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Spirit Airlines Goofs on the BP Oil Spill

Is it too soon for comedy, or will our sense of humor save us?

What do you think? Honestly, I have no opinion right now.

I’m pretty sure people in and around the gulf will have a strong opinion.

5 thoughts on “Spirit Airlines Goofs on the BP Oil Spill”

  1. Way too soon. There’s wildlife being burned alive and citizens watching their livelihood disappear right before their eyes.

  2. Yeah, maybe it’s because today I’m seeing pictures of oil arriving on the gorgeous beaches of Pensacola, my home town. And maybe because I just read that piece in GQ about the last hours in the lives of those 11 people who died on the Deepwater Horizon. But this is not funny to me. I see that they’re going for edgy and attention-grabbing, but it’s not even smart.

  3. I’m usually pretty freaking liberal when it comes to things you can joke about but damn, I just can’t imagine what would compel them to think that was OK. We’re talking about millions of people that rely on tourism to make their living and they’re all going to be suffering to some extent. I find it hard to believe that any of them would find this in the least bit funny.

  4. Too soon. It may never be appropriate actually. It’s such a catastrophic event with so many environmental ramifications I just don’t know that humor will ever be appropriate. Maybe if it was directed at Tony Hayword instead??

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