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The Yard Sale: Where Mr G (once again) Flirts With Death

In preparation for The Move (capitalized because it is now a part of our family) I am throwing out everything that’s not mine purging the house of unnecessary items. This means it’s Yard Sale time.

I spent some time last night tagging piles of clothing, shoes and electronics, and then put up some signs around the neighborhood. I posted an ad on Craigslist, and set my alarm clock for 6.45am on a Saturday morning.

At 7.30 this morning I started hauling things out onto the driveway, and at 8am I opened the gates, and got told that my prices were too high, and then they paid my prices. Which is annoying, but reminds me of my time on the car lot. I loved it when people told me the car was priced wrong, and I could agree with them, but then slam the money right back into the deal. It happens every day.

Naturally Mr. G. had something to say.

MR G: How was your yard sale?

ME: Pretty good, I made $400 in four hours.

MR G: If you wanted $400 I could have given it to you.

Which would have been really annoying, like supremely annoying had I not “spent” $400 of his on this video.

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