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Dr. Geoge Tiller Murder On Trial

Today in Kansas the trial begins.

People will say that Scott Roeder isn’t a murderer, but that he was protecting the unborn. Listen to what they are saying.

I’m not going to argue about when life begins, but I assert that in addition to murder, this Scott Roeder hunted Dr. George Tiller and traumatized a community.

I understand not believing in abortion, it’s a very personal decision. Here’s the problem. Women need abortions for a variety of reasons. Without physicians like Dr. George Tiller your daughters, wives, mothers, sisters and aunts will die. Women will never stop having abortions, women will simply stop having safe abortions.

If you believe in life, you absolutely must condemn the actions of Scott Roeder. If you believe in choice, you absolutely must condemn the actions of Scott Roeder.

It’s worth noting that Operation Rescue moved their offices to Wichita in order to shut down Dr. George Tiller. Although they didn’t pull the trigger, they fanned the flames.

7 thoughts on “Dr. Geoge Tiller Murder On Trial”

  1. I will never understand how a person can say that they are “protecting” life with one breath and then take someone’s life in their next breath. The abortion argument will never go away, but the extreme on both sides of the issue cannot see their own hypocrisy.

    Now I’m generalizing a bit here, so no one get all offended, BUT… One side will fight tooth and nail to keep the right to kill unborn babies, while fighting tooth and nail to stop killing convicted murderers. I don’t get it, and I’m certainly not going to get into a pro-life/pro-choice argument here on your blog.

    It has been my experience that it is a no-win argument. No one will change my mind and I doubt I could change anyone’s either.

    1. I was going to echo that line too, but April got here first. That’s at the heart of the debate, for me.

      That, and the fact that from either side of the debate, Scott Roeder’s actions were unjustifiable and wrong.

  2. I knew Dr. Tiller well enough to know that his family was isolated by the general population of the community. It is really a shame as he was a great person! Regardless of anyone’s beliefs on abortion this was a man that did this because he believed in helping women. Whether you believe life begins at conception or birth those women sought help from Dr. Tiller and they received it!

    The extremist had been after him for a long time and he knew it. He lived as if he were in a prison in his own office and home leaving to go into public a very few times. He did all of this to stand up for what he believed in that made him a great man regardless of anyone’s view on abortion!

    Thanks for posting Jessica!

  3. Roeder murdered the doctor. It is not even a question. Laws exist to help provide order to society. We can’t just break them because we don’t like them.

  4. Whatever side you may be on, Scott Roeder was wrong, and he committed a crime. I will never understand people who kill in the name of religion. My 95 year old grandparents condemn abortion – but my grandmother has openly called those who kill the doctors and bomb the clinics “unjust, unreligious, ungodly, inhuman”. I feel when very religious elders condemn your actions even though you proclaim it’s in the name of God, you need to reevaluate your life and thought process.

    Death is too kind for him.

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