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Dr. Phil

Yes, I’m on the show tomorrow. Please set your DVR, or better yet, watch live.

That’s me looking tired. TV is exhausting.


44 thoughts on “Dr. Phil”

  1. How dare YOU!! How dare you tell that women that she shouldn’t eve have children!! You’ve got a lot of nerve lady passing bad judgment on her for beating her nephew, which she corrected you and said she doesn’t “BEAT” anyone. Sheeeesh woman! Get off your self-righteous high horse!

    1. I have to agree with Callie on this one. I WILL spank if and when necessary. This is whether it is my child or a family member. I find that I rarely have to because I am a firm mom. My teenage son will tell you that I don’t need a belt because I have eyes. It has been many years since I’ve had to spank my son. My son knows that when I speak I mean business and more often than not, a simple look will do the trick to change behavior. In the end, consistency is the key.

    2. I wish you were as passionate about a child’s right to physical and emotional safety as you are about an adult’s “right” to hit a defenseless child.

  2. Thank you for taking a stand for that poor little boy. Violence is NOT the answer and I’m thankful there was a good strong voice there.

    1. From what I understand that was not ‘a poor little boy’…but then I don’t know anymore than you do what the dynamics are. A swat on the butt is NOT violence. Believe me I know violence….

  3. Nice job~ Thanks for standing up for our kids! Who in theit right mind would think it is OK to spank someone else’s kid! The show is 1/2 way through here, but I had to weigh in……….

  4. As a writer with a degree in child development, I believe spanking is more about the adults lack of self-control rather than punishment of the child. An adult should be able exercise the patience and time it takes to effectively navigate their child’s negative behavior to more positive waters. As a mom of two believe me, I know how tough it can be. There have been times where I’ve had to remove myself and count to ten but believe me, there’s always a way without resorting to lifting a hand or swinging a belt.

    1. I have an advanced degree in child development…..I am a mom, a grandmom, and a great grandmom. My credentials beat yours….which can be interpreted to mean I believe the true experts are those who have navigated the waters not just read the book.
      Oh, and I am a retired teacher who also had child development courses up the wazoo.
      I’ve never been tempted to ever strike anothers child. (I am so grateful I didn’t teach when corporal punishment was, in some areas, required). But I have looked at parents and believe that a few whacks on their bottoms(in public as they do in Singapore) would do wonders. Those I am referring to are those who allow their child(children) to act like hooligans in public. REMOVE YOUR KID. Restaurant dining can be a nauseating experience with the children acting like it was feeding time at the zoo. Shopping can prod one into taking a handful of aspirin from the noise and misbehavior factor of children around you. Mothers your loud, disrespectful, whining child is NEVER cute. I resent shopping and seeing children being allowed to play with the toys leaving them scattered about, breaking the boxes, tearing down the clothes on hangers, running around the stores and under the clothes…..I’ve had a mom tell me, “Oh, they’re just playing”….who in the world designated a store as a playground, and the shoppers as unwilling spectators and chaperones? If you cannot teach your child social behavior then leave them with someone who can tolerate the behavior you have failed to teach but don’t foist them on the public.
      I swatted my children’s bottoms only when their action was going to get them in harm’s way, not for general misbehavior. I never found it necessary nor did I find a long explanation even close to helpful. Yes, we left public areas several times. I didn’t even have to say much as the other siblings would really give the offender what for for ruining their outing. The next time we went I would refresh their memory of the cut short excursion and it helped.
      Tone of voice and movement is so helpful. I find my 2 year old great grandson who
      will not leave his mother’s plant alone will, if I only call his name, tilt my head, and raise my eyebrow, give up the action. (I don’t like the word NO being used over and over either- there are so many other ways). Explore, find the way that fits comfortably for you, your child, and your lifestyle. One size does not fit all. Don’t wait and hope that ‘it will pass’…stop it immediately. Self-control (in children and adults) doesn’t just ‘happen’…it has to be taught.
      Thanks for listening to granny.

  5. Your response to that outspoken spanking supporter was terrific!! I appreciate the outrage you expressed for the children of the world. You have a new fan!

    1. Kay, that response was inappropriate. There was no insight into the waitresses life ….as I’ve said…one size does NOT fit all. To cheer for someone who tried to humiliate someone stating honestly her opinion is not the mark of a professional. Sorry about tha.

      1. I believe the only person who is humiliated is that nephew who gets hit with a belt. Adults have the responsibility, if they are going to be around children, to develop their communication skills so that they can explain to a child why his/her behavior is wrong. Hitting a child for bad behavior is an impulsive move which doesn’t actually teach the child what was wrong with their behavior. And that child is learning that is okay to hit others when they displease us. Cycle of abuse continues . . .

        1. You know what? A bit of humiliation doesn’t hurt. Also, I didn’t hear where public humiliation was involved. (I am referring to the child). I would rather a swat on the rear than having a ripping of a new bottom verbally. Been there.

        2. P.S. It isn’t a ‘cycle of abuse’. Abuse is beatings (there is not a FINE distinction between spanking and beatings there is a HUGE distinction), mental abuse, sexual abuse, burning, denying adequate or proper food, medical care…THATs abuse!!!

  6. I agree with Callie. HOW DARE YOU. It was clear that the women is not beating her nephew. To say she belongs in Jail was down right RUDE and uncalled for.
    Maybe not all kids need to be spanked. I think that some do. Not BEAT, but spanked. There is a BIG difference. There is a trend going on that more and more kids are becoming rude, disrespectful, and ungrateful. And there is a trend that less and less parents are spanking. Maybe these RUDE kids are not be due to lack of spanking, but at any rate, parents need to discipline their kids and teach them to be hardworking, respectful and polite. It is so sad to me that this has been lost, and our youth will suffer from it.

  7. All I know is if someone else hit my kid with a belt, Heaven help them…

    I mainly do the Naughty Stair method with my kids–though I think it’s backfired on me because when I put them on it they’re all, “Supernanny rocks!”

    1. Yep, things do backfire….I tried having mine scrub the bathtub with comet for using rude language to each other….had to quit that….couldn’t get in the tub because of the grit and man…cans and cans of comet!!!! Of course, this was back in the neanderthal age but we did have tubs and showers…lol I did the stairway thing ….and they belly slid on it….they loved it…like I said…try and try…

    2. Please keep in mind that wasn’t just any person… was his aunt and it was with his mother’s blessing. We tend to put our take on things….we need to be careful.

  8. Ok Jessica I had to stop by and tell you that you were SPOT ON with the woman who has “NO KIDS” thinking she can spank other people’s children. I was ready to jump right through the screen! I was appalled that Dr. Phil would even have her on the show considering she has no children, therefore, no experience…She should not have even been given a voice in this show. *Vomit*

    To Evelyn: Your opinion is unwanted from me, so save it!

    BTW did great!

  9. I wonder why Jessica wasn’t able to articulate herself respectfully and without cursing at the woman who, as a designated disciplinarian, spanked her nephew. Curiously this woman was able to articulate herself WITHOUT ad hominem attacks and swearing. Just sayin’.

  10. I’m watching right now. Can I just say that I’m appalled that the audience is cheering on this moron who is clearly physically abusing a child?


    Shame on Dr. Phil for not backing you more adamantly.

  11. Also shame on Dr Phil for not clarifying that CIO (cry it out) is harmful to babies and toddlers.
    And, Evelyn, you’re the main voice of bias on this page. You’re depositing your 2cents here and there on each post that is anti-violence, yet you say nothing to the posters who say that there is nothing wrong with spanking.
    Anyone should be able to distinguish that “spanking” is a violent act, whether it’s performed with good intentions or out of anger. An adult strikes an adult, it’s hitting. A child strikes a child, it’s hitting. An adult strikes a child, it’s…. spanking?
    Maybe children these days are becoming more rude because they’re mirroring the treatment they received as young children. Small children have real feelings, too. It shouldn’t hurt to be a child. Food for thought.

    1. Thanks for pulling me up by the short hairs Kathryn.
      I was trying to make a distinction between hitting/abuse and a swat on the bottom/a spank . ( As I said, I never even thought of striking anyone else’s child and I’ve had hundreds). Hmmm maybe I am really defending my grandmother who we all adored but we walked a wide circle around her fly swatter.
      Guess we old fossils shouldn’t even think of entering into your debates. What do we know, aye?

  12. Just finished watching my taped episode of Dr. Phil and now typing my first ever note to express disgust in adult conduct and behaviour. Jessica – your were invited on the Dr. Phil show as a professional but you behaved and acted inappropriately toward his guest. The manner in which you communicated toward the young lady, that spanked her nephew, was fueled with anger and negative emotions and came across as inappropriate given your role for the show. It also did a disservice to your credibility and reputation. I am not writing about whether spanking is right or wrong. I am voicing my disappointment in your conduct.

  13. Donna, I don’t believe there is anything wrong with being outraged at the way some people are allowed to get away with treating CHILDREN.

  14. Jessica is a professional and so should act like one. She is there to help guide, teach, and show a different way of dealing with issues. Her outraged should be contained within herself if she is going to do any good. Behaviour like this only provokes defensiveness; it does not help guide or teach!

  15. First and foremost I am no expert on raising children. Just a mom. No credentials to brag about just trying to do the best that I can by my children. But I had to comment on what I just saw.

    It’s 3:11 am and I just watched my recorded Dr. Phil show re: Discipline and children. While the overall show was very informative, I have to say that I was really embarrased for Jessica regarding how she handled the guest with the belt issue. I feel that she could have been more diplomatic with her choice of words and quite frankly I hope she apologized to the guestafter the show on how she handled that conversation.

    I’m not saying that Jessica is not entitled to an opinion, but for someone with her credentials and experience that segment really came across as an attack towards that particular guest. And it may have been a coincidence, but I did notice that for the remainder of the show there were no addt’l comments aired from Jessica. Remember the earlier question about are we raising our kids to be rude….? That was a rude moment for Jessica.

    “Corporal” punishiment is a reality. Even at our local public schools a note comes home the first week for parents to sign if they will allow their children to be paddled at school.

    Discipline is a constant practice and struggle as parents today try and find what works in their household and is ever evolving through generations. Yes I think there is a fine line between discipline and abuse whether it be physical, verbal and emotional. And I think every parent, even Jessica, surely struggles with those issues. Parenting is a love/hate relationship at times. But for Jessica’s 15 minutes of fame…I feel you could have have presented herself in a much better light.

  16. First, I’ll start off my saying I’m not a Mom myself. I don’t have any kids, but I have two nieces.

    Now with that aside, I saw that episode and I think Jessica was RIGHT for calling the spanking childess aunt out like that. That woman should be lucky she wasn’t MY sister or else SHE would’ve gotten the belt from me!

    Jessica has more say in discipline than that lady does. Why? BECAUSE SHE IS A PARENT!!

  17. Amber- she had the mother’s permission. Gottlieb was way out of line. The fact that she flew off the handle at the other guest on the show….the aunt that spanked was a guest…. makes me wonder if she verbally abuses children also. Verbal abuse can be far more damaging than a swat on the butt.
    That said…if you young ones don’t know the difference between spanking and beating/abuse, I agree- you definitely should not spank…EVER.

    1. @Evelyn,
      All I was saying was that Jessica was right for calling her out like that and she has more say and experience in disciplining childrean than she does. The aunt can babysit as many kids as she wants. but until she has kids of her own (which I hope she never does), she has NO right to say what type of discipline is best for kids. I won’t say which is best because like her I’m not a parent.

      I have two nieces (like I said before), but I would NEVER spank them even if their parents (father is my half-brother) gave me permission. If I ever have kids, he wouldn’t have permission either. If they did something that would warrant one, give them to me & I’ll deal with them.

      The aunt better be lucky she wasn’t MY sister. If she was, she would NEVER see her nephew again. If that kid was my son and if he were to get spanked, they would come from me. I brought that child into the world, NOT HER! That belt she had around her neck would be heading towards HER butt if I ever learned she spanked my son for anything.

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