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My New Lexus HS250h is Really Really Clean, but it is Recalled

If you were watching me on Whrrl today, (you do spend your days watching me don’t you?) you would have seen that I got my Lexus out of service at 11am. My car went in to service ten days ago when the backup camera failed. The dealership replaced the screen (which totally baffles me), and when that didn’t work they replaced the computer system (which seems like it would be the first thing to do, right?). When the new screen and the new computer system didn’t fix the issue they called Lexus manufacturing, and someone came up and replaced the hard drive.

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Let me be perfectly frank about this. My car has 2,200 miles in it. My dealership loaned me a little SUV, and then when I was moaning about it, they put me into a loaner HS250h. With the exception of not having Howard Stern, they were able to put me in exactly the same car, that costs me the same $8 a week for gasoline. I was not miserable. In fact, I was delighted that my car was unbelievably clean when I picked it up. I don’t do a good job of keeping cars clean, I figure the house can look great, or the car, but probably not both.

After leaving the Lexus dealer, I brought Junior to the vet,  and as I was watching CNN in the lobby I saw the crawl


And I might have muttered fuck under my breath… or I might not have, but probably I did.

I’m unsure how I could possibly own a car that is recalled for a major safety issue two hours and thirty minutes after leaving the service bay.

Basically, if you get rear ended in my car, it leaks more fuel than what is deemed safe by the NHTSA, and of course, leaked fuel is a cause for concern because of explosions. Anyone else remember the Pinto of the 70’s?

I buy cars with safety in mind. I am not a happy woman today.

3 thoughts on “My New Lexus HS250h is Really Really Clean, but it is Recalled”

  1. This is why I drive a Ford. :) Just kidding! I hope they can fix your car soon. At least it’s not a Toyota that’s going to run away with you and the kids in the car!

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