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There Was No Middle Ground Today

It was like a see saw, high and low, never really resting in the middle.

I’m experimenting with YouTube, and I’m anxious for your feedback. Let me know in the comments. Do you like video or is one a week enough?

13 thoughts on “There Was No Middle Ground Today”

  1. The video was nice, but I was distracted by the books behind you. When I visit friends I always make a point of seeing what they have on their shelves. I love to read and find it interesting to see what others have read or are reading.

  2. I never read video blogs and if they go video I stop.

    1. takes way to much time to watch when I can read much faster
    2. harder to check on mobile devices
    3. i don’t want to deal with sound, I don’t always have headphones and I check blogs often in public places, I like to be at my computer with music in the background, the moment my children hear sounds coming from my computer they immediately run over and check over my shoulder-hence driving me insane, and it’ usually just an added noise to my already noise filled brain.

    1. I agree with everything Janie said – AND I loved this video.
      I tend to click away when videos start to stream on a blog. I would make an exception for your vids.
      Upside: They would be one of those link treats I would squirrel away to watch later when I’m alone.
      Downside: I’m NEVER alone and my folder of link treats is overflowing.
      Reality: I would miss out on the majority of your posts.
      Maybe weekly vids?

  3. I loved it. It’s so fun to hear and see you and I like video as a weekly addition to the blog. Like Jack, I’m a book spy though. I will never peek in your medicine cabinet but totally want to see what you’re reading. Thus, the background was too distracting for me.

  4. I too really liked your video but I tend to turn away from vids in general. My suggestion would be to start slowly, having a video once a week. You could have fun with it too, like calling it Monday Morning Coffee, Friday Wrap-up, or something like that. If it gets to be popular, you can always add more days.

  5. Great to start some new projects, and I enjoyed seeing you in your element. That said, I agree with the other commenters that the background is distracting.

    The pluses of video: better communication (body language, intonation, humor, etc), makes the reader “feel” closer to the blogger. However, I’d use it sparingly: think about what the medium is best used for (short vignettes, storytelling, interviews) and choose one type of story that we can come to expect when we see a video (is it the interview with the person who messed up your day? Is it the rant about something that bothers you? Is it the humorous story about the kids? A review of a local space or something else? etc.) I find it hard to sit through videos unless I know what to expect, and that there is unique value from it for the blog readers. I’ll use the example of Chris Brogan, who uses it for short book reviews – I know video=book review.

    That said, it was fun to see you. I want to know what all the medals are for!

  6. I must say, I find it ironic since you are anti-Christ (notice I didn’t say THE) that you remind me so much of a Nun in this video. :) Of course, I mean that with the utmost love and respect.

    Sorry about the puke… glad the car didn’t cost mucho$… Yay on the new BMFF (Ahem… that’s Best Man Friend Forever, get your mind outta the toilet).

    The vid was cute… Love the speech clouds… the books are a bit distracting, I kept trying to read your titles… I’d say once a week… but hey, do what you want… we all know you’re going to anyway.

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