13 thoughts on “There Was No Middle Ground Today”

  1. The video was nice, but I was distracted by the books behind you. When I visit friends I always make a point of seeing what they have on their shelves. I love to read and find it interesting to see what others have read or are reading.

  2. I never read video blogs and if they go video I stop.

    1. takes way to much time to watch when I can read much faster
    2. harder to check on mobile devices
    3. i don’t want to deal with sound, I don’t always have headphones and I check blogs often in public places, I like to be at my computer with music in the background, the moment my children hear sounds coming from my computer they immediately run over and check over my shoulder-hence driving me insane, and it’ usually just an added noise to my already noise filled brain.

    • I agree with everything Janie said – AND I loved this video.
      I tend to click away when videos start to stream on a blog. I would make an exception for your vids.
      Upside: They would be one of those link treats I would squirrel away to watch later when I’m alone.
      Downside: I’m NEVER alone and my folder of link treats is overflowing.
      Reality: I would miss out on the majority of your posts.
      Maybe weekly vids?

  3. I loved it. It’s so fun to hear and see you and I like video as a weekly addition to the blog. Like Jack, I’m a book spy though. I will never peek in your medicine cabinet but totally want to see what you’re reading. Thus, the background was too distracting for me.

  4. I too really liked your video but I tend to turn away from vids in general. My suggestion would be to start slowly, having a video once a week. You could have fun with it too, like calling it Monday Morning Coffee, Friday Wrap-up, or something like that. If it gets to be popular, you can always add more days.

  5. Great to start some new projects, and I enjoyed seeing you in your element. That said, I agree with the other commenters that the background is distracting.

    The pluses of video: better communication (body language, intonation, humor, etc), makes the reader “feel” closer to the blogger. However, I’d use it sparingly: think about what the medium is best used for (short vignettes, storytelling, interviews) and choose one type of story that we can come to expect when we see a video (is it the interview with the person who messed up your day? Is it the rant about something that bothers you? Is it the humorous story about the kids? A review of a local space or something else? etc.) I find it hard to sit through videos unless I know what to expect, and that there is unique value from it for the blog readers. I’ll use the example of Chris Brogan, who uses it for short book reviews – I know video=book review.

    That said, it was fun to see you. I want to know what all the medals are for!

  6. I must say, I find it ironic since you are anti-Christ (notice I didn’t say THE) that you remind me so much of a Nun in this video. :) Of course, I mean that with the utmost love and respect.

    Sorry about the puke… glad the car didn’t cost mucho$… Yay on the new BMFF (Ahem… that’s Best Man Friend Forever, get your mind outta the toilet).

    The vid was cute… Love the speech clouds… the books are a bit distracting, I kept trying to read your titles… I’d say once a week… but hey, do what you want… we all know you’re going to anyway.


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