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You Won’t Find Me In Arizona

I mean… what if you’re just tan?


23 thoughts on “You Won’t Find Me In Arizona”

  1. There must be some relation between Arapaio and Rumsfeld. The nonchalance at “collateral damage” is appalling.

    Not only will you not find me in Arizona, I will not do business knowingly with anyone in Arizona. The other day I found some pottery that wanted but it was “Made in Arizona” – back it went.

    1. THANK YOU SO MUCH for “promising” that we won’t find you here in AZ. Could you please make that a “permanent pledge” to stay out of our state?

  2. I don’t know why the heck people are so mad about this. Obviously being illegal is illegal. If police officers get a tip about illegal immigrants near the Mexican border…. they will be looking for people of hispanic descent. If Africa was below us, they would be looking for people of African descent. If sweden was below us, they would probably be looking for blonde hair blue eyes. What is the big deal?!

  3. I live in Arizona of course I’m not an illegal alien, but people are making this into a MUCH bigger thing than it is. Most people aren’t even reading the actual law or doing the research regarding the law themselves. And whether or not you agree or not — people are literally reacting disgracefully when they haven’t spent enough time in Arizona to understand. And those that have are crying fowl when they are getting their information from others and not researching themselves. BUT the funniest part is racism is being cried out – um, why are we creating victims? Illegal Alien does not = Racism. It clearly means ILLEGAL. And as an obvious question, so the Arizona citizens and CHILDREN should suffer because nobody wants to do business with the state. That’s smart. So because I am staying here to pursue my degree before moving to another state for Med School, the state I am living in should hit decline because everyone’s mad over lawmakers. It doesn’t make rational sense. If you don’t like something, best to do something productive.

    And I am more than curious what should Arizona’s plan be for resolving the illegal immigration problem. Do you know the stats surrounding the illegal immigration problem in this state?

    1. Do you look at women and men in your town that look like you and think they’re illegals? I’m assuming not. The police won’t either. They’ll look at BROWN people, like me. They’ll look at those of us who look like we speak Spanish. That’s racial profiling. And supporting or encouraging that is yes, encouraging racism. It’s the truth, no matter what the stats are. No one’s overreacting or making shit up. But that’s what white privilege is – not being able to see past the back of your own white hand.

      The ends do not justify the means in this case.

      1. I really don’t see how a statement like this “But that’s what white privilege is – not being able to see past the back of your own white hand” isn’t racist. I did not attack you or your heritage or anything of the likes. I am talking strictly LAW. And no I don’t think you are racist against me or my white privileges. I honestly could care less. And I realize that this law is giving the tools to those in a police uniform to act in a manner described as racial profiling BUT are we all convinced that the world is that BAD? That every single person of authority in the state of Arizona is racist. That’s just well, sad. And I am not encouraging or supporting it, I just think it’s slightly if not extremely ridiculous that those that aren’t are supporting this, are plastering refried beans in the form of a swastika everywhere. Instead of complain about the problem come up with a solution. That is what these lawmakers thought they were doing. They didn’t sit in their office and say “Hmmm let’s see how we can be racist today.” That’s so far fetched. And I realize stats, numbers and the actual problem is not of any concern to non residents of Arizona. But it is a concern to me. Maybe, possibly, there was a better way to solve this problem – but I don’t see anyone else coming up with any ideas.

        And like Kristen said those that employ these “cheap laborers” are at fault. And this piece of law has stated that something can and will be done about it.

        AND for the record I don’t look at anyone like they are illegal. I am not that person. We are all humans. I’m a lot more soft hearted and caring of a person. I believe that even though you think I have such a great white privilege that you are probably an amazing person.

        But I was one who was taught rules are rules. Laws are laws.

          1. Thank, thank you very much. I take that as an amazing compliment. But I do believe that. Laws are made and some laws are re-written. I don’t agree with all laws, but for me to change that I don’t sit around and act disgraceful and ridiculous. I vote. I rally. I work towards getting that changed. In the meantime they are still laws and I still abide by them. That’s all.

      2. I’m sorry, but that is not the truth- it is your opinion. Seriously, this is made out to be a way bigger deal than it is (and yes, that is my opinion). Some people like myself and people I know, don’t look at or even think about race in our daily lives but rather see the person. When someone says something like “Your racist!” or “white privelage” it just throws everything in reverse.

        To me, this law is just common sense: Mexicans are from Mexico.

        And Kristen… “get the brown people out”? I have never heard of such a thing. I am positive that is not the views of all of the people who are supporting this law. It definitely isn’t mine. I would gladly see more diversity here in the Midwest.

        1. let me rephrase that, because someone takes offense to just about anything people say these days.

          Most people from Mexico are Mexicans and of hispanic descent.

      3. Maria: And when white Americans are in Mexico you don’t think we “stand out”, for god’s sake GET REAL. And in Mexico if you’re an American (white or otherwise) you’d better have your papers (passport, etc) with you. Gosh, is that RACIAL PROFILING? So in Mexico, is it called “Brown” Priviledge? Stop trying to push your “bogus profiling agenda”, it’s not fooling anyone.

  4. If the government were serious about ending illegal immigration, they would punish the business owners who exploit the cheap labor that illegal immigrants provide. However, to do that would completely collapse Arizona’s economy because it is these exact exploitation wages that allows so many products and services to be cheap affordable.

    Instead, they decide to revive the old vagrancy laws of the Jim Crow south. This may calm the ‘get the brown people out’ covert racism of the white people of these states, but it won’t solve the problem. If Arizona really wanted to deal, they would boycott services that rely on illegal labor. Of course, that means no nannies, cleaning your own house and maintaining your own yard, growing and picking your own food, etc. Which probably most of these people are more than happy to hire an undocumented worker to do.

    If people were really so upset, they would also be standing up to big business who employ uncodumented workers. Instead, they want to randomly target people of another race and turn a blind eye to corporations who enable the problem.

    1. The problem isn’t employers here in AZ exploiting “cheap labor”, the problem is Mexico HAS “NO” JOBS there sparky. People come here from Mexico because there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING THERE FOR THEM, 95% of the wealth is held by about 5% of it’s citizens. You want to bitch about something, bitch about Mexico’s lack of a middle class, bitch about their EXPORTING THEIR POVERTY TO THE U.S.

    1. I’ll give you five dollars for every natural blond haird, blue-eyed Mexican you show me :)

      South, Below, Under, Debajo- you know what I mean.

      1. Open your wallet. I went to boarding school with a Mexican girl named Marijuncal. She and her entire family was fair skinned with light hair and eyes.
        Not all Mexicans look alike. There is NO way to look at someone and know his or her nationality.

        Two people are walking down the street with open beers. Since they’ve broken the law, the cop who stops them now has the right to ask for proof of citizenship. But Girl 1 has fair skin and b lond hair. Girl 2 is brown skinned. Who do you think has to produce papers? Girl 1, whose student visa expired 5yrs ago? Or Girl 2 who is an American citizen?

        1. I agree, my sister in law isn’t fully mexican but her grandfather is. She’s blonde hair, blue eyes and as pale as a ghost. And I realize this law is opening doors for those in uniform, NOT ALL,but some to abuse their authority. But I have yet to hear anyone else offer a way to solve the problem. And there is a problem. Illegal immigration is a problem in this state. Ranking high in kidnapping, human trafficking, drug trafficking and crime. Ranking low in education etc.

  5. “those that employ these “cheap laborers” are at fault. And this piece of law has stated that something can and will be done about it.”

    Yeah, except no CEO’s or hiring managers were detained in the raids. Only a couple dozen of their employees. Oh, and their crisis plan.

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