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What’s the best new place you’ve ever found using your phone?

Yelpers, I want to hear from you. What’s your best find?

I just text my friend Jay and ask him what’s good. I’m pretty sure he’s finding it on Yelp or Urban Spoon.

Also, has anyone else noticed that google maps has a number of businesses on them? I end up using it even though my new car has GPS, because I can see the whole neighborhood.

2 thoughts on “What’s the best new place you’ve ever found using your phone?”

  1. I haven’t used my phone like that. I primarily use it to call & text. I think I have googled a few things on it. But my GPS has helped me out immenseley and helped me find cool stuff in strange towns. I wouldn’t want to live w/o my GPS.

  2. I love the yelp app on my iphone!

    I have found everything from my drycleaners, to my family photographer, to my hairstylist through yelp. I was recently traveling through the town of Orcutt in the central coast and found the most incredible breakfast spot via the yelp app. It’s quite possibly my favorite app.


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