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Spring Break in 5… 4…. 3…

I was up at 6.30 this morning to get the kids to school early. Why? Today is generations day. The kids invite someone from another generation (Grandparents, friends… mommy’s tennis partner…) to the school for the morning. What’s really super cool (according to Jane) is that the 5th grade kids get to escort the guests from the entry of the school to the host child’s classroom. When you are eleven this is a big deal.

This is Jane’s last Generations day, as this is her last year of lower school. She’s the big kid. My baby is the big kid.

I’m so excited to have the kids home for two and a half weeks. I love having more time with them. I love the stress of school being over. I love just sitting and relaxing and being with them. Being a part of their day without constantly having to shuttle them along to the next thing.

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