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FlooiD Design Redesigns

Last month I was on the phone with one of my friends from FlooiD Design, and I said, “Don’t you think my blog looks great?”

And then something wacky happened with the phone because I’m pretty sure he said, “Yes it’s beautiful in it’s austerity!”, but I couldn’t actually hear anything.

“Hello! Hello! Is this damn thing working?” I yelled into the phone, and then I thunked it on the counter a few times just to be sure.

Then the really nice guys from FlooiD said, “Um…. Jessica…. we think you have a wonderful site, and we totally agree you are the best Mom Blogger in the whole wide world. Now, with that being said, we think that skinning your existing Thesis template could push you into the stratosphere, and then you could get busy being the best Mom Blogger in the whole entire universe.”

And they said it just like that. I am a blogger, I never make up conversations.

We had a short talk about how I’m not a very visual person, about how I seldom use images, but text only isn’t very appealing for everyone. I showed them a few sites that I thought had pleasing layouts, and then we hung up the phone.

A week later they asked me if I could upload some stuff to my FTP site. I wisely know my limits, and decided instead to give them FTP access. A week after that my site was live, and I think it’s lovely. The feedback I’m getting from my community is positive, and more than a few of you have asked if FlooiD is good to work with.

No, Flooid is not good to work with. Flooid is great to work with. Thanks guys.

2 thoughts on “FlooiD Design Redesigns”

  1. The new site is very attractive, but it seems to take longer to load than the old design. It waits a a lot for various and sundry sites which I see in the lower left hand corner.

  2. it loads great for me and i love the template!
    i need a new look too. i don’t think that your guys are in my budget though but i hope to find someone that is as fabulous as your peeps!!
    oh yeah, and you are TOTALLY the best mommy blogger in the entire galaxy.(besides me, of course)

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