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Tech Talk Tuesday: So Easy Even A Kid Can Do It

Olivia Osen

What does a tech savvy family do when their child wants a very expensive family vacation?

Duh, they tell her to earn it on a website and say GO!

Olivia is a kid you’ll probably want to watch. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her Mom, Julie. If Olivia has one tenth of the business acumen and laser focus that her mom has, well… buy stock in Olivia.

Here’s the deal. Olivia wants a trip to Germany. Olivia has to earn a trip to Germany.

Thinks I like about the site:

  • it is clearly a collaboration between parent and child
  • Olivia is introduced to you, but not over exposed
  • there is an element of giving back
  • Olivia defines “mindfully made” Mindfully Made means that the environment was taken into consideration when a product sold on this site was made. It means that the labor force employed by the manufacturer was treated fairly.

It’s entirely possible that we’ll see a trend where website development is the new, “go wash my car and I’ll give you a dollar”. is something that we Moms can look to as an example when our kids want to get in on the action.

Ooh, also, there are some really cute things.


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