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Friday Confession: iPhone and Google Phone

I have two cell phones. I have an iPhone and a Nexus 1 Google phone. You have the iPhone number, even my mother is unsure who is calling when I use the droid Google Phone.

I lost my iPhone at some point on Wednesday. I made a halfhearted attempt to find it because I have the droid Google Phone. By the time dinner rolled around on Wednesday I not only stopped looking, but seriously considered canceling the service.

It’s now Friday morning, and I’m happy that my iPhone is gone. I’m supposed to miss being hyper-connected.

I don’t.

6 thoughts on “Friday Confession: iPhone and Google Phone”

  1. As the person you blamed for your purchase of the Nexus One, may I kindly remind you that you don’t have a Droid at all?

    That’s a Motorola phone, which is great, but cannot compare with the keyboard-free and AMOLED goodness of the Nexus one!

    Your confession should be, “iPhone and Google Phone” or “iPhone and Nexus One”

    I’m sorry you lost your iPhone! For the eBay value, if nothing else!

    The Nexus One is sheer delight, and I’m so glad that you are enoying both the phone and Google Voice.

    I have noticed that it can have a little lag on phone calls on occasion, so I’m not quite ready myself to totally give up using minutes on my T-Mobile plan, BUT! for texting it’s sheer pleasure — especially since you can text people from the Gvoice website and see past conversations and not be tied to a cell phone (no matter how beautiful!) for text mesaging.

    The two things that still blow my mind with Android as a mobile OS after two months are: voice dictation (try “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore are thou, Romeo?” when showing off next time) and Swype (now in Beta — mind-bendingly great way to input text by touch screen).

    If you haven’t downloaded GDocs as an app yet, it’s a little dangerous (you need to save and sync manually) but pretty amazing because it syncs with Google Docs, which can publish directly to WordPress blogs.

  2. My laptop crashed on me this past October. Seeing as I’m employed by one of the largest companies in the world, I thought for sure I’d have a replacement within two days. Instead, it took two months (because with large companies comes large bureaucracy.) For TWO months, I was without my work laptop. The first week, I was filled with much angst that I wasn’t connected and how could the world keep spinning? By the second week – and then for the next five weeks – I was in pure bliss.

    Then my laptop came back and I had 1,600 e-mails and the anguish started up all over again. There’s really something about being disconnected that is wonderfully de-stressing.

    Maybe I should go drop the new one in a pool…

  3. i have one phone. an iphone. it’s a completely screwed up phone that hangs up mid-call. it turns on and off all by itself. and i think it might be possessed.
    any more than just one phone, i might go insane.

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