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From: Book Club? To: Book Club!

I’m really excited, it looks like we’ll have a book club here. I’m still working out the details, but so many of you have emailed me that I’d like to pick a book within the next 24 hours.

Here are some of the criteria we will have for picking the book:

  • Must be available in libraries (ie not a book released last week)
  • Must be available in paperback
  • We would prefer it’s available on Kindle
  • We would prefer it’s available as an audiobook
  • It should be read easily within 2-3 weeks
  • It must pair nicely with an inexpensive to moderately priced wine

As for the actual book club meeting. Whomever suggests the book and I will come up with a few questions that could jump start a post if you’re a blogger. If you aren’t a blogger don’t worry one bit. We’ll have a discussion right here, and I’m pretty sure I have a widget that can help us. We can also do a videochat with Skype or U Stream, whichever is easiest for larger groups. I’ll also pick an evening and we can try our wine and live chat.  This way there will be something for everyone.

Each month I’ll give you three member selections and open up voting for 24 hours. This month the first three books are:

Angle of Repose (Contemporary American Fiction) This was suggested by @bsletten and seconded by my mother. It appears to deal with the Western Frontier, here’s the back cover:

Angle of Repose is available for as little as a penny used on Amazon, and it is on Kindle. We will have to choose a suitable wine if this ends up being the selection.

When I asked The Virgin for a suggestion she gave me this:

What about reading Breakfast at Tiffany’s: A Short Novel and Three Stories (Modern Library)? Everyone loves the Audrey Hepburn movie, and the book is terrific too but much racier than old Hollywood would allow. Capote’s dialogue is really excellent, and you’ll recognize parts the movie plays verbatim. But it’s very interesting to see how Capote really characterized the lovable whore, Holly. Plus, it’s short and should be available at everyone’s local library.

This is really a book for bourbon or gin, but recently I liked a Kenneth Volk chardonnay (the 2004, I think). I’m not a chardonnay person normally but it was very good for the $20 range.

This book is NOT available for the Kindle. You can pick up Breakfast at Tiffany’s solo, so you aren’t getting the short stories with it. Completely up to you.

Our third selection is The Saturday Wife. This is available in a Kindle edition. Cirian suggested it with Manischewitz, however my only use for Manischewitz is to make Charoset. I will not be drinking that, but we could pair it with a nice red from Baron Herzog. Here is the back cover:

During the next 24 hours I’ll need y’all to vote on our book/wine club so please vote now, and we can get started.

8 thoughts on “From: Book Club? To: Book Club!”

  1. Stegner chronicled the West in many of his novels, most especially in The Big Rock Candy Mountain, but not in the Angle of Repose. Sorry about that. Angle of Repose is a wonderful book and Stegner was a master. MB had him for a course when she was at Stanford. I’m jealous.

  2. Jessi…Now I am excited as well.. However, no matter which one is agreed upon, I am still going to get my hands on Frank and Zooey as well.. haven’t read it before. TC. Megz

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