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I’ve Got Mail

Today I went to my PO Box to retrieve my mail, and there was a certified letter. I thought the same thing everyone does, “Who is suing me?” I held the letter up to the light. I was ThisClose to refusing it. Then I remembered that were I being sued, a sheriff would just show up at my door. Yes, I realize that most adults don’t go through this process when receiving a piece of mail. I’m a lawyer’s kid. I can’t undo that part of me.

After a few minutes I decided that my curiosity would win out (as it always does), and I signed for the letter. I opened it with a mixture of excitement and dread. Certified mail is uncommon. Someone wrote a letter (uncommon), went to the post office (even more uncommon), waited in line, filled out forms and paid more than $3 to send it to me (downright rare).

The letter was typewritten and hand signed. It included formal headers, actual paragraphs and a closing statement. It was the opposite of an email or a blog comment.

Some of the letter included the phrases it included were, “Thank you for having the courage and social perspective…” and “I am a black man [sic] anyone with common sense would agree with you…” The letter referenced Servite High School.

The rest of it is mine to read. It’s a touching letter. I don’t know how old the writer is. I don’t know if he has children, where he’s from, what we might have in common. I don’t know anything about him except that he’s read at least one of my blog entries.

I know that I needed this letter. Every so often blogging feels like an albatross. The folks who disagree are very verbal, and all too often empowered by anonymity and distance. I know that social commentary matters. I don’t know when it matters, or how it can affect change, but I know deep in my heart these blogs we have matter.

I’m holding onto my mail. I’m glad I wasn’t too afraid to accept it. It means the world to me.

5 thoughts on “I’ve Got Mail”

  1. What an encouraging post. I know that sometimes I feel like… who really gives a rip that my kid cut off all her hair? But really… it might not be about the hair but the fact that sometimes we as parents aren’t always perfect. I know that you touch me with your posts all the time… and not just posts… in person. You have given to me personally. Although you may come across brash and you might wonder who’s suing you… I’ll always be a fan and a friend. xo

  2. I know that social commentary matters. I don’t know when it matters, or how it can affect change, but I know deep in my heart these blogs we have matter.

    You either don’t really know that this matters, or if you do, you certainly have yet to show that you value it. If you did value it, you wouldn’t use your platform to mostly just sell stuff.

    When I emailed you asking why you blog, you immediately replied “for money:” Instead of oh, I don’t know, saying that you have something to share, a unique point of view that should be heard (and compensated through advertising).

    Since I haven’t been reading your blog regularly, I looked through the archives, thinking maybe I’d missed something. Nope. What I found was that if you’re anything like this in real life, I’d be disappointed and ashamed if you were my mom.

    Moreover, I am disappointed that as a supposedly educated and extremely privileged woman you say don’t know when social commentary matters or how it can affect change. Sorry, but you’ve lost me as a reader.

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