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I Promise We Are Not Destitiute

Right now, my Mom is home with my kids and I’m at the PBS press day. Jane and Alexander are absolutely thrilled to have an afternoon with Granny, and I’m enjoying an afternoon with adults.

My Mother is soon to hear a phone message that will make her heart sink, and she will be too polite to say anything.

This pay period my husband switched banks, this means that last Wednesday he got a paper check for the first time in nine years. My husband forgot to bring the check home for a few days, and then for a few more it sat on the kitchen counter. Right now my husband’s paycheck has been folded four times and is in my back right pocket.

Something important has not happened.

I have not paid the mortgage and it is the 13th of the month. At some point this evening there will be a robo-call that says:

Hi this is Jessica from Wells Fargo, please call 800-Deadbeat, this is not a telemarketing phone call.

You know the voice, don’t pretend that you don’t.

So this post is for you Mom. We are okay. We are not in dire straits, we are not even late (there is a 15 day grace period). I just have to take the paycheck out of my back pocket, put it in the ATM and run to Wells Fargo tomorrow and pay the mortgage.

Really Mom, thinks are okay, we’re just not used to paper. Paper is so 2008.

6 thoughts on “I Promise We Are Not Destitiute”

  1. Very funny. And really now…who uses paper anymore? I was shopping with my mother recently and she started to get out her check book. I almost had a heart attack. LOL

  2. “we’re just not used to paper. Paper is so 2008.” LOL. Yet another great ending!

    p.s. DON’T forget to take the check out before you wash your jeans! A “friend” did that once. NOT pretty…

  3. I am so impressed that you know: A)when your mortgage is due B) that you have a grace period and C)how to pay it.

    No, no, you’re right-it’s not 1942.

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