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Bad Luck or Old Age?

According to the AP The State Board of Medicine says a South Florida surgeon who took out a healthy kidney instead of a gallbladder during an operation wasn’t inept or careless. … Bernard Zaragoza had bad luck.

It’s worth noting that the patient was 83, I’m wondering if the fine is smaller because they figure, meh, he’s 83, one kidney can surely take you through another ten years, the rest is gravy?

6 thoughts on “Bad Luck or Old Age?”

  1. oh my! Hey, maybe it’s the patient’s fault for having his organs in the wrong place. ‘honest’ mistake, right? If they move the organs are docs obligated to recognize them. I cannot get the vision of the game Operation out of my head now. Did the guy have a red light up nose?

  2. Baffled by the fact that one is cutting an actual organ out of someone and doesn’t realize their ‘bad luck’ until after it is out. Wouldn’t this be something you would check and re-check BEFORE cutting it out?

  3. Not only is it alarming that this quack is allowed to perform surgery, but the fact that he’s a doctor who can’t tell the difference between a kidney and a gallbladder is what’s really scary.

  4. Bad luck because the organ is in the wrong place? Seriously where did this doc get his medical degree? The two organs look NOTHING alike. Maybe when inflammed, but I seriously doubt it. So many other things come to mind on this one, like how could an organ that is supposed to be outside the perironeum be inside of it? The Board of Medicine is crazy if they think this is bad luck. This is a doctor that didnt know what he was doing. Not to mention that in most surgery’s he wouldnt be the only doctor or surgeon in the room. Absolutely astonishing!

    1. I was flabbergasted for so many of those reasons and more. I’d love to see a journalist dig into this story.

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