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Friday Confession: iPad

I don’t care.

I think it’s a big yawn, its like a kindle with backlight and the opportunity to buy color magazines (which I don’t buy anyhow). I don’t want a laptop that won’t fold shut any more than I want a computer without a camera.

I’m sure it will be beautiful, and I’m excited to see one.

But I’m not excited enough to want to own one.

I’m a techo nerd and I don’t care about the iPad.

13 thoughts on “Friday Confession: iPad”

  1. agreed. no camera. no flash. not enough memory (as my mom said, it sounds like her)
    second or third gen, now that is when i will really want one.

  2. I dunno, I think Apple may have figured out a way to get you to want an extra device. Your laptop and/or desktop is for work and a multitude of other tasks, your iphone or ipod touch is great on the go, but nothing will beat the ipad for pure web-browsing heaven while you’re sitting on the couch watching TV. Laptops are really too bulky on the couch and that little ipod screen is too frustrating for serious browsing. I don’t want an ipad as a substitute for any other device that I have now, but as a whole new un-categorized device.

  3. I have cancelled all but basic cable and have been using Hulu a lot.

    I had been thinking of getting a secondary device to watch TV & movies on so as to extend the life of my laptop and thought that iPad would be perfect. I thought so until I learned that it didn’t have Flash!

    Without Flash it’s just a really big iTouch minus the camera but for a lot more money!!!

  4. Yeah, my inner geek is all, “What do you MEAN you don’t want an iPad?!” But? Meh. I’d think about one for the kids to jack around with and leave around the house to be the go to tool for the inevitable, “I dunno – look it up” moment.

    But I’d rather have a netbook.

  5. i have a macbook, a mac computer, a bunch of ipods, i touches and iphones. the ipad…not in the least bit interested. the nook, on the other hand…i want!!

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