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My ass hasn’t hit a chair for most of May.

School end events mean I’m at the kids’ school more than a parent ought to be.

Mr. G is on his final trip of the season, and I’m pretty sure the kids will get hot dogs for dinner. Before your head starts spinning note they are unsulfured buffalo dogs. I haven’t completely lost my mind.

I’m dragging my Bostonian cousin around LA, it’s fun to look at my city through someone else’s eyes.

Also, I bought something my husband will not like at all. I’ll blog about it later tonight, you know… in a totally passive aggressive maneuver so he won’t be mad when he comes back to town.

3 thoughts on “May”

  1. Oy! May! It’s as if we’d been running a marathon since September and we’ve finally hit the homestretch where we have to speed up and get to the finish line before… what? I’m not sure what we’re running for.

  2. Just be glad you’re not in the Southern hemisphere. We get to deal with end of school, graduation, and Christmas/New Year all at the same time.

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