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What’s your secret to staying healthy when life gets hectic?

I really do want to know what YOUR secret is, because I don’t have one. I’m very guilty of over eating, ever exercising, and missing meals. I find that the crazier my days get, the more important it is for me to sit down and eat a meal. As I’m more exhausted, I need to be sure and schedule time to exercise.

Water, I drink tons and tons of water. Also I drink a glass of water BEFORE every meal.

Do my days get hectic? Absolutely, but I try VERY hard to make exercise a priority, and I feel healthier because of it.

As an FYI I was on the phone with my father earlier today and I mentioned Momversation to him. “What’s that?” he asked.

Well Dad, here’s an episode about exercise, which for me is a big part of staying healthy. Remember the marathon we ran limped through walked?

13 thoughts on “What’s your secret to staying healthy when life gets hectic?”

  1. I pack my lunch and food for the day so that I have it handy ‘on the go’. I never leave home without healthy food for the day. I don’t want to be rushed AND have to find healthy food when I’m hungry. Seems that the faster I go, the hungrier I get-so in the morning I cut up cucumbers, pack pears, stick left overs in plastic containers, stick it all in a big bag and I graze all day. I’m picky about eating healthy, and most fast snacks aren’t. I try to live on a mostly veggie, alkaline diet and I’ve waxed on about it in my blog. It can be pretty impossible if I don’t plan ahead before I leave the house.

  2. I don’t know how people don’t schedule it. I may not be the poster child for fitness, but if I don’t play ball and hit the gym I am miserable. It is a fundamental piece of my sanity.

  3. Hi Jessica:

    I understand exactly where you are coming from. I’m a mom, with a business, a baby Border Collie and a Blog. Years ago, when my TO DO list required more hours than a trip on a slow boat to China, I would sacrifice my care. It was a temporary fix that left me drained, heavier than I liked and feeling less than glowing. I made two changes:

    1) I made a commitment to parent myself as well as I do my daughter.

    that led to . . .

    2) I bought a high powered blender and every morning I chock it full of organic frozen berries, a green super food powder, spinach and chia seeds. By 8:00 I am well on my way to 6 servings of fruit & veggies and I have taken my omega-3s. The bonus is I feel energized and full until noon when 2-5 days a week, I do an awesome power yoga dvd (only 48 minutes) or go to a lunchtime yoga class (1.5 hrs round trip).

    The changes I experienced were dramatic. I have the good feeling of knowing I take care of myself, extra energy, relaxation, stronger & defined arms, legs, bottom, rubber band flexibility, clear skin and hormonal balance. Just do it for 3 weeks so the habit takes and you’ll be amazed.



    P.S. I have strong preferences for brands, yoga DVD & Southern CA yoga providers, but I didn’t want to write a commercial. Insist on organic, non-gmo, filler-free smoothie ingredients and make sure the yoga makes you sweat so you detox. Email me if you’d like my recommendations.

    1. I too sacrifice my health as soon as things get hectic. I am doing it right now. Sleeping little, eating bad (if I eat), and not making time for my soul or my body.

      I really like your suggestions! Any time I’ve stuck to power smoothies and yoga I’ve felt amazing. I want to feel amazing again.
      Would love the Power Yoga DVD info :)

      1. Hi Ana:

        My favorite Power Yoga DVD is Bryan Kest Power Yoga Complete Collection. This DVD set is a few years old. You’ll see the 90’s fashion/hair, but the workout is solid, motivating, centering and challenging. There are three levels and what I like most is his admonition, There is no such thing as a perfect pose, there is only breathing and the most important thing is that you show up tomorrow (paraphrased).

        I noticed my body change within 2 weeks. I feel like it’s a triple win mind, body and Spirit. You can get it at Amazon.

        I’m rooting for you to feel amazing again. :)

  4. The workout is the first to go when things get crazy. But to makeup for not getting my heart rate up, I vow to only eat from the earth. I am a fairly healthy eater anyway, but I will ingest nothing but straight from the ground the days I can’t get a workout in. I am a firm believer in taking care of myself. My kids certainly can’t do it. My husband barely cares for himself properly. If I don’t show my family that I am the first man on the totem pole, how will they know?

  5. I enjoyed Momversation and listening to the various Moms was reminded of a Yiddish saying:
    ” If you don’t want to do something, one excuse is as good as another.”
    And , I recollect striding across the finishing line with alacrity.
    Proud Pater

  6. I do my very best to make exercise part of my routine. If it is scheduled, things shouldn’t get too hectic to fit itn, but there are those days of unexpected plans and there is simply no way around it. I agree with Traci in that when I don’t get to exercise I am that much more conscious of what I eat. Being prepared is huge, too, with food especially. I always have my water bottle with me and bring some fruit and maybe nuts, but I also love Larabars.

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