Doppelganger Week

According to my friend Michelle, you’re supposed to change your Facebook avatar to your doppelganger this week.

That would be super easy if I’d known what a doppelganger is. Shut up, you had to google it too!

A few weeks ago my husband’s friend Joey called, he said he’d seen The Tooth Fairy and that Ashley Judd looked and behaved just like I do. I asked my husband to call him back, (I might have been shrill), “Oh my gawd is she stupid in the movie? Isn’t she always doing weight loss commercials? Am I mistaken or is she just plain doughy?” I continued, “Call him back, find out if Joey hates me!”

I went and saw the movie for myself. It was okay… but really, the point of it is.

Ashley Judd is neither doughy nor silly in the movie. Joey likes me, and I’m pretty sure I know what doppelganger means.

photo credit @wmmarc

8 thoughts on “Doppelganger Week”

  1. I have been sitting on my hands all week trying not to lose Facebook friends by posting comments like, “I’m sorry, but you so do NOT look like Sandra Bullock!” and “Matt Damon? Seriously?”

    But that picture is pretty convincing, so happy Doppelganger Week to you.


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