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The Pill

I was talking to my mom about the pill, you know The Pill.

ME: I hear it was much stronger way back then.

MOM: It was.

ME: Didn’t you grow moustaches and things from it?

MOM: [leaning forward with emphasis] Women were so happy to have sex without worrying about getting pregnant, or dying from an abortion that they didn’t care if they had to shave their whole face.

Well, that is different isn’t it. She also had to hide her pregnancies, because ya know, 1971 they fired schoolteachers for being pregnant, even if they were married.


8 thoughts on “The Pill”

  1. The pill is very effective for me in that ” I’m so naseous and pissy, I won’t let my husband near me so there no risk of sex much less pregnancy” sorta way. We’ll stick to the old fashioned route.

  2. My MIL, a teacher for 36 years (god bless her), went on maternity leave when SIL was born in 1971… and stayed out until hubby was 5 in 1981 AND still had her job. Good luck trying something like that nowadays.

  3. The pill is the best thing that ever happened to me. I was diagnosed with PMDD and when I was in my late teens I got my period ever 21 days or so. It took a while to find the right types of hormones. Now I take Seasonique, I only get my period 4x a year and my PMS is much better than it used to be.

  4. I had to resign twice, once in 1969 and again in 1971. Resignation meant I lost my health insurance. Your dad’s insurance wouldn’t cover the pregnancies because they were “pre-existing conditions”. We paid all the bills for you and your brother out of pocket…and we had no money at the time.

    You were born in Victorian times. School children were not to be exposed to pregnancy. Young people think I’m making this up. At least some things have changed for the better.

  5. My husband’s mother nor any of her sisters didn’t knew where babies came from until after they were married. Pregnancies were hid from them and then a baby just arrived. One of their aunts had a baby who wasn’t married and she told everyone the child was sent by God. To this day no one knows who the father was. She took it to her death bed and stuck to her story until she died at 98 years old. Even after the pill, in rural areas hiding a pregnancy and how they came about was still very common place until the 80s.

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