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I’m uncomfortable with this blog and the tone of the mom  blogging community. is a new site, and I think it reads like a hall of shame.

I love sharing common experiences. I love the process of finding great things, and I love the community that has evolved out of tech.

I’ll be at twestival tonight. I hope it helps wash some of the ick off.

I’m not sure what direction I’m taking online, but I know what direction I’m headed offline. I’m finding that every day I care a little less what anyone outside of my family thinks of me. It’s liberating.

26 thoughts on “Discomfort”

  1. I think ShePosts is interesting and cutting edge in that there is a need for curated content and this can go a long way in filling people (insiders and outsiders) in on what’s happening in the community. However, I’m concerned about the gossipy element to it and can see how it can turn into the TMZ of the momblogging community and that would be a Big Ick. We’ll see how it goes.

    Have fun tonight.

  2. I think that’s a beautiful place to be in (about your family, not about being uncomfortable) and I hope you figure out how to get back in the comfortable groove here. Because I love your blog, and I love your voice. You have an informed opinion, in a muddled mess of chaos. And I enjoy hearing things from your side of the country and from your point of view.

    I also like to daydream about how you can afford anything you want (in the car department) when my poor Chevy is breaking down a little more every day. I like to live vicariously through your blog, if you don’t mind me saying so.

      1. I’ve done quite a bit of Mommy blogging PR (I’m not a Mommy myself)… I think the site is just really confusingly laid out for someone visiting for the first time. I got fedup and clicked out within 2 minutes ‘cuz I didn’t understand it. :D

  3. I kind of know what you mean. I think I’ve been drawing more deeply into the book-bloggers community over the last several months for similar reasons…and also, a “mom blogger” and “a mom who writes a blog” may not have to be the same thing.

    How long has ShePosts been around? I’d never heard of it until you mentioned it here, and I don’t quite know what to make of it.

  4. I’d love for you to elaborate on why you don’t feel comfortable with it.

    Do you not feel comfortable with the content – seeing all the moms participating as brand ambassadors?

    Or that you think it will further create tension, finger pointing and frustration in the blogosphere.

    Elaborate JG…share with us, we love to hear your take! :)

  5. What makes you uncomfortable about it? I haven’t explored yet, but saw a familiar name when I clicked over that makes me want to go back. Maggie can write like nobody’s business.

  6. I think it’s sad so much time is spent blogging and not doing something that may actually be making a difference. It is a sad state of affairs when a big part of someone’s life is a blog…I mean come on, there are so many more productive things that a person could be doing with their life.

    1. That isn’t fair, shels. Blogging is writing, which is productive. It’s what you do with your blogging that can veer into the unproductive, but who doesn’t spend some unproductive time in his or her life?

      Blogging has given birth to many worthy organizations like which actually help people and make the world a better place. Blogging provides content 24/7 that is rich, funny, and interesting. Blogs as a genre of content do not deserve general dismissal just become some of them are bad.

    2. Hmmm… But blogging is writing–and writing is productive. The amazing thing about blogging is that we can hear other voices than just those that the mainstream media choose to present to us. If you don’t enjoy reading a particular blog, then you don’t read it anymore, much like subscribing to a newspaper or magazine (only better because there are so MANY choices!)

      I haven’t been to the site, so I can’t comment on it, and I’m not very well-versed on the whole business aspect of blogging, but I love reading my favorite blogs (written mostly mothers, though I wouldn’t necessarily call them ‘mommy bloggers’…)

      I just think writing and reading are valuable in and of themselves. It’s important for our children to see us read and write–I’m interested in what others have to say, and I have something to say, too! That’s powerful…

  7. “Mommy blogging” makes me want to hurl, generally. But “moms who blog” are totally different animals. Very interesting, those. Guess which one you are.

  8. You know your life is not very fulfilling when you spend so much time blogging. Some may hate to admit it, but deep down they know they feel like a failure on many levels when the only place one may stand out is on a blog!!!

  9. After perusing the site…the articles, almost all are clearly paraphrase citations of other peoples writings, I see the site more as a spin doctor of sorts. Maybe a way to ruffle the feathers of those “mommy bloggers” who are the same sorority (Deb said it best though) of women going to the same brand events and for what? Free schwag? Walk through Costco on any afternoon if you want free “samples.” Personally if done right the site could and would be useful to the mommy bloggers who are clawing at one another to the top of the glass ceiling food chain. Otherwise, I think its just a way to post who made varsity and who got cut….or better….who’s dick is bigger than who of mommy blogging.

  10. if its all the ‘brand ambassadors’ listings that are making you feel that way, I totally hear ya. I did have a very pleasant discussion with the site owner about the site as some of my content was used there and I wasn’t really happy with how it was referred to. None the less, I did find out the intention of the site was to be sort of a ‘mash’ of the mom blogging community (styled something like mashable duh) and the first days of anything on that level of work, are difficult. I also found out its a single woman operation right now.. so she’s a little behind the powercurve. Give her a ‘chance’ its honestly not as offensive as I had first thought..I’m sure it will mature over time.. if you want to know have my number, I’m always glad to talk…look at it this way..there’s not a man behind the screen on this really, there’s a woman in charge..not some pseudo female business..

  11. Not into the site, I checked it out, but it was just too “busy” for me, I would not be a loyal reader. There are way too many blogs out there, I think it’s getting to be old. It was a lot more enjoyable when there where many less blogs, but now 1 in 4 probably have them and it’s no longer fun.

  12. That is one of the worst websites I have ever seen – not because of the content since I can’t read through all of it anyways, but because it is so busy and confusing.

    I’m not here to become a “brand ambassador” or whatever. I’m here to talk about and share things that interest me. It’s rare when I do reviews, but I make sure they’re honest and real. Getting a free bottle of lotion or a case of pomegranate juice doesn’t make me swoon. I find it sad when people are just into blogging just to get swag, but the good thing is that we can usually spot them a mile (or pitch) away). I just don’t go there.

    You’re a good voice of reason out here and I always appreciate your words of wisdom.


  13. I am sure that sooner or later the tax laws are going to come down on all the “free” products that are sent out to bloggers and hopefully this will help decrease the number of blogs that have exploded in the last few years. I agree, it really has gotten out of control and everyone and their grandma has one.

  14. Just saw this post now (see how behind I am?) and since I’m using Drupal instead of WordPress I don’t have trackbacks installed and am still trying to figure it all out.

    Thanks for the shout out Jessica! :)

    As far as the site – the goal is to be a Mashable for/about the mom blogging community. It’s still in its infancy but I wanted to launch with enough content to make it feel like it’s been around longer than 2 days.

    And Kim – no worries – it won’t turn into a TMZ. The tone is meant to be light-hearted and fun.

    It’s the first real attempt to track what’s happening – particularly in terms of brand-blogger relationships, which I’m finding is a HUGE job.

  15. “I’m not sure what direction I’m taking online, but I know what direction I’m headed offline. I’m finding that every day I care a little less what anyone outside of my family thinks of me. It’s liberating.”

    I am totally with you, and that’s why I like you even though we don’t see eye to eye on everything. For goodness sake I am one of those moms who work not because I absolutely need to. ;-) But good for you. The quote above? Right on!

  16. So, it’s not just me, then.

    I think I’ve realized that I’m not a mommyblogger – I’m a mom who blogs. I’ll never be comfortable aligning with a mainstream brand b/c most of their products are no longer in my house (see: Food, Inc). I get the point of aiming for some sort of legitimacy and applying some strategy to your work, but I miss the stories.

    I miss the stories a lot.

  17. Oh, ICK. ICK!

    That site makes me so sad about the mom blogging community. It has come so far from where it was when I started, and it is not the place of consolation and commiseration that I found then. Now it’s competition, jealousy, and…gossip?!

    I’m crawling back into my hole now.

  18. One of the things that I have always loved about you (besides the fact that you have admirable taste in art ; ), Jess, is that you’ve always said what was on your mind.

    Please don’t tell me that all that time you were worried about what people thought of you! Say it ain’t so!

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