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Mr. Gottlieb: Crusher of Dreams

I know I spend a lot of time telling y’all how my husband is a great father, a generous husband, and really good man.

I don’t spend enough time telling you how Mr. G. is narrow minded and cruel. What you don’t know is that he is a dream killer. Not just any old dreams, but my dreams. You know… the dreams that matter.

As our 13th anniversary approaches, I had one simple request. I wanted him to buy me a $1.2 million fixer upper. It’s not enough that he got ridiculous and sensible and denied me himself a Porsche (we only have a Jaguar now), but on top of all the other deprivations, my husband will not buy me the fixer upper.

Because he feels like it’s too expensive for a house that has a giant pipe poking through and into the Olympic Sized Swimming Pool.

I am deeply deprived.

7 thoughts on “Mr. Gottlieb: Crusher of Dreams”

  1. For our 10 year anni this year, I requested a trip to Dubai via Quatar Airways (looong before SATC showcased, damnit) and new hardware. Read:a diamond so big you can’t tell where the Titanic hit it.

    He said, and I quote: Do you just throw shit against the wall to see if it sticks?

    Dream Crushers. I have one, too.

  2. Mr. Gottlieb: Crusher of Dreams

    I am grabbing this right now- it is going to be the title of my next book- that title is too good not to used for something cool.

  3. I bet the real reason is that since there is more land at your dream fixer-upper, chickens would have been inevitable!

    Mr. Gottlieb: Crushing Chicken Dreams Since 2010

  4. I would not pay 1.2 MILLION dollars for a house that needed work, either. If the house costs that much it better be turn-key.

    Just sayin.

    PS: I thought Mr. G like fixer uppers and you were the one who wanted a move-in ready home. What changed? LOL

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