after my contract period).  Unfortunately, there are not many options, and it sounds like there are unhappy people on other services. 

      I must say that this Erik person sure worked himself into a tizzy and did not offer anything helpful just ended with a bunch of foul mouthed suggestions including suicide!  I do agree to try other companies but when the choice is limited to maybe 1-3 and government regulations play a role in forming these near monopolies, it is very frustrating.  I’m sure its difficult to manage a busy install schedule, but with today’s communication options, its just plain rude and very unprofessional to blow off an appointment and not use of of many communications options to let a customer know.

    2. I have to agree, some of her rants sound very exagerated. Unless that tech was looking to intentionally lose his job that day. Also, there isnt an internet provider out there…none of them..that will guarantee more than fifty percent of advertised speed….hence “up to xxx mb/s”.
      And the lady bitching about her sons ping time on his game…here’s an idea..get your fat ass spoiled son off the game and have him read a freakin book or at least download one.
      However, I do agree with the offshore customer support, I know it’s intentional to have a first layer support to weed out the morons that can’t find a power button or hit reset, but the flowchart diagnostic from a guy in India named Bob gets annoying. I just try to remember that he or she is just someone getting bitched at all the time while trying to earn a meager living.

  145. I also recommend you steer clear of ATT Uverse.  It took 3 weeks with no service, 4 repair calls by 3 technicians, and about 15 hours on the phone and web searching and testing solutions, and conversations with 15 ATT employees to get it working.  Not one ATT employee who I called or who was supposed to call me (according to tech/service reps) ever did. That is, until I wrote the corporate office.  THEN I got a call every day for two weeks.  Now my wireless cuts out – sometimes 6 times in 24 hours, sometimes not at all for two days.  AVOID ATT!

  146. What a retarded person.  11 MB is slow?  I get 2.1 MB and it’s fast enough to stream movies.  This doofus must be running a major science project out of her home requiring millions of calculations per minute.

    1. It’s not whether or not the speed is literally “slow”, it’s the fact that she is paying for one service and consistently getting another. Is there no problem with that? And computers process much more than “millions of calculations per minute”. Try millions per second.

  147. Your story about your experience with AT&T is close to as bad as our house hold. I’ll give you the cliff notes version. We lost service 2wks out same as you for 2 days called for a tech to come he didn’t show. We manage to fix the problem ourselves with some over the phone assistance. Lost service again 2days later called for a tech AGAIN and again the tech did not show. at which point we asked to be let out of the contract. They said no. After reading the fine print I now understand that AT&T is not actually required to provide the service agreed to in the contract (yep if you are in a contract you pay them simply install the equipment), and on top of that every single call that they promised would be made to me was not made. So far I have spent at least a full weeks worth of hours on the phone with various techs. This induces one call in which I literally got transferred over the course of 4 hours to 5 different people only to end up right back where I started(“hello my name is Peggy”).
    Good luck dear! you will need it, so will I

  148. Actually, I have really enjoyed the Uverse at my house. It was a little bumpy at first, they had to install the fiber optics on our street but it’s the fast and most RELIABLE internet I have ever had. it’s almost better than the internet my brother gets and he is in the military. I have been overall impressed and will definitely get Uverse when I move out. As a gamer I need fast internet and I know exactly where to get it.

  149. I don’t really know what kind of word’ s should I use at the moment, here I’ m I been sitting all day long waiting for a tech , no tv/internet for a full blown 1 week ! It seem’ s to me that ATT has something to explain why our signals are dead! And overtime we call our tech he days he’ s on his way or he makes an alibi! Our tv/internet has only been working for at least 4 hours a day! And were paying a whopping $140.00 a month! I really don’t know whats worst! It’ s either you kill each other because the monotony or boredom being in the house w/o doing of enjoying your nice tv! ATT has serious explaining why their shit is really rotten piece of shit cral!

  150. Hate this at&t beyond frustrating.  I went into debt trying to pay the darmn bill???? No one would connect to me, the phone number is a complete joke. Do not sign up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Run for the hills….Ii beg you do not sign up for uverse.

  151. Well, actually you are getting a rather fast internet connection. 11mps is still REALLY fast, just not LIGHTNING SPEED. In my area, at least, San Antonio TX, Time Warner offers 15mps BUT they don’t tell you that you’re gonna be sharing that speed with your neighbors or whoever else has Time Warner available. AT&T however, says their gonna be giving you 18mps and you’re not sharing it with your neighbors, but you’re sharing it with yourself. So, if you have two comps. then each of them are getting 9mps, and so on and so forth.

    As for the instillation, that was rude!

  152. I have been trying since august to get this mess cleared up.  In august i
    ordered uverse internet and cancelled dsl, at home my home uverse has
    no homephone service so i had uverse with regular homephone. i paid
    160.00 fees for hookup and first month. In sept i decided i no longer my
    homephone.. the man cancelled my home phone right there  but instead of
    cancelling my old account he wrote a whole new account. now i am being
    charged  for one account with homephone service as well as  the new
    account without home service. Now i am being threatened with
    disconnection for refusing to pay the the old account that one of the
    billing supervisers told me himself would be closed! I have sent several
    letters, emails,  hours and hours on the phone. I was promised by the
    CSM here i would get a call.. NOTHING! I AM NOT PAYING FOR 2BILLS!!!!!!
    Today i filed a complain with the bbb, last week contacted a lawyer, and
    local news. Its not a hard concept a child could figure out if you
    write a customer a new account then close the old one,  i am on
    disability and i have one internet ONE!!! not 2.  I want the old account
    closed now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it isnt a hard concept close a customers
    old account before you open a new one,, i swear the right hand doesnt
    know what the left is doing in the comapny they all must ride the short

  153. Anyone here live in S Mopac/Barton Creek area? Or even better Post Barton Creek?  I was thinking about getting UVerse but after reading comments below and speaking with someone who has it in my apartment complex, I am now having second thoughts.  I have a week to figure it out.  The internet is my primary need and concern as I work from home.  Thanks for your help.

  154. The AT&T Uverse people are the absolute worst.  I can’t even rate the system because after waiting since mid-September to have it installed, they came a couple of weeks ago and 3 guys couldn’t make it happen, so now that they claim it is technically possible, they want me to wait until December.  They have such poor customer service and such unprofessional people who do NOTHING on the phone but tell you what they CAN’T do, it’s so frustrating.  Their customer service people are a mixed bag, some are good, some are completely unconcerned, but they don’t have the ability to solve any of your problems.  They don’t care, they don’t try to actually get problems solved, they just want you to go away so they don’t have to try and fix problems.  Now, I get to see if the cable modem people are any better.  Not holding out a lot of hope, but if they are even slightly better, I’ll take my chances with them.

  155. I had no problems with At&T U-verse. The installer was competent and professional.  My internet connection has been reliable and fast.  I’m in Houston, TX.  I’m new to U-Verse so I might change my mind in time, but right now everything seems good with the Internet service.  The TV service is a little quirky (with annoying error messages and short delays when I try to do things with the remote, and a few occasional minor glitches with video playback) but still good enough that I like it.

    1. I live in FL, we had U-verse installed approx 16  months ago.  The service has been great, when we did have a problem about 6 months into the contract, they came out and replaced the equipment and we have had no problems since.  That’s the good news, the bad news is when your contract is up, they don’t notify you, they just start charging you a MUCH higher rate!  Ours went up $80 a month!!  My husband didn’t realize it until this week.  he called to get a better rate, they said the only way you can get a better rate comparable to what we were paying is to drop down to a basic package and lose HD.  I will be tackling that issue on my day off and if I can’t negotiate a new reasonable contract, it’s bye bye!  Sounds like a great deal, but also sounds like once your initial contract expires, they don’t care.

  156. My experience has been so bad I not only cancelled my uverse service I sold my ATT stock because I did not want to own stock in any company that tried to sell such an inferior product. I would recommend you try any other provider.even if it meant going to a starbucks to get an internet connection or using a tin can and a string for a phone system. One more example I get a service appt because my phone is out,I give them my cell phone to call me on. I live in a gated community the service tech shows up tries to call me on the house phone which isn’t working and thats why he is there.The phones doesn’t work when he calls from the gate so he leaves and reports no ans on phone.I call the next day and ask why no showed up they say he did but got no answer on the phone. I told them that was the problem that he was there to fix and that was why I had told them to call on the cell phone. DAH! this co is fubar. The worst feature is their piss poor internet service

  157. I can’t stand ATT and will never, EVER go back to them. I had an issue with modem—they said I did not return it with their shipping box which I did. I even called once I received their postcard in the mail about ATT not getting it. One if their employees told me not to worry about it. Then months later I find out we were disconnected. I called ATT and stayed on the phone with him for about 3 -4 hours all together that day because agents kept transferring me, telling me the same thing, not listenind, disconnecting the line and so forth. So I had enough, called the headquarters and spoke with the President’s office. They took all my notes, looked in to it and erased my bill.

    Funny thing, after that, the internet would not work each an every day…unless I called and spoke with ATT for no less than 1 hour. After the 4th day, I called and canceled ATT all together. I would NEVER tell anyone to get ATT, and I will never get it again. O, and the reason why we got ATT was because they had 3.0 speed or whatever for 19.95 for one year (contract), and come to find out 3 months later that our area doesn’t even get 3.0 speed. Att is just out for the money. When i called to disconnect service, after I had enough the agent tried to see me the Uverse for that same price—umm NOOOO!

    So done with them. I do not trust them, and yes the techs do no show or call when they are supposed to come, too often.

    I agree if you’re supposed to get a certain speed and you are, you should get partial credit back. Att knows that, and anyone with sense and works hard for their money will know that also. You should get what you pay for….because if it was the other way around, TRUST they will send you a bill for the same amount each, and every time.

    1. I agree with you, it is corporate greed and also at&t managers treat the technicians like crap uverse works good if the all of the cable lines and outside lines are good, but if not, it is terrible service.the company overschedules and than they just push and push, the techs are out 12 hrs a day 6 days a week

  158. I stayed home from work FIVE days to meet technicians who had NO CLUE.  And spent HOURS on chat and phone.  They could not pull it together for me, and I’m paying double to have Comcast come out.

  159. Nothing about Uverse is worth the bad customer service and rotten TV and internet they provide.  We have 4 TV’s connected in the house, being told we had 8 channels to use at any time (4 for viewing and 4 for recording) after waiting 2 days past what they said to get the install, the guy was here all day trying to get everything to work.  Internet took a week to get fixed and as with most everyone else we don’t get the speed promised and at times it is completely unusable.  Seems random, will go fine for days but then day, evening, late night (you never know) you have NO internet for hours, no techs have been able to diagnose the problem.
    As for TV and DVR, if you record 2 programs at any one time, 2 of the other boxes won’t work unless you watch a recording.  Pretty much sucks when you are watching a baseball or football game and all of a sudden you get a popup on the tv saying all services are in use.  So you have to kick someone else in the house off or watch something recorded.  What happened to 8 channels for viewing/recording, now they are saying it is 6, but actually the most we get is 5, with 4 boxes in use thru the house it causes major problems. NOT what I paid for or was told I was getting.

    We are going back to cable, we had ZERO problems, only changed because a rep came to the house and outlined the services and we went for what we thought was a better price.
    Maybe a bit cheaper than cable but not nearly as stable or usable.  Plus the things a cable box will do vs Uverse service is sorely missed, can’t even take channels out of lineup, lol.  Running up or down channels means you have to go thru every channel whether you are subscribed or not, and oh the useless channels they have.

    The upside to ATT Uverse is they have a lot of HD channels and they are good, but unfortunately they didn’t tell us we could only use 3 at a time so the upside sorry is really not much use half the time as you cant watch HD on all TV’s that are on.

    Nothing about AT&T has ever been good, we switched from their DSL due to customer service issues, switched away from their wireless cellphone service due to horrible customer service and extremely high plans. (Sprint gave us better service at FAR better pricing and didn’t limit us for data, even Verizon which charges as much as AT&T at least had superior coverage to back its higher prices)  Third time is the charm, will never put myself thru dealing with AT&T services and their lack of customer service and inability to provide the services they state come with the plan or equipment you sign up for.

  160. At&t has got to be the worst cable company EVER!

    Programs and recordings have dead spots where you lose portions of your programs.

    Internet is spotty at best, most of the time I have to use my smart phone as a mobile ap in order to even be able to use the internet on my computer.

    Today, I’ve spent the last 7 hours trying to watch one single movie. Cable service was down for 6 and a half hours and when it finally came back on, the sound kept cutting in and out. I gave up on trying to finish it 1hr and 35min into the 1hr and 50 min movie.

    I never had issues of this magnitude with Time Warner. Is that really saying much? I am severely frustrated and disgusted with the quality we have received from At&t uverse! Stay very very very far away from At&t uverse! They are the worst!

    Sent from Yahoo! Mail on Android
    Because At&t uverse internet is down and has been all day. Geez, it’s a good thing no one needed to register for classes today, oh wait . . . yes I did. Thanks At&t for making an already stressful and extremely competitive event, even more stressful. Thanks.

    1. I hate the hearing that name U VERSE! I am going to get rid of mine as soon as I can. They supervisors at at & t are horrible and don’t really know how to handle customers. They care about the money they are getting from you than your satisfaction.

  161. As a former U-verse installer/repairman I believe that what you said is true, although it is not how I acted, I believe that there are technicians out there like that. Personally, you would have been very satisfied with the quality of my work and the respectfulness I would have given to you as a customer. Hope you found better service somewhere else. at&t actually fired me for doing quality work because I took too long on jobs, but the customers were happy with the quality.

  162. U verse sucks! it cuts out all the time the wireless doesnt work unless your like 10 feet from the modem, and even when your running a hardwire to your computer the internet is slow and unreliable. I am overall very upset with there service and if it were my choice i would dump there plan and get a new carrier. Uverse you have pissed me off thanks to you i now dont get to watch a fight ive been waiting for all night. 

  163. Ok so I am trying to figure out if I made a mistake signing up with this service before the tech comes in 48hrs.
    As for the tech: Some of these guys just don’t know manners since thats just how they are in normal life i am not defending that behavior at all but I’m a younger person with what some would call a potty sense of humor “i think Farts are funny” and I have a GUEST Bathroom in which I would MAKE him use. Its always a good idea especially women to have someone with you since again your letting someone you don’t know and is possibly sub contracted into your home. I would also suggest everyone to have some one who, well you know is tech savoy and knows what questions to ask. Don’t be afraid to tell the guy hes an idiot and don’t come back until they send someone who knows what their doing.
    As for the service it self: i am somewhat unaware of the technology but with further research I can give a possible explanation as to why some of you are having these issues in laymen s terms. Lets all remember the service is still very new to many areas and with any new service there’s kinks. The service it self is still being ran through a telephone line and is still technically DSL, for those of us old enough to remember DSL service it was/is terrible slow and not worth the expense. Now its DSL on steroids “fiber optic.” Until the Tech actually gets here I can’t comment on why they would need to “drill” Holes in your walla unless your picky and want the central box in a cretin spot which is what I want so I will need to hold my comments on that. I would still think somehow the service is still delivered through your homes land line phone jack again for those of us old enough to remember what a land line is its that white sometimes tan square thing usually found along the base boards of your home.
    Your Given ONE box that will receive 18MPS or whatever speed your paying for that speed needs to handle both your usual daily internet usage and television usage for 2 TV’s and 4 separate “channels” to record, watch live TV, or what have you. this means if your Watching the football game in the living room, little Susie is watching spongebob in her room and your recording two other football games your internet speed will not be 18mps since again the TV itself is actually using that internet connection. As hard as this is to believe, but if any of your still have cable and using a splitter the effect is the same. As for Wifi I say buy another wifi modem disable theirs and use yours they claim its commercial grade but I will need to test before I make that personal choice. Wifi always looses its speed since the packet loss gets worse the further you get from the box and as some people will disagree but I believe Wifi works even worse if you don’t have a good line of sight to the box. This is why a hard connection to the modem is best since theres no possibility of packet loss. I still think 13mps is pretty fast BTW and i’m sure the ATT service was a tad cheaper. I am well aware of all these factors so going into it I know what to expect I was merly looking for an opinion as to overall picture quality and user functionality any new opinions on that would be appreciated.
    Good day all!!!

  164. Posts: 1

    The customer is always right, wrong…
    If you like being treated like a second class citizen/ customer, ATT is the provider for you.
    If you only desire to speak to automated telephone support, ATT is the provider for you.
    If you enjoy the inablility to settle any sort of dispute whatsoever, ATT is the provider for you.
    If you’re enamored by offensive and threatening business letters, ATT is the provider for you.
    forbid you should decide to upgrade your services with them because
    they’ll continue charging you for both the old services and new ones.
    After 6 prision-like years of services (if you know what i mean), I’m sending it all back. Good riddance.
    ATT, this is my last act as a paying customer, and it’s only befitting that I let everyone know how wonderful you are!
    Hope ATT fires you Dimitrious from Sales, Service and Billing (phone click)

  165. I live in Florida so I do not have AT&T but my children do and I was actually trying to find an answer to there problem when I cam across this thread. No my son does not have a problem with the Internet. It seems to be the only thing working like it should.

    However, every time he turns around he is losing the TV reception. Someone said the TV goes through the Internet but if the Internet works but TV doesn’t not sure how that would be possible.

    I never realized AT&T had so many complaints. I only used AT&T for the 40 years I lived in Texas. I loved them and their customer service. In fact, I have the AT&T cell phone as well. 

  166. I signed up for the $14.95 month for 12 months U-Verse internet service. I was charged $281.23 the first month. Activation 36.00, modem 100.00, installation 75.00 plus must pay full price for 4 months at $48.00 month. Then get credit for promotion price after ALL Upfront charged are paid!!!!!! I disputed the installation fee, as it was supposed to be free installation & they suspended my service untill I pay off upfront charged.  It will be Jan 2012 untill I get a credit for promotion…..maybe longer.   The $14.95 Uverse internet is a scam. It will cost you hundred in extra fees.

    1. The problems you explain are VERY similar to mine. VERY frustrating isnt it? I signed for 1 yr U-Verse at 19.95 mo. Modem was $100, install was $149 First statement was $330. A total waste of time trying to get the changes made to correct the fees!!

  167. I hate reading these reviews because I have had such a fantastic experience with AT&T myself. I LOVE them. I really think it boils down to your location and the systems and employees working in that particular area. I am sorry your experience has been so bad!

    1. What Area are you in? I am thinking about getting rid of Cox Cable & getting At & t . I am in the OC in Ca. I have AT&T wireless for my cells & love it. 

    2. It’s not the location.. they want u to think that because honestly, why would it work perfectly for about two weeks to a month then just go to crap? Like seriously.

      1. I live in Wisconsin and any problems we call customer support. Guess where these jokers are- the Phillipines! You cant understand the majority of them!

  168. ATT Uverse sucks! I have been without home phone service for 13 hours now! If I needed to call 911 for an emergency, my family could be DEAD!
    I reported the outage to ATT at 6:00AM. They said a service technician would be dispatched and the phone would be fixed by 8:00PM. I took off work without pay and they never showed! I borrowed a neighbor’s phone and called again at 8:00PM. After 50 minutes on hold, they denied that I had ever called and claimed there was no previous service dispatch. They said they would send someone tomorrow and I would have to take ANOTHER DAY OFF WITHOUT PAY!
    If your phone is dead and you go to the Internet to report it on the ATT website they say you have to call a 800 number! How stupid is that? MY PHONE IS DEAD, I CANNOT CALL YOU!
    Don’t get ATT Uverse phone service, it sucks! The TV service is not much better. The DVR box has crapped out TWICE in 3 years. They come out and give you a new box (TWICE), but ALL YOUR RECORDED PROGRAMS ARE LOST!

  169. Yeah we’ve had ATT Uverse for less than a year and we’re on our 5th box. Yes, 5 times we’ve lost all of our recordings. 5 times we’ve gone a full day or more without cable. Right now, as a matter of fact, just 1 day after all of the equipment up to and including the box was replaced, we are experiencing cutting-out, freezing, and pixelation. We learned from the technician yesterday that our home is nearly a mile from the distribution box, and that’s why our service is so bad.

    Oh – and our ATT mobile service started out with a huge billing dispute that after 6 months is still not resolved (sign up for mobile and they’ll buffalo you about the startup fees and first bill).I would RUN from ATT as fast as you can. For those of you who have not had trouble with ATT, go buy lottery tickets – you’re lucky.

  170. AT&T Uverse is horrible.
    I can’t wait until my contract is up and I can switch to someone else.

    I’m supposedly getting their fastest speed available, and it’s just as bad if not worse than the lowest speed DSL they offered before Uverse came out.

    Uverse has been a horrible, horrible experience. I would not recommend it to my worst enemy.

  171. My biggest complaint is that none of the remotes work.  At least once a day the box shuts down and turns off. My unit is above my TV and it is mounted to the wall so when it shuts down I have to climb a latter to turn it on. Remember, the remotes do not work.

  172. If You are reading this to figure out whether or not to get ATT TV, DON’T DO IT!!! Here is why:1) Signed up for HBO and CIN, and it didn’t show up. Had to call and spend a good hour on the phone while they re-rout my call to the ‘correct department’.
    2) The wireless TV box shuts off at least once every half hour, which requires you to reboot it and wait for it to load up again.
    3)The wireless TV box disconnects from the wireless gateway frequently. You have to go and push a button on the gateway, then comeback and push a button on your wireless.
    4)Some shows stutter in live TV, skipping a few seconds of signal.
    5) It will take at least 10 days before they can come out and try to resolve my problems.
    6) For all you resolution freaks: It’s 1080i, A noticeable downgrade from my previous provider, DISHTV. The picture isn’t bad, but its not eye popping!
    7) Their customer service is crude and barbaric. 
    I just saved you the headache I have had to suffer. And I’m not a TVholic. I just like to watch about 30mins a day, buts it not even worth it. Thanks AT&T.

  173. installed my att u verse has not worked properly since installment. i get the 
    run around when i call. freezes,completely loses channels on all stations
    i set the modem for reboot. happens at least 5 times a day.  this is ridiculous , goining back to satellite. 

  174. OMG! Ok i have At&t Uverse and it was working perfectly for about 2 weeks, no lag, consistent speed. Then one day i come home and try to play CoD that I been playing just fine for 2 weeks and it would lag so much to the point where I couldn’t even move.. I thought it was because of the weather.  I wait a couple days and I still have the same problem… So i call tech support which was very very difficult to reach and he done everything he could to restore my speed and my connection signal. He failed. He also told me that I should run my Ethernet cord from my modem to my system.. Ok if I wanted to do that I would have from day one…. I wanted wireless so that is y I go wireless dumb***. So he failed to fix it… my connection still sucks and yet I have to pay the same amount that I was paying for the good connection.. I think they dial it back on purpose to rip ppl off. DO NOT GET UVERSE 

  175. We sign up for U-verse over 2 months ago.  From day one it has been nothing but problems.  We have a HD high end TV that worked perfectly until we installed U-verse.  We have had 4 techs out here.  One was a rude know it all.  The tech from at&t said “somethings wrong with our tv”  and turned his back on my husband as he was speaking to him and begaing talking on his phone.  BUT, before that when we first installed the service, which was to be in two rooms, the tech but in a box in one room but did not connect itt!  We later find out after we are not able to watch HD that this is a know problem in our area do to radio towers close by.  AT&T knew this and  never told us until one tech came out who knew what the problem was from previous coustomers complaints.  The Senior one who expalained about the towers also  showed us worked that had been incorrectly  or in some cases not at all(like the2nd box.)   There sould be a law suit or something against AT&T because once you sign up for the bunndle if you try to cancel part of the services they double the internet service.  Be carful, read every thinng.  My best advice is to STAY AWAY FRO AT&T!

  176. I signed up for U-verse last summer. I was told it would cost $60 dollars a month and $100 for the modem. I nstallation no charge. My bill for the first 2 months was $450. I have returned the equipment and hve been trying to straighten this mess out ever since. It does no good to talk with customer servise. No one will do their job and take care of this problem. Do your self a favor and stay away from this company.

  177. RUN like hell away from U-Verse, and whatever you do—do NOT allow yourself to be talked into bundling service with them. You pay considerably more money for phone, internet and cable and the service is POOR!!! We had service installed on 9/29/11 and we’ve had no less than 20 service technicians visit our home with absolutely NO resolve. After pages of notes of all the service problems we’d had, AT&T suggested we do a reinstall with the INID system—a system that supposed to offer a stronger signal. You would think after more than 3 months of problems they would have offered this awhile ago.  It was installed a week ago, and now we constantly lose our signal (even though we were told the INID system was pretty much fool-proof), we’ve had a dead phone line for days now, we cannot access our recordings on the DVR and I’ve been on hold with AT&T for over an hour waiting to speak with an “upper level” technician. The upper level tech was who assured me that with the INID system I would have a greater signal because our service was being facilitated by two lines instead of one. I could write a mini pamphlet on the issues we’ve had with U-Verse, the hours I’ve spent waiting on hold for someone to help me, the many technicians that have marched through my front door, and the repeated FAILED and POOR service we have received via U-Verse. We had no service–phone, internet or cable for Christmas with a house full of out of town company!!! We were completely cut off from the rest of the world!!!! I am going back to my magic jack–at least there is no monthly bill, I am looking for an independent company to use for internet (there is some company out there using the DSL lines that AT&T says they are no longer using) and unfortunately we may have to use satellite for TV. 

  178. Wow i wish i would’ve checked these reviews before i decided to switch to at&t u-verse i had at&t high speed internet before so i figured i might as well get the bundle that u-verse was offering turns out my internet is much slower which is supposed to be 5x the speed it was before and omg the cable is horrible it went out this past Saturday due to a thunderstorm so i wasn’t at all upset or disappointed but after about 4 hours i figured it should’ve came back in considering the storm was long gone so i called and after trying everything in the world to get it to work they told me they would try to send someone out Sunday but wasn’t sure i never heard anything from them so i waited til Monday and called they said they never had a appointment for me so i for the 3rd time had to sit on the phone with at&t for 2 hours trying to get my internet and cable back on before they knew it was mandatory to send a tech out.I’ve done so much running around my house this weekend i should be paying at&t for being my personal trainer and not my internet and cable providers oh yea i only had the service for 2 weeks as of now

  179. att anything is a total waste of time and money…u might think you’ll save a little money with their plans but i assure you…you will pay for it in issues that come up…and trust me issues will come up with them. tv, wireless, internet, its all crap coming from a conglomerate company that doesnt give a rats a** about u…the paying customer.

    1. I’ve had AT&T cell phone service since 2004. I’ve never had a problem w/billing, customer service or equipment. Anytime I’ve ever had a question about a bill, or a charge, they’ve usually just removed the charge, or credited me on the next bill. I’ve never experienced long wait times on hold, & trust me, I had an ex on my account who tried all kinds of tricks. AT&T hasn’t let me down yet…….

      1. I had a fried that worked for ATT and they said that when somebody had a complaint about a charge they would just move it to someones elses bill, someone would pay it eventually.

  180. Dealing with ATT has been a total nightmare!! I ordered a new telephone service online promotion for Unlimited LD calling and high speed internet. The special was $35.00 mo. for the phone servie, and if bundled with internet the special would include 6MBPS at $19.95 per mo. for one yr. The installed showed up at 9 a.m. to connect. LOL. Install was so complicated I couldnt do it myself? Click-click and Id have it done in about two minutes at the most. This “installer” was here until noon, and still couldnt get the internet to work. Luckily my son came home for lunch that day, or that dumbo would still be here! The installer kept trying to connect our Linksys router to the modem, when the modem has a built in router. I had never heard of U-Verse, but thats what I got. Anyway, the first statement came, which I paid, not knowing there would also be a separate bill coming online to be paid. Deciding one day to enlist in online pay, I finally found my account. Right off the gate, Im $330 past due, and Id only been connected to the service for 4 days! I called numerous times, talked to 5 agents each call, and THOUGHT we had everything cleared up. Boy was I wrong! Next bill was even higher. The telephone bill was immense. Call after call ,to get the mess straightened out and each time Im assured the mistakes were corrected, yet the bills came and more fees and charges. I didnt feel I dared to cancel my services prior to getting the mess straightened up for fear Id have one **** of a time trying to get a refund, so I remained until this past week, not realizing I had a 30 day money back refund on the Modem. Finally, having enough, I called one more time to get the mess straightened out. Come to find out, one of the foreign agents had placed my order incorrectly. Instead of the unlimited plan I signed for, I was being charged for EVERY long distance call I made, plus services I didnt order. At this time, I decided enough was enough and got the final figures for what I owed and cancelled my service for internet, and went back to my previous provider. I also found another provider for the phone service and was able to cancel the phone service a few days later. IF your smart, you wont have anything to do with this company! A few days ago, I read a post in Craigslist for a modem for sale. Curious, I responded and asked if they had experienced any problems. The response from the person was much the same as my experience of being overcharged. Because one person doesnt have access to all information regarding your account you have to speak with 5 different agents before you get to one that can help, and then its a gamble. Its like the lefthand doesnt know what the righthand is doing, so the mess cant be straightened out because one person doesnt have access to all the details.  

    1. Hey it’s the same way here in FL, ever bill you have to call and the retards tell you the samething! It’s fix you don’t have to worry about it, so to fu#k them over every month I call and say I have a problem and the Internet is not working and that I want a refund because my home business lost money! Don’t have a home business….but for over 9 months now I haven’t paid a damn cent!

      1. For people like you, the customer service should be more horrible, I hope someday you talk with me and tell you that you will never recieve a refound ever again. ASSHOLE.

  181.  Had ATT uverse for about 4 months. Sign up was for $14.95 a month. I have never recevied a bill for less than $39.00. I get a bill that I absolutly can’t understand. So many bull shit charges it is funny. As of this minute I am finding a new ISP, probably Charter. They seem to have a 5 star rating.
    Nrever again.

    1. I had Charter for more than ten years in OH – only because that was the only available cable company. I am sorry to tell you, the customer service is horrible. They are routinely rude. There were far more outages than up-time…also, those bullshit charges? they are on the Charter bill too.


    U-verse means horrible customer services, they lack of competence
    and professionalism, I have been calling several times (almost 20) to customer
    service since 15 days, and the problem have not been solved yet; twice my phone
    line had been cut off without any reason; I already have installed u-verse
    u-450 and the “morons” sent  me again the
    same equipments that I already have installed, every time that I contact them,  the customer representative tells me a
    different history ……, etc; the TV and DVR are even better than dish network. The
    DSL is good too; if u-verse would have different customer services this company
    will be one of the best.

    U-verse means horrible customer services, they lack of competence
    and professionalism, I have been calling several times (almost 20) to customer
    service since 15 days, and the problem have not been solved yet; twice my phone
    line had been cut off without any reason; I already have installed u-verse
    u-450 and the “morons” sent  me again the
    same equipments that I already have installed, every time that I contact them,  the customer representative tells me a
    different history ……, etc; the TV and DVR are even better than dish network. The
    DSL is good too; if u-verse would have different customer services this company
    will be one of the best.

  183. I ws called by an ATT rep in sep/oct who offered me Uverse Internet and Phone bundled for $70 per month.The billa are ALWAYS nearly double that.They lie,cheat,steal and do whatever they want.I have called dozens of times,and nobody(mainly in India)knows a damn thing about anything.I am sick and tired of being on the phone for hours and being lied to constantly>I am seeking an alternative as soon as possible.I am considering running an ad seeking people for a class action suit.Texas has a deceptive trade practices act that is one of the best in the USA.These thieves are the worst individuals I have ever dealt with in my 61 years on earth.Just shows what happens when you allow Fascist corporatism to take over your country.

  184. was thinking there should be a class action against them too, would be up for it if you need people, know others too, same issues, billed twice as much as supposed, slow or no connection, hideous   cutomers service who say my speed is fine(they refused the internet speed test as proof, or the simple fact that i tell them i can’t even connect to google

  185. I had three seperate installation times set up only to be cancelled at the last minute. Each time I waited 4-5 weeks for this install date. Each one I was promised I was on a standby list (since we had a stay it home mom here all the time) they said it would only be a couple of days. All lies after each 4-5 week wait the day before someone who sounded from another country called and said uverse is not available in my area. Two doors down from my house someone has it and every call would take two hours out of my day and several more broken promises made with no idea why this happened. I finally would not give in for the 4th time and resigned with dish network. I later tried to upgrade my AT&T internet and they talked my wife into switching to Uverse phone and cable. Suprise Surprise prior to my install date we get a letter saying we might not qualify due to credit problems. I have been with At&T for over 20 years and have never been late. I have near perfect credit with my only dept being my house. Do not waste you time with them they are unbelievably incompetent

  186. All and any of you, complain all you want, but my Uverse service is 100% better than the service I received from TimeWarner/Roadrunner….that’s not saying much, though!

    1. I am looking to get installed, but uVerse is good preSale (although I’m seeing countless postSale nightmares … and my TWC at a rental where I provide the service is great … but TWC is trying to be the most unfriendly sales force on the planet right now (40 minute hold, 20 minutes setting things up, then he accidentally disconnects me … and only way I can get anywhere is with another 40 minute hold … I am wondering if this is one of those riddles where they keep you turning the page. Oi!! I like my TWC service at the rental … I like the sound of what uVerse is saying … but TWC are being bu–heads and uVerse feedback is worse than awful. Really struggling now as I want to make it happen quickly.

  187. “I moved to Uverse on Jan 17th. It has been the worst experience of my life!!! I have had to call every month since then to get my bill straighten out. Even thought I was glad handed and told that it was all taken care of, it awful!!! I hate it!! I wqas charged for 2 months for internet service and phone service that had been moved to Uverse. Each time I thought it was done, I would get a billl owing more than I had ever imagined. Plus all the commercials and advertisements tell you how you can record 4 shows at a time..well not if they are HD. YOu can only record 2. Who is going to record in regular when you have HD. I wish I had stayed with Direct TV!!!! I hate Uverse!!!!! At&T and Uverse are 2 separate companys. You ‘d better think before you move!!! ” on AT&T’s timeline.

  188. anita in memphis. 
    i live in a building that requires that you use u verse services. when i called to get connected i was told that the bill would only be 62 dollars a month and that i would have time to have the service man come out on my time. since i am in my masters program at school i have to write a lot of papers and need the internet services like yesterday. my husband also is in grad school and needs a spot for his computer. when i called to get the service i was told that the installation time would be at my convenience. well i stayed at home the next day to wait and no one showed up. i missed my classes and i had to stay on the phone all day to get someone to tell me that it had been rescheduled. then on sat morning someone showed up at 8am. my husband and i both work in the hospital night shift and barely make it home on sat mornings at 8a. so one of us had to leave work early to meet this person who did not show up until 10am just as we went to bed. not that we got in trouble at work because no one is ever willing to come in early on the weekend. my husband was so mad that he would not even get out of bed to see the man.  will on my first bill i was billed 168.50$ a week for the services. of course i was told that they bill in advance for 3 months. we had to get direct tv for the cable and they bundled the bill without notification and no permission. when i called i was told that the bill was bundled for my convenience and that the 840$ for one month would be corrected. when i call to ask the service department for a break down i was told to just pay the bill and let it go.  until this day the bill in constantly going up. i now owe 1,540$ how can you constantly get a bill and the services is disconnected. still no answer. does anyone know what to do about this 

  189. Over 8 hours on the phone and 3 no call/no show appointments totaling 12 hours of waiting. 20 hours of wasted time over 2 weeks.
    Still no internet service, so the “disconnect” specialists finally told me to take the equipment to UPS and ship it back.

    I’m in no hurry to ship it back and I plan to change cell phone service too.

    Terrible experience.

    I feel very fortunate they never got it hooked up, then they would have had me locked into a contract and could have really taught me a lesson in complete incompetence.

  190. Terrible
    customer service and even worst product. 
    The U-Verse internet service is intermittent and incredibly slow.  We have a brand new U-Verse modem (May 2012)
    that is supposed to be a 12 Mbps download modem.  I tested it at and the highest
    Mbps speed we’ve gotten is 6.68!  What a
    joke!  Also, this modem takes addresses
    and does an 404 Error redirect and you can’t even pull up Google or Bing!  Additionally, with the U-Verse, AT&T are
    blocking various sites (hello China) – bit torrent sites I use to go to on the
    AT&T 2Wire modem, are no longer available on the U-Verse.  I checked the net and others are complaining
    of other sites they can’t access anymore. 


    far as customer service, it took two technicians seven hours and two days to
    install two modems.  The modems still
    aren’t working properly – as above, intermittent service and error redirects of
    addresses.  When I called customer
    service they had no idea about the error redirects even though it’s all over
    the net which is where I found out how to correct the problem because
    AT&T’s customer service had no idea how to. 
    (BTW:  Any poor suckers out there
    that have U-Verse and get 404 error redirects, you have to clear your cache to
    get rid of them.  Only thing is, every
    time the internet connection intermittently goes down i.e. about every twenty
    minutes for us, you get the error redirect pages, so you have to keep clearing
    your cache!)


    cutting our service off ASAP and going to Xfinity.  I have some friends who have Xfinity internet
    service and they say it’s very fast and reliable.  Yes, it’s more money but what’s the point of
    having internet service if it isn’t fast and reliable?  AT&T’s U-Verse is a nightmare in every
    way.  FYI:  I have no affiliation to Xfinity whatsoever
    (I’ve had an AT&T landline, cell and 2 Wire modem for years) just trying to
    warn people what a royal pain and waste of time U-Verse is.

  191. I am very unhappy with my experience with AT&T Uverse. When
    I called in to AT&T Uverse, I found the automated system cumbersome and
    time consuming. The system forces you to select choices that are inaccurate for
    what their customers need. Then, once I did got a live human, although they
    were friendly, they spent too much time researching an answer to my question
    only come to the conclusion they did not know the answer. All in all, I spent
    over an hour traversing through the AT&T phone system only to be
    disappointed by the ineptness of those who tried to assist me. If you are
    looking are a company that provides great customer care to their customers AT&T
    Uverse is NOT the place for you. (Even the form I used to fill out my complaint
    wasn’t easy to find or use.) My suggestion: Find another company who knows how
    to treat customers because AT&T Uverse does not.   

  192. WOW I am glad to be reading these now. We were scheduled to get the whole UVerse bundle installed today from 1-3. We received a phone call yesterday that a tech was coming by to ensure everything was ready for the install today. Sounds like good customer service, right? We then get a call at 8:30 this morning saying they found an issue and they would be coming out to fix it. We didn’t need to be home for this. My husband and I both came home at 12:30 (1/2 day off work)  ready for the install at 1. We had other contractors here too so we thought it would be helpful if both were home. We came home to a letter on the door from 11:30am saying the issue they found was fixed and we were ready for install. So we waited and waited and waited.. Around 2:40, i called to see if they could tell me where the installer was. They politely said they were waiting on some work to be complete at my house before the installer could come. In my calm voice, I explained that this was complete at 11:30am per the note on my door. They had no record of that. After being on hold until 3:10 (with the saleswomen picking up the phone every 90 seconds to tell me she was still on hold), they told me that the window was closed and they can reschedule me for 1-3 on saturday.*Calm voice is rising*. I talked to three more different people until 4:15 and all have explained that I am scheduled for saturday 1-3. Apparently it doesn’t save in the history that my original appt was Friday 1-3 and because of their mess up, the window was closed. After reading these reviews, I am tempted to just tell them forget it. Although i can’t say I like TW, at least there aren’t 3 different customer service numbers with reps who are only able to access portions of the system.  Thanks to all who shared their experience. I only hope they read these reviews and try to improve some of their practices.

    1.  You can thank our Government for the reason why you have three different customer service numbers.  I discovered some years ago (when I tried to get AT&T DSL) that due to the AT&T monopoly breakup many years ago, sales, provisioning of the physical apparatus, and provisioning of the packet services are separate.  The provisioners must service premises in strict order of request, and must not give any preference to AT&T sales over 3rd party sales. 

      What amazed me was that AT&T customers often found themselves at the back of the queue — AT&T claimed it would take two weeks to get me set up with DSL — because they made a mistake with the speed I’d ordered the first time around and sent me to the end of the queue for a repeat visit.  I went instead with a 3rd party provider and had my rated speed in less than a week.

      I’m going to try them again for UVerse, but I’ve got two phone lines and I’m going to “sacrifice” the one without my existing DSL service to the AT&T god, and we’ll see what happens.  That way, if it doesn’t work out, I’ll just have them rip it out and I’ll be none the worse.

  193. I signed up for AT&T UVerse service on 5/17/2012.  There was a promo for a $100 rewards card for
    signing up online, which sounded great. 
    I was going to be renting the modem for $6/month – my order receipt even
    confirms that.

    Our first modem died five hours after it was installed.  These things do happen, although it was still
    annoying to have service guys tramping around my bedroom for two days.  (And the modem that died was a model that the
    second service guy couldn’t believe anyone was still carrying around anymore…)

    The bill came – $100 for the modem.  Apparently AT&T is unable to rent modems
    in my area.  Why did the website allow me
    to sign up for a $6/month rental?  It’s
    not like I didn’t put in my address! 
    Thankfully, customer service was able to knock the difference off of my
    bill ($28), because at this point it will definitely take a miracle for me to
    renew my contract after 12 months.

    Finally, I received the letter for the $100 reward card…
    which I am unable to claim because I am not an AT&T Wireless or DIRECTV
    subscriber.  Apparently everyone signing
    up after April 2012 has to have one of those two services to claim their
    rewards card.  The customer service
    person at the rewards center was kind enough to point out that I must have “overlooked
    the fine print” in a snotty tone that seemed to question my literacy.

    Thank you, AT&T, for making Comcast look

    1. ATT promotions are a scam! All uverse customers should file a class action suit against them to stop this false promotion. I just got off the phone with their ‘rewards specialist’ – I asked about a $200.00 visa reward card that was promised when i signed on. The eprson i spoke with only told me after 30 days of keeping the service they will send out the rewards card that would take 4-6 weeks. It’s been about 3 months – i called this am due to problem with the modem and had inquired about the rewards card. Well, they have no record of it and was ‘willing’ to give me a $100.00 reward card – I told them BS – i was promised $200.00 – they referred me to the specialists and after making a big stink agreed to send the card and said it would take 4-6 weeks. I told her i already waited 4-6 weeks, why do i have to wait again – she told me from the day it was requested it will take 4-6 weeks. I asked why wasn’t it sent out in the first place as promised and she said it had to be claimed. I told her that info was not written anywhere in the promotion and how many other customers that signed on that they must be scamming because they are not claiming it. She says other customer normally do or their representatives. I asked who would be considered a ‘representative’ of a customer? a lawyer?
      These guys are a bunch of crooks – please let the word out – customers beware. I should have stayed with direct TV. Bit now i heard att also bought them out!

  194. I am a new usr of Att U-verse. I am having a problem with outbound email using Microsoft Outlook. I can receive but not send. I called and received settings from a customer care rep, no luck. She passed me on to a tech expert (?). He gave me the same settings and again no luck. He said he could go no further and told me if I wanted some one with a higher degree of knowledge I would have to fork over $49 for a one time session or subscribe to the IT service for $15 each month. U_VERSE internet service stinks if they can’t help a subscriber with a problem! I had VERIZON Fios and their service was ultra oustanding. I had 24 hr a day tech support and all tech support service was free. They even had a diagnostic tech support program that you could download and use for free…………………WHATS UP ATT………………………?

  195. Att uverse bundle is a nightmare ! The price keeps going up on you and the service SUCKS  the internet slows down, The price goes up fast with no warning. and your favorite TV channels can just vanish. like METV which they claim they are negotiating with.  Basically your get 100s of chanels of crap,
    internet that slows down as price goes up.  Oh and joy of joys if the whole thing goes down  you cant call them because your phone is going out too.
    Call them with a cell phone to tell them it is down? Youll get a computer that tells to to go to their internet site which you cant do because that is down too.
    I talked to one customer service rep who when I threatened to switch to Comcast said ” well yes you have that option”  177.32 and it just keeps raising.
     Save yourself a Huge headache and find a company or company s that care about your business

  196. After a year of trying to get decent wireless service from the router built into the ATT Uverse modem, I finally plunked down $40 for a D-Link router, plugged it in, set it up, and VOILA!  I’m getting the download speeds I’m paying for.  It’s easy, relatively cheap, and solved the problem.  

    I haven’t been 100% happy with AT&T, but they do offer some good channels I couldn’t get with TWC and (so far) the bill is lower.  Now that I have the wireless problem fixed, I’m sticking with AT&T.  

  197. Our experience is as such: The customer we’re speaking of is a young woman with a 10 year old child. AT&T WAS working with the caregiver (young woman experienced a series of strokes – two left her bedridden) and the caregiver working with very limited resources requested payment arrangements, most were granted. Though many reps questioned why TV was so important, some did identify with the customer’s health issues through shared experiences of being caregiver’s to bedridden loved ones. In July the service was interrupted, the caregiver tried to get services restored, the customer had to be hospitalized as these changes in her routine causes her stress and her blood pressure spike, thus putting her at risk for another stroke. It took a couple of days and that’s when the caregiver called several times after even being hung up on, and got that manager who simply asked her to put the phone to the customers ear, and she would do the rest, the manager simply asked the customer (whose speech is now impaired) two questions, the passcode and to indicate “yes” if the caregiver can take responsibility – the customer was able to do that. (Although knowing she could do that the caregiver was told by another manager it was no use to put her on the phone). Now that the caregiver is on the account, the manager restored service with a promise to pay the past due, the caregiver did comply however, she was unable to reload the credit card normally used, and found it easier to send a money order. This is where it gets ugly. The Office of the President representative acknowledged the restoral of service. But did not respond to the constant calls and emails sent by the caregiver inquiring as to why the money order had not been applied, after a couple of weeks the caregiver figured the mo should have been received and proceeded to have it traced, she emailed and called the Office of the President rep to inform her of that trace and that it would take a month to get any result, she requested a payment arrangement in the meantime and never got a response. The service was turned off again, the customer was hospitalized 3 times for hypertensive emergencies, only to have been told by the caregiver that AT&T has refused to offer any further help unless 500.00 was received. Almost an hour later, crying, the customer started convulsing and became unresponsive, her medical alert is tied to her landline and can be activated by the press of a button but since that’s through AT&T it didn’t work we had to take her to the hospital ourselves and her son witnessed this. NO ONE HAS CALLED or responded to the many pleas of the caregiver. AT&T will not respond at all. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. THEY HAVE NO PROBLEM KILLING PEOPLE.

  198. I am getting my u-verse installed and the technician is using my bathroom RIGHT NOW! Hopefully my experience will be better than yours was; this review almost made me decide not to get it but my local cable company is atrocious and direcTV seemed worse than u-verse so I’m taking a chance… When the technician asked to use my bathroom, I remembered this review. Lol!

  199. I cant’ tell you how crappy AT&T’s service is. They royally screwed up a transfer when we moved to a new house and we didn’t have phone, TV, or internet service for 2 weeks after we moved and the entire week before we moved because they cut off the service at the old house too early.

    Now I’m trying to get them to bury a cable that is coming up out of the ground and just lying on a sidewalk before coming into the house. I’m on the 4th service order for that and they just never show.

    I’ve been lied to several times by people claiming to be people they are not, claiming to be supervisors, etc. One time someone intentionally transferred me to a Spanish-speaking cue because he didn’t think I spoke Spanish. Ha–I fooled him! But I still haven’t got the problem fixed. It’s now 2 months since we moved and they still haven’t buried the cable, which we told them on the first call to order the transfer needed to be done.

    This is the worst customer service EVER!

  200. Alice- I live in orange county and I’m having a bad experience with them. Come to think of it, they installer flaked on me too. I had such a hard time even getting it installed, I complained and reached the office of the CEO. It was great! They gave me the best deal for the first 6 months and then now, here’s my story I want to share with you: I’ve had At&t U-verse for almost 2 years now. When I first signed up, I got a great deal. After 1 year, I failed to call in and extend my “promotion/rebate they had given me”. My bill increased about $95 per month. When I realized this, I called them and they said the promotions I had, expired. They said they now have a new promotion. Of course, it wasn’t as good as the last one. I accepted the new promotion that was $25 off internet and $15 off t.v. per month. I was not in a contract. They said call back in 6 months because the promotions were going to expire and they will add on the new promotions. I called back and the agent said the $25 and $15 off promotions were expired and they have new ones. The new one is 3 months free hbo and $5 off internet. Not quite as good as $40 off. Being that I was not satisfied with that, and she said there was nothing she could do, I asked to speak to the supervisor. The supervisor came on the line and understood my frustration. He placed me on hold and came back saying he could give me $18 off every month but now I have to sign a 1 year contract. I elected not to do this. Had I done this all over, I would have tried to get a deal that would lock me into a 12 month contract. They always have good discounts from the start but then when they have you, the dramatically decrease. Unfortunately, they aren’t in my area. If you sign up with at&t u-verse, be sure you call the day your promotions expire or else they will immediately start charging you, making up for the loss of discount you had! As of now, I only have $5 off each month. They said I need to call every 1st of the month to see what the new promotion is. This is a bit ridiculous since it took 15 minutes to speak to someone today. I actually have a blog about saving money, my story is posted.

      1. Ha! No, that is how you have money to spend on more important things. The sustainably rich, often don’t spend money on the stupid things the poor do.

  201. ATT U-verse , I hate this service from ATT , Why i hate , there is reason. This is review is from Farmington Hills , MI. I have ordered ATT U- verse through phone , the lady over the phone took my order and gave a deal for $ 64 for both internet and Cable ( I clearly orderd U – verse and only direct tv cable network through regular cable not the dish installation one) and with in a few days the ATT technician came to my home and he is installing DSL service (internet though phone cable) and later direct tv technician showed up with dish antenna , I was shocked to see all this , because what I ordered was different , next step was i cancelled the service …..after few days GUESS what happened ? … I got a bill from ATT asking to pay for the installation and first month Internet and direct tv bill …I was shocked…and when I called back ATT they canceled the order and created new order for ATT – Uverse …Guess what happened again ..the same technician came with DSL equipment and direct TV guy with dish…..and onei got one more BILL with installation charges and first month bills…so frustrating …. Apart from all this ATT customer care verified my credit score two time which caused 20 point reduced from score…..What a funny with out ATT internet connection i got 20 points reduced fro my credit score……you can imagine how frustrating it is …… PLEASE DON’T EVER GO TO ATT U VERSE service … It a junk service ….Please don’t even thing about ATT U VERSE.. My friends also have the similar experience ..


    Farmington hills

  202. ATT Uverse is a complete JOKE!. Negligent, incompetent and questionable procedures on what’s really going on. User Beware: Failure to provide instructions on router, failure to even give oral instructions on router, failure to provide documents on router, etc. THUS HAS LEAD TO ROUTER HIJACKING AND EVEN MORE CIRCUMSTANCES ONE WOULD NOT TOLERATE. Escape fast. Hundreds of phone calls, waiting for hours on the phone, hours on a transfer, talking to computers, etc. BS BS BS. Rip off and subjects customers to everyone from the NSA to your local hackers.

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  204. Your speed is far better than ours in Los Angeles we only get 1.83 Mbps download and .44 upload and I am a graphic artist how makes my living by uploads and downloads. ATT su$Ks the big one. Every-time you call them they can’t do a thing for you except try to SELL you something else. They don’t care. And they are not knowledgable about the internet.

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