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Never Ending Explosions and Repairs

I think y’all know that I like a clean house. No, I love a clean house. I also love clean clothes, and my washer and dryer (while not quite dead) are slowing down. Since Alexander is speeding up this is not a good thing.

In order to get clothes properly cleaned, I am told, I need a front loading washer and dryer. I also have the world’s tiniest laundry room. This is both good and bad news. The bad news with a small laundry room is that you must use your space well. You must be thoughtful. The good news is that things like moving the plumbing and painting the walls are not particularly expensive, you need just an inch of copper wire and not a mile.

Friday morning my superhero plumber showed up with two helpers. They capped off the plumbing to a useless sink, removed some cabinets and moved the water, gas and sewage lines from one wall to another. The trio was exceptional. So incredible that I’m not sure that I’m willing to share his information with you, I’m a bit stingy that way. Here’s where karma got me, I’m all not sharing the kick ass plumber who came from the amazing contractor who is building my mother’s 84th house… and after having the water shut off for a few hours I decided to color do my hair. After 25 minutes of L’oreal 6N (which is in the process of being fired from the job) I hopped into the shower to condition it out and the shower head exploded everywhere.

There was water coming out of the top and the bottom of the shower head. With a swollen face and gloppy hair, I simply stood under the biggest trickle I could find, and cried.

A girl can only cry for so long. I picked myself up and ran off to the hardware store. After several failed attempts I found the holy grail of shower heads. It’s a Sprite Filtered Shower head, you can get it at Lowes. This shower head is wonderful as it filters the chlorine out of your water. I struggle with dry hair and skin, so this thrills me. I went and bought one for the kids bathroom as well. You will want to pull the flow restrictor out though, otherwise it’s just too wimpy.

After feeling like crap, and being generally woozy from tooth pain, I did what every child does. I called my Mom and Stepdad and asked them for help. We all went out for dinner and then my Stepdad came upstairs to our master suite to help install the new shower head. Here is what he saw.

If you look to the left of my bed you’ll see a video camera and tripod. Folks I am a vlogger too! I have a YouTube channel (it’s small but it’s mine) and I tape each week for Momversation. It’s not what you think. I don’t even think he thought it.

I’m a Mommy Vlogger!

But oh em gee when you walk into my bedroom it just does not look good.

10 thoughts on “Never Ending Explosions and Repairs”

  1. Sorry about the exploding shower head! I’d probably cry too! lol! The video camera cracked me up hehe ;) As a mother, I dream of having a front loading washer. I even have the colors picked old ones will do for now. Lovely bedroom though! I have a 1yo and a 2yo..I also dream of a clean house. If anyone has any tips I’d love you to share haha.

  2. My cousin had something similar happen to her in the days before vlogging. My uncle used to sell furniture, so when my cousin wanted to buy a new bed, she took him to go look at it to make sure it was a solid investment. It was a big four poster bed with a top on it, so of course he would want to to take a look at the “roof” as well. So when he starts nosing around the frame, he notices something my cousin didn’t — the top is mirrored. So he looks at her and asks, in an accent only an 80 year old German Jew who has lived on the East Coast for the last five decades can deliver,

    “What? You need mirrors up there? What do you need mirrors up there for? You kids with your kinky shenanigans!”

    She didn’t buy the bed.

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